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  1. Nice job Hachimo !! First trip out of our new Catfish creek camp. The wife and I celebrating 32yrs. Doubled up twice in an hour. Good feeling !! First time targeting Lakers. Had gregger 300 up and ended up boating around 10 more thanks to all the tips from all you guys. Thank you !! Great first weekend.
  2. Yes Pete I’m in Bills trailer. Looking forward to meeting you. Keeping my fingers crossed we get some water. I’m a newbie but creek looks awful low. Nice job on the fish guys that’s a beauty !! Anyone know if the docks are in at Mexico launch ?
  3. Thank you Hachimo. I’m Looking forward to it.
  4. Hey Pete I believe we will be meeting soon. I purchased the Hammers place and lease from Al.
  5. Just praying for some water. Thank you Whaler
  6. Hi everyone, I have been fishing Ontario for years but only for a couple days at a time with a friend of mine and then started staying at Selkirk Shores for a week every year. I just bought a camp/trailer on Catfish and plan on spending a lot more time out on the lake. I have enjoyed stalking for years but I am looking forward to finally contributing Lol. Good luck to everyone and hope to see you out on the water and meeting some of you in person Tony
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