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  1. October 3rd he came out with 4 other bucks. 300 yards behind the house.
  2. 10 pt with gun 7pt with bow saw hardly and doe this year in 8g. Don't know what the deal is but did see lots of coyote
  3. DEC officer said it was ok to take because it was obviously dead for a while . He got pulled over by a cop on the way to my house because the cop wanted to see it . Can't pick up deer with meat and hide on them but bone ok I guess . The dec officer said it would be a shame to leave it in the woods . Once in a lifetime buck
  4. Yes it was
  5. Buddy of mine found this Sunday . what a shame got to score mid 170s. Photos don't do it justice.amazing in person
  6. Got this one this morning 7:30
  7. For Sale : USA

    200 new price
  8. For Sale : USA

    Rochester . will ship for the price of shipping
  9. Set of planer boards and masts with rod holders on them cannon clutch reels say cannon elite on them $ 225 or best offer . Not the best picture but in good shape
  10. Love those rages. got him this morning
  11. Do u still have the riggers
  12. Went 19 for 25 on Wayne's world. Straight out in front of the river . 85 to 110 fow mix bag 5 lakers 6 kings 8 steelheads . fished until 12:30 First trip of the year . Wayne even got one on the wire dipsy . steelhead liked the orange , getter done and wonderbread . Kings liked spooks ,glo frogs and dolphins. Great fishing out of Rochester. Thanks Wayne
  13. Tt
  14. After missing on opening morning got this guy 9" beard 1 1/4 Spurs
  15. After getting trail cam pics , and seeing from tree stand , sat in hedgerow finally got him 25 yards on the ground . He came out with an 8 pt. just found out how yo post pictures