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  1. Hi, This is Dan from Edward St. in Phillipsburg. Would you be interested in selling 2. Please give me a call. 315-529-6752
  2. got me spoons they look great hope to use them this weekend
  3. I would like to purchase 4 mag spoons, 2 Face, Lean Green, King me and White Frog. Please let me how to go about this.
  4. Do you still have the double planer board mast? Is it in good working condition. If so how much is shipping or where are you located. I'm in Mexico NY. Dan
  5. I'll take them. Let me know how you want payment.
  6. i,ll take them i will be in n.j. on wed dan 3155296752 or3159638865
  7. try ginny at port ontario tackle open saturdays
  8. can you fix inline rods the tip snappeoff about 1 inch down

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    2. troubles


      I live in Liverpool 

    3. djzanetti52@gmail.com

      [email protected]

      ilet me know when you will be in oswego  and i can bring the rod over just give me a call 3159638865 or3155296752 dan

    4. troubles
  9. I'll take these. Please contact me to arrange payment 315-963-8865 Thanks, Dan
  10. will you ship to mexico n.y. 13114 give me a call 3159638865 dan
  11. i,ll take them please give me a call 315 963 8865
  12. how much would it cost to ship to mexico n.y. 13114 315963 8865 dan
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