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  1. Fished Cayuga Saturday afternoon. 3 nice rainbows 5 lbs was the biggest and 2 lakers 8 lbs biggest. Yellow and purple spoons
  2. It was still snotty when we left at 10am. Stayed at Sunset and it was rocking and rolling all night. The wind was actually loud inside the cabin.
  3. I have been out of Oswego the last 4 days. If you can get out the fish are there.
  4. We are out in 150 in oswego. Nice and flat and the fish were snapping this morning
  5. That where we are staying next week.
  6. I will be coming to Oswego the last week of August for some salmon fishing. Looking for a place to buy some herring strips when i get there. Any suggestions?
  7. I know its a long shot however I am looking for a recoil starter for a 82ish chrysler 6hp. Its the spool and spring that I need. hoping someone has one kicking around and would like to turn it into cash.
  8. We have just found the test dummy for Covid tongue kisses.
  9. I got a bunch of rebel fast traks we used to run in the late 80s. orange tiger and chartreuse tiger were always good in the stained water.
  10. I was with my buddy when he launched his car.Backed in to pull the boat out and the car jumped out of park and back she went. Good thing the trailer jack knifed, that ramp drops into 30 feet 10 feet past the end. Got pulled out by a guy with a truck, first time we stopped on the way home it was like a tidal wave coming from the back seat.
  11. I guess this clown from out of state will not plan on coming for the next couple years. I am sure once this is over the finger lake area would appreciate the 2 grand I drop every year fishing.
  12. Trump has no say when states start easing restrictions. He my withhold funding from the states and stomp his feet. As a constitutional republic he has no jurisdiction over the individual states.
  13. Tell me about it. I had my first trip in 20 years planned for next week. That ain't happening now....
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