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  1. trolling plate , forget to release it, can’t steer, BAGS all the way
  2. When your driving and going under a bridge, look up and see the white icing on the joints, use salt in your urban areas, really don’t need it upstate country roads. Oh do the speed for conditions and you will be ok.
  3. That would be awesome, my truck and our bridges wouldnt rot anymore, years ago they just put sand on the roads, it worked in the mountain states they use mostly sand, 250 jobs oh well!!!! They could switch to sand pits.
  4. Only on a South wind will I go, SW, SE , I’m two hours away
  5. Just mount 2x6 across back, side to side, make a bracket to attach to boat then you can mount 2 down riggers, one on each side, I don’t have a picture right now but I run this on a 16 ft Lund.
  6. North of the South dune 135 ft water I did good there several times this year but it’s far from the little salmon river, I need a calm day. Or trailer
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