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  1. Finally connected this morning 9” beard 1 1/8 Spurs , good luck everyone
  2. Thanks I’ll probably launch at the Genny.
  3. Just wondering if a 21’ would be able to launch tomorrow with the rain we have had ? If not I’ll try the river launch
  4. Finally got one close enough. Nice 8point with shotgun. Now will get the muzzleloader out try for doe , good luck guys
  5. My evo did same thing ,I just pushed the SIM card under the batteries in and out a couple times and it has worked fine since,
  6. Better day time picture of buck from yesterday
  7. Moving pretty good tonight in 8G 9 pt didn’t have to track watch him go down better pictures tomorrow
  8. I had same problem with my SPYPOINT. Only one bar on start up. Take the SIM card out and reinstall. Mine has been good after that. Link evo is the one I have, good luck. Not S D card the SIM card under battery’s
  9. Daughter took a taxidermy class and did my 2018 buck I had done a european mount on . Looks good so far can’t wait to get it back
  10. Just checked the one in back of the house
  11. Walking out saw tail fan over a hill stalked up and called 4 hens came over first then this guy 35 yards 9.5 beard 1” spurs 21 lbs, tagged out good luck guys
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