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  1. i,ll take them i will be in n.j. on wed dan 3155296752 or3159638865
  2. try ginny at port ontario tackle open saturdays
  3. can you fix inline rods the tip snappeoff about 1 inch down

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    2. troubles


      I live in Liverpool 

    3. djzanetti52@gmail.com

      [email protected]

      ilet me know when you will be in oswego  and i can bring the rod over just give me a call 3159638865 or3155296752 dan

    4. troubles
  4. I'll take these. Please contact me to arrange payment 315-963-8865 Thanks, Dan
  5. will you ship to mexico n.y. 13114 give me a call 3159638865 dan
  6. i,ll take them please give me a call 315 963 8865
  7. how much would it cost to ship to mexico n.y. 13114 315963 8865 dan
  8. how much for just the top 4 315 963 8865 dan
  9. Do you still have the cannon mag 10. If so how much? I live in Mexico. 315-963-8865 Dan
  10. I am in Mexico NY it's about 3 hours east of Olcott. Are you available to meet anywhere closer. Dan
  11. 5 11inch flashers new 5 used flashers 3 spin doctors 1 size 0 dodger new 15 fly rigs 3 cut bait rigs new 8 j plugs 4 spoons 2hurricane jr new 150.00 plus shipping or pick up in mexico n.y.
  12. i have 2 new old type bases and 2 top mounts 1 slide 1 with threaded 200.00 dollars if you pick up i live in mexico n.y.
  13. I have two of the old style aluminum $25.00 each plus shipping. I'm near Pulaski NY if you want to pick-up. 315-963-8865 Dan
  14. I have two new bases in original box. I want $80.00 each plus shipping. I live in Mexico NY if you are close by.
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