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  1. Check your battery cables. Both ends
  2. I would look to where you can launch safely. Water is really high
  3. Replace your missing pole reel with a wire setup. No stretch and you can set, will need to set the drag a lot lighter. Dipsys and mono are just not a very good combination.
  4. Brown trout
  5. I agree sounds like a timing issue. But the easiest thing to check would be compression to rule out any mechanical issues. I had a truck 305 that just ate camshafts.
  6. They were pretty bad out of oak orchard. Fishing was very slow.
  7. Be real careful checking the transom for rot inside the aluminum shell
  8. That would have to REALLY leftover. That article is dated 1988. I doubt there has been natural breeding going on for 25 years without anyone noticing.
  9. My guess is a Atlantic. Maybe one of the few that make it back to the Connecticut river?
  10. Grab the rod on either side of the fuerell place behind your kness the move your legs out your legs are much stronger than your arms and you get a nice straight pull
  11. Or you can just drive through the ez pass lane been doing it for years...
  12. Im going to put this picture up to remind everyone what will be here soon enough. Tight lines!!
  13. Best question ever
  14. That would be ice fishing tweets at this point...LOL