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  1. Doc

    Fall Brown Trout Fishing Fingerlakes Tributaries

    Trib lakers Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Doc

    Fall Brown Trout Fishing Fingerlakes Tributaries

    Couple picss from two weeks ago. Had a few great days. Fished 5 days straight, as the water dropped, fish gone. This rain tomorrow should bring the salmon in.
  3. Doc

    Lake forecast apps

  4. Doc

    Cayuga Long Point Launch

    Canal system controls it. Should start to come up in the next couple weeks, according to this chart anyway... https://www.canals.ny.gov/waterlevels/netdata/cayuga-levels.pdf Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Doc

    Cayuga Long Point Launch

    I launched there yesterday morning. No issues at ramp itself but about half way out, before you get to the lake just keep prop up a bit. I did stir up a little mud. My boat is 19 ft. No ladder needed either.
  6. I'll stick to the peace and quiet on Cayuga..
  7. Open seat tomorrow Cayuga 4:45 am Open seat tomorrow on Cayuga. Leaving at 5:00am staying out till noon ish. pm me if interested
  8. Doc

    South Cayuga launch

    If you're going to fish it on top for browns, now is the time. The bite has been great and it might not last too much longer. East shore north to cargill salt area and west shore all the way up to taughannock park has produced fish. Salmon and an occasional laker were also in the mix. Was out last thurs, sat and sunday, boated double digits all but one day and that was a 7 fish day and usually packing it up before noon.... treman is the only launch on south end. Taughannock on west side about 7 miles north of ithaca and myers in lansing on east side..heading there now...
  9. Cayuga 5/11 Mix of 1 laker, 3 browns, 3 salmon. Boards were 150 back with spoons and sticks. Riggers were down 15 feet down 150 back. From 8 am-1 pm
  10. Doc

    Cayuga South end feedback

    Good green color today and fishing was very good. 8 for 8 in 4 hours time. 5 browns 3 salmon. Hardly any debris water temp about 48.
  11. Shouldn't matter, keep speed low, it is a short distance to get where the fish are. No problem out there today...