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  1. If there lakers how come i can’t catch them, I must be bad.
  2. There there 120-160 could only get one in 6 hrs, lots of marks, following but won’t hit .anytime get rid of the moon and no East wind.
  3. What’s a Gary d rig, how did it do in some of the tournaments? Just curious
  4. OSWEGO in bad weather check those waves I believe they were 25 footers, this from the harbor.
  5. Sounds like your doing great, you had fun congratulations.
  6. Bass who’s fishing for Bass, my 25 footer was having trouble in the weeds. And I don’t have a gas pedal and electric motor or sixty pound braided line, but there catching them one footers in the river.
  7. Love that Mountain Dew 8 in pro troll color caught a bunch this year with hammer fly and white fly
  8. Fished FH today 120-180 ft temp down 120 48 degrees. Lots of fish just would follow and then drop off, this went on for several hours, caught 1 18 lb salmon and a 1 15 lb LT, All FF , man dew ,lots of bait must be the east wind, got pretty rough not the 1 foot or under predicted ,oh forgot it’s always states calm on weekends. Still was nice to get out.
  9. Fair haven straight out, deep water close. Unfortunately far from Wollcot. Look at a map, most fish will be heading for Salmon river, Oswego area.
  10. Not everybody is in a contest or the tournament
  11. You mix that and put on sushi with soy sauce, Chinese would pay for that along with the head, cheek meat, soup with dumplings, I’m not kidding!! I have a friend I give all my heads to.
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