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  1. Thoughts and prayers Gator...Power through it
  2. The bite was good from catfish to 5 stacks in 50-100 fow on Thursday and Friday. Spoon bite Thursday and FF Friday...go figure. I heard they were doing well in front of the river Saturday morning.
  3. Great question. I've seen the same thing from time to time and always wondered what was going on. Thanks for the info guys.
  4. I ended up going with a pair of used Scotty's and so far I love them!
  5. Soooo.....how did you make out Fireredcannon?
  6. Two Cannon Uni-Troll 10 downriggers with swivel bases. Termination and blacks releases included. These are about six years old and the clutch plates on one are showing some signs of wear but still operate fine. I live in the Saratoga Springs area. $425 OBO
  7. Me too. Its should easily steer one handed. Maybe take the dealer tech for a sea trial>>>something is definitely goofy.
  8. I hava a 15hp yamaha 4 stroke kicker on my 18ft tracker that I rarely use for trolling on lake O because I do not have throttle control at the helm and its a huge pain in the butt to have to keep getting up to make speed adjustments. Besides my main motor (Verado 150) can troll down to about 2.0 mph. That said I do like having a backup out there, especially on boats our size. It does cause the boat to list slightly to port and stern while its sitting at the dock but I have not noticed any problems with the boat performance while on plane or trolling. Good luck!
  9. Temp is down 120-140. Ff 140 down over 200 fow has been picking us up some fish. Slow pick but at least there are some active fish. Mexico bay was stuffed with fish yesterday morning but they were not hungry. Also picking up a couple in the willow hole on salmon river when its too rough to get on the lake. Not great but some fish around. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Glad to hear it wasn't just me. First season really targeting the fish in the lake and have been disappointed with the catch so far. I'll be fishing all next week weather provided so stay tuned for reports.
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