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  1. Thanks!! Sounds good! Beautiful job wiring and refinishing from the pics..Is the floor carpet or rubber matting? Did the stringers also need to be replaced? Will you be leaving the riggers and sub troll/electronics on? If you rather email me [email protected] or (908) 339-1622 thats fine also..Thanks
  2. Have you had any other motor work done besides the exhaust manifold? I'm considering your i/o but never owned one! Does it require much more maintenance than an outboard? Thanks for your feedback. .
  3. Good afternoon! Any objections to a inspection? Where is the boat located? Thanks!
  4. Just a shot in the dark..Did you sell?
  5. I will give them a try also! Thanks. .
  6. Looking for a authorized Cannon electric down rigger repair man..
  7. Yes..Sorry I dialed the wrong number..I was looking for a boat transport from you to Oswego.
  8. Good morning! Looks like you have not sold yet.. Are you still selling?
  9. I sent a text to the phone number you have listed. Are you still selling?
  10. Are you still up for sale??