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  1. So not complicating this , fish arc on sonar, with ball showing same time, they look level , the question is are they at the same depth??
  2. Great job, we tried on 7/9 caught 4 same location, all on white sd , white fly s 70-80 down all on riggers, nothing on spoons ,midday hot sun. Fish between 15-20 lbs.
  3. Went out tues day went 4-6 200ft, 70 and 90 on balls SD white with white fly, and white SD w green spots, no spoon bite , we were out mid day all fish caught between 2pm and 5pm .All caught by plant, not marking much only in the area we caught them. Saw a boat out there with TRUMP flag a flying so we had to up are big American flag. Oh forgot 20 lbs biggest 15 lbs the smallest.
  4. And they say lakers don’t taste good, BBBB#&$#
  5. That’s you, we talk politics, have to get rid of the swamp rep and democraps
  6. Go to a farm store, they sell a fly spray that kills instantly, used in barns. It comes in spray cans, I use it and instantly no more flys. Just can’t remember the name has a picture of a barn on front.
  7. X2 keep America great, Trump 2020 unless your from NYC
  8. TRUMP yes ,imagine Biden and Bernie as president. All my welfare neighbors will have new cell phones and cars.
  9. DO THEY REALLY STOCK??? What they say.
  10. Remember you will get a ticket for the air freshener hanging from your rear view mirror, obstructing view, carry on
  11. True ,more traffic in day time, more tickets. Night good luck.. I worked patrol boat for sheriffs office years ago, our job was education on lake 80%, 20% tickets. Many people have no clue how to properly operate boat, or launch. A 80 year old who never had a boat can purchase a 40 ft and go out onto a lake. Education not by tickets, alcohol evolvement arrest. Oh you vote for your county Sheriff, NYC elects Coumo.
  12. Green always, not eye candy that you like!!
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