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    rod repair

    I have a couple of Fenwick DR 2C rigger rods with broken tips I would like the tips replaced and a couple of eylets moved. Is there anyone doing rod repair work around ? That's what happens when you let the guys get lazy slapping the water with the rod to get rid of fleas
  2. just about anywhere your local bait and tackle shop should have something

    Best boat for salmon fishin

    look at a Northcoast 235 cabin its small enough to trailer around and give you the protection of a cabin and has all that you need for great lakes fishing look around for a used one , but I will tell you they don't last long usually they sell right away. Take a day trip to the factory in Bristol RI you will be impressed at the quality and workmanship

    “Duffy” from Wicked Tuna

    too bad he had a whole life in front of him , I hope you guys realize that the whole show is scripted they film for 4 or 5 weeks and then do nothing but cut and paste. Duffy and Tyler were a pair that would beat a full house. I have fished out there along side of them many many times
  5. we only went as deep as 300 in 2 weeks time some were coming out setting up in 100 feet and some going to the deep I would try at 150 to 250 first I don't know if the temp is getting any better im thinking it has anyway any color works as long as its green
  6. we have fished there the last 2 weeks came home last nite to chase tuna. We were catching all you wanted till the lake flipped the last 4 days or so we fished hard to catch 4-6 a day . We have been in 150-230 ish most of the time dipsies at 275 riggers from 70-110 as long a it was green it worked for us with the exception of Lemon Ice was a hot spoon
  7. 7/19 7 for9 fished 230-270 100down dipsys and riggers at 90-100 were the best 22lbs was the best fleas still suck
  8. 3 for 4 this morning 6-10 and I spent most of it untangling a dipsy with my rigger line 3 on spoons 1 on a dipsy at 275 over 200-240 then the ponies started to turn into stallions and we went for breakfast
  9. fishing this morning 7 for 7 all high teens and 20s 200-250 same program as yesterday man those fleas really suck
  10. fair haven 7/15 6 fo 9 this morning they hit everything from 275 dipsies to 80-110 spoons Warrior salmon candy was the hot spoon . 210-280 feet deep water
  11. BAITNH

    Super Lube Hubs

    I have the same super lube hubs and had the same problem getting those darn things in and out, I drive from NH to the big O , I started to pop off the tin cover greasing before I leave and checking the hubs when we stop to piss and make sure they are cool, never had another problem and have not had to change my bearings in 5 years and I sell them for a living . Matter of fact we are leaving in the am to the big O
  12. good point there the less handled the better off they are
  13. remember guys this show is all cut and paste
  14. BAITNH

    Cisco or Traxtech

    I did the same thing Cisco electric planer board reels with otter boards, and all Traxtech I got a drink holder on my 3 rod trees but a plastic p butter jar in there and it holds all my releases . Cisco has a better motor now
  15. I have had some problems releasing kings in the heat of the summer bringing them up from 40ish degree water to 70ish have tried holding the tail and working the fish. What have you done to have success doing this ? How about a fish cradle ?