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  1. Thanks for the great advice! Very much appreciated. .
  2. Did you use 6 inch mounts? I was thinking the shorter the better. .
  3. I have a fiberglass boat with no access underneath. .There is no way to nut and bolt it..very informative pics..
  4. Thinking about using cannon track system to mount my cannon downriggers..Anyone have any pros or cons to offer me?
  5. You can also try Screwy Louie's Sport Shop out of Fair Haven..He did an awsome job at a great price for me on my Cannons..315-947-6348
  6. Good afternoon! Did you sell yet?
  7. I have a 1997 Welcraft Center Concole with a 110 2 stroke going up for sale. Its at Mikes Marina in Mexico if your interested.
  8. for sale : usa Grady White

    After our 1100 mile journey today through all of up state New York looking at boats.. if there was an award to give ..both you and your vessel won hands down!!
  9. for sale : usa Grady White

    I sent you a text..Have you already sold?
  10. for sale : usa Grady White

    Any info yet on this?
  11. I sent 2 down riggers from NJ to Fair Screwy Louie via UPS and they he got them in 2 days..The ink was barely dry..That was only $20.00 ..I also sent an empty reel to Oswego via USPS and it took 5 days and a broken box when it arrived! Just my experience. .
  12. Check with UPS. .They are very reasonable. .