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  1. Sunday finally paid off , before and after pictures .
  2. Have not used the new micro but the link evo works good , this is my second year using it
  3. I have one SPYPOINT link evo works great
  4. Went out with buddy Wayne did great out in front of Braddock bay , 100 to 200 f o w biggest got off at boat , had to be 30 lbs boated 15 biggest 25 lbs dipsy was on fire out 300 number 3 setting green spin doctor green fly 4 steelhead the rest kings . Had 6 in the boat by 7:00 north toll good luck
  5. What launches are open around Rochester for a 21 footer thanks Bill
  6. Tagged out with number 2 sat , now time to get the nephew a long beard
  7. After four days finally connected on a 10.5 inch beard , 7/8 spurs.tuff this year with the rain . Good luck everyone
  8. Took nephew out this morning for his first hunt. Not a very good weather morning but he did manage his first turkey jake at 20 yards good luck other youths
  9. Could not score with bow , 7:30 opening morning , came out following a doe with 3 other bucks not far behind ,congrats to everyone some nice bucks , good luck the rest of the season
  10. Tagged out Saturday morning 6:00 in the rain . 9.5” beard 1” spurs
  11. Opening day 6:45 9” beard 1” spurs. Nothing like spring turkey hunting . Love it
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