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    Fillet Knife?

    take a look at the Buck filet knifes reasonable priced and with a top and bottom blade stays sharp for a long time
  2. I have had mine since they came out it like having another person on board I installed it in about an hour . I think its the best investment I have ever made on a boat
  3. another day with some good fishing 3 kings 10-15 lbs in 15 feet of water while fishing for browns 17 for 22 this morning biggest brown was 8 lbs it was great to feel a warm breeze .
  4. we had a good day today headed east with a 12lb king right off the set up and a brown about the same size then caught many cookie cutter browns sorting out the 6 lb ish ones green and chrome bay rat must have caught 30 fish today . we are loosing all our mud today may be fishing clear water tomorrow
  5. We had a slow day today with 4 fish fished east and west water temp is slowly climbing the

    Hotels near oswego

    go a little west Screwey Louies has cabins short dollars and there is a great state park there to launch at better fishing too
  7. it would be nice if conditions start to change a bit heading to Fair Haven on Saturday for 2 weeks . As long as we can get out and fish is all I hope for .
  8. always toll in a zig zag pattern with your flashy sticks on the mud side and naturals on the clear side. I always scent the sticks up it makes takers out of lookers .
  9. Flounder Screwy Louie should have some otter boards give Branden a call he can have them waiting for you when you get there.
  10. that is where we hang out most of the time
  11. yeah we will be up 4/21 to 5/6 for a spring trip hope the water level is ok and our summer trip is from 7/21 to 8/5 staying at the yacht club cottage. After that it will be all Bluefin fishing as my kid will be fishing a brand new 55x24 Dixon that will be ready for sea trials in a couple weeks.
  12. we have been going up on the April school vacation week for over 30 years and always have done well
  13. BAITNH

    Where to stay in Oswego

    go a little more west and stay at Fairhaven you can stay on the water for short dollars
  14. BAITNH

    Lowrance Autopilot

    I have had it for 2 years now and its like having another person on the boat. its the best 1000.00 I have ever spent on a boat . Love the S trolling and all other features By the way it was very easy to install