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  1. we made those from old windshield wiper motors for trolling flies for landlocks 40 years ago they worked well
  2. call them while your out on the water they will trouble shoot with you and get you running properly they are very good with customer service
  3. look at a company Beemer Precision at their K couplings find out your shaft sizes and length that you need
  4. we have caught a few in the pond over the years but not a lot that's for sure
  5. wow that really sucks I do believe that the pen rearing has done very well for the fishing around Fair Haven and a real good job was done taking care of the fish and releasing them .
  6. 6 fish today 140-240 90 down 45 degrees all spoon bite lemon ice still hot for us
  7. we were out early had a mess early ended up 3 for 3 off the water by 11 all spoon bite
  8. way too much I have been getting them on ebay much better priced some just like new
  9. today 1 king 1 rainbow 5 browns all in under 20 feet of water
  10. 4//21 4/22 be boated 7 kings `13-17 lbs 25 browns about 8 of them with broad shoulders Bay Rats and thunderstick jr did the catching west was best
  11. I will be there in 11 days for couple weeks cant wait to start the season
  12. we are heading to Fair Haven for a couple weeks on 4/20 have been going around that time on and off for 40 years and always did well last year caught more spring Kings than ever before hope some of those guys are around this spring .
  13. I have a couple of Fenwick DR 2C rigger rods with broken tips I would like the tips replaced and a couple of eylets moved. Is there anyone doing rod repair work around ? That's what happens when you let the guys get lazy slapping the water with the rod to get rid of fleas
  14. just about anywhere your local bait and tackle shop should have something
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