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  1. Thanks for the hints. We will be running planer boards and fly rods/leadcore depending on the day. I am assuming copper/orange, silver/orange and natural colors?
  2. Well gentlemen I am planning my first trip back to the finger lakes since the early 90s. It will be a spring trip mid April time frame. Mostly trolling streamers and shallow down riggers and planers for salmon and rainbows. Like Lake Ontario I am sure the lakes have changed a lot since my last trip. I am wondering if I should plan on Cayuga or Seneca? Thanks!!
  3. I have fished a lot for landlocked salmon through the ice, I always have my best catches from 1 foot to 4 feet under the ice.
  4. I have been running Sutton spoons for over 30 years. Great on Moosehead and Sebago lake in Maine.
  5. When we used to go to Oswego and the wind got bad we would either haul down to Sodus bay or head to the finger lakes. It was a couple hours each way and it was good to plan it the night before so you can get an early start. After a few years we just started going to Wilson or Oak Orchard
  6. I am pretty sure the camshafts are different.
  7. Troll Mooselook wobblers in orange/black, red/white,florescent orange. These will catch salmon and lake trout. Bring different sizes I prefer the juniors but some days they want the larger sizes. Trolling streamer flies either singles or tandems. Gray ghost, wardens worry, mickey finn. The fish should be close to the surface early am and drop as the day gets brighter. Bring lead cores and use them
  8. Im in I live 300 miles away but if I win a charter I could wander over that a way.
  9. Check your battery cables. Both ends
  10. I would look to where you can launch safely. Water is really high
  11. Replace your missing pole reel with a wire setup. No stretch and you can set, will need to set the drag a lot lighter. Dipsys and mono are just not a very good combination.
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