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  1. We’re is the best area in the whole lake for Lakers?
  2. Just string up a small sucker ,or minnow , 24 inch line with treble, needle up thru butt to mouth, hook up on dodger or tree ,it will roll. I catch a bunch
  3. Seeing any fish on sonar? If so downrigger!
  4. Fished inside Oswego harbor but the sea walls couldn’t stop the waves.
  5. Way nice with the silver fish, eatable great job like always.
  6. thork9


    It’s salmon time!!!
  7. Betcha he is a liberal from one of the big cities, wears a mask and had the shots three times.
  8. At the river light house, marina, Selkirk shores on the river.
  9. I’ll help you I have a 17 footer but I can only go to 50 ft
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