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  1. We used to use 2 bags with 21 ‘ striper with 175 hp slowed it down fine , make sure you run them on the sides not to far back to get in the way , now have 15 hp kicker , saves on the big engine hours
  2. Fished 90 to 140 first time out for my nephew, think he’s hooked got his personal biggest fish 17 lbs. also had a big laker break off back of the boat 5 salmon 4 lakers green spin doctor with green glow fly was hot out 280 at 3 setting
  3. Any reports today , didn’t make it out today will try tomorrow am
  4. Started out for browns got 3 biggest 8 lbs. 2 kings biggest 15 lbs. then went for Lakers got 3 with cowbells and spin &glows other side of the green can
  5. 2 -18 lb kings in 150 FOW 3 smaller kings 3 lakers one one the board 14 lbs lots of fleas both big salmon green spindoctor green fly
  6. 8 total today all kings except 1 laker green spin doctor with glow green fly was hot out 300. Biggest was 14 lbs. 130 to 160 FOW , bite turned off about 10:00
  7. Tagged out this morning at 6:10 , had 2 hens within 10 yards and a deer blocking the shot on this guy had to wait until the deer moved , 45 yard shot can’t beat winchester long beard #6shot , good luck
  8. Had 3 jakes and 4 hens in close first thing this morning then 8:00 this guy came in 9” beard. Only 3/4 inch spurs , can’t wait until this little guy can hunt , good luck everyone
  9. Maglips troll faster they look like the flatfish
  10. After not seeing much took a decent 9pt Tuesday night
  11. Great picture. Can’t wait until my grandson will be able to fish, we went out to 400 FOW 6 kings 2 were 23# then went in for lakers non stop got 10 biggest 16#
  12. Went 18 for 20. Biggest 21# on a Steele Dan on 10 color one steelhead 8# 4 skippers , lost dipsy and flasher on a screemer in 230 FOW kink in wire with 600 ft out
  13. Fished same area little dealer ended up 6 kings with the biggest making a run in our 10 color and getting off , then went for lakers got 5 of them with a 14lb one didn’t think it will last on the LOC board so let it go ,
  14. Tough day , one hit on wire dipsy 170 FOW got off after little run. Then nothing finally set up for Lakers got 3 and one brown in 120 FOW . On the way in engine started vibrating and quit , flywheel bolts broke , at least found out kicker does almost 7 miles an hour
  15. This morning 3 longboard and 4 hen , called one hen within 10 feet of the blind this guy got about 50 yards and I’m tagged out now 9” beard one spire is 1 1/2. The other is 1 3/8 , now fishing time
  16. Fished the same area , little east of you ,out of sandy tried for browns nothing. Moved out to 130 FOW got 6 Lakers one was #20 Hope it stays fish of the day currently 10th place good luck
  17. Roosted them Friday night , just like it’s supposed to go he flew down within 50 yards ,shot him at 30 yards at 5:55. hens and other gobbler still calling like crazy had to get out quick , 10” beard 1 1/4 spurs , good luck everyone
  18. Won’t pull gas if primer bulbs on each
  19. Single in and two outs on separator with a primer hand pump bulb to kicker and one also to my main outboard motor works great
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