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  1. nice fish be careful the addiction comes quick
  2. eswe fished 200-350 fish were best 230-250 5 for 6 1 rainbow and 5 kings teens and 20ies mostly on small bait patches spoon bite mostly salmon candy was hot today
  3. nice catch there and thanks for the report heading there on the 15th for a couple weeks looks like things are starting to happen
  4. nice to see our vets had a good time , a big thumbs up to all of you who made it possible. I plan on going to Fair Haven in a couple weeks for a couple weeks are there any boat launches open ? Still no wake in the pond?
  5. Jumping Jack we are up this year 17th-29th starting a week earlier than we used to . I think its the same weeks as you this year ?
  6. reel repair who is good rebuilding drags on reels ?
  7. nice fish just keep checking the lake she may calm down . We just fished 2 weeks a bit west and the weather was wrong several days
  8. we went out also got about 14-18 fish with 3 or so in the double digit Billy Baroo was the hot one again along with a blue fire tiger jr t stick lots of mud fish were all over
  9. the ramp is now open and marked with milk bottles but it can be used getting a good hard rain just what is needed
  10. wow that sucks we did 10 for 14 today same patterns more cookie cutters than anything 1 good fish 13lbs
  11. 4/28/ 4/29 8 for 8 on the 28th 10 for 10 today looks like lots were catching from what I saw BILLY BAROOM was a hot one both the old t stik and the bay rat version . 8-20 ft 2,2 to 2.5 there are some fish showing up
  12. Fair Haven heading to Fair Haven on Saturday 22nd for a couple weeks I don't hear any news from there and nothing good from Oswego Is it to early ? or should we go further west ?
  13. take a look at Dura Brite marine lights my kid has them on his tuna boat I can see him 12 miles off shore
  14. nice fish i was there last 2 weeks we did well until the east winds came fishing 170-210 down90-120 but could not get a dipsy to move other than 1 king on bait all action was spoons off the riggers. glad to see there are fish there great report