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  1. Thoughts and prayers Gator...Power through it
  2. The bite was good from catfish to 5 stacks in 50-100 fow on Thursday and Friday. Spoon bite Thursday and FF Friday...go figure. I heard they were doing well in front of the river Saturday morning.
  3. Great question. I've seen the same thing from time to time and always wondered what was going on. Thanks for the info guys.
  4. I ended up going with a pair of used Scotty's and so far I love them!
  5. Soooo.....how did you make out Fireredcannon?
  6. Two Cannon Uni-Troll 10 downriggers with swivel bases. Termination and blacks releases included. These are about six years old and the clutch plates on one are showing some signs of wear but still operate fine. I live in the Saratoga Springs area. $425 OBO
  7. Me too. Its should easily steer one handed. Maybe take the dealer tech for a sea trial>>>something is definitely goofy.
  8. I hava a 15hp yamaha 4 stroke kicker on my 18ft tracker that I rarely use for trolling on lake O because I do not have throttle control at the helm and its a huge pain in the butt to have to keep getting up to make speed adjustments. Besides my main motor (Verado 150) can troll down to about 2.0 mph. That said I do like having a backup out there, especially on boats our size. It does cause the boat to list slightly to port and stern while its sitting at the dock but I have not noticed any problems with the boat performance while on plane or trolling. Good luck!
  9. Temp is down 120-140. Ff 140 down over 200 fow has been picking us up some fish. Slow pick but at least there are some active fish. Mexico bay was stuffed with fish yesterday morning but they were not hungry. Also picking up a couple in the willow hole on salmon river when its too rough to get on the lake. Not great but some fish around. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Glad to hear it wasn't just me. First season really targeting the fish in the lake and have been disappointed with the catch so far. I'll be fishing all next week weather provided so stay tuned for reports.
  11. Maybe that was a factor. If I remember I believe the waves were pushing toward that board on the port side. The boat could have been overrunning the board I guess. Something to watch for for sure…thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. I'm running 25# mono backer so that's not the issue. Next time out I will try the 400 on the other board that was working well with the 200. Could be something with that particular board I guess. Thanks for the input leadhead.
  13. Yes there was. I saw that on a couple of videos so I made sure the slack was there. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I bought a couple Off Shore SST pro mag side planers and ran them on Sunday. Hooked one onto my 200 copper and it did great. Hooked the other to my 400 copper and it would barely plane at all. It was a little rough (~3ftrs max) but I thought these particular boards were able to handle 400's with ease! Anybody else have this issue and do you use a different board for 400+ coppers?
  15. I've had issues with service from Cannon as well. Good luck.
  16. Not to get too far off topic but I've been thinking of getting a Fish Hawk for next season but after seeing posts like this and talking with other fishermen who have trouble with their units I am not sure its worth the money. I understand that they have excellent customer service but when I buy a product I just want it to do what its supposed to without all the headaches. Are there any other good options on the market or is Fish Hawk pretty much as good as it gets?
  17. I had the handle grip come off in my hand on both of my manual downriggers. The first time I just ordered the replacement. The second time I called customer service and complained. I had to argue with the representative to have them send me a replacement and they told me it would be 2 weeks for it to arrive. I had to cover the expense to have it shipped out quickly so I could use it on an upcoming trip. I was not pleased. I am likely going to purchase electric riggers over the winter and they will probably not be Cannons based on my experience.
  18. Glad it's picking up. We had a real tough day friday. Fished 5;30 AM to 2ish pm with zip. Covered 20 to 120 feet in every presentation your can think of. Marked a ton of fish and bait but nothing would bite.
  19. I had a good experience with this charter but it may be a little far away from Myrtle. Ranger bay boat put us on flounder on the intercoastal and then fished the breakwall for reds and even hooked a couple good sized shark. https://www.captainjot.com/
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