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  1. Finally got one close enough. Nice 8point with shotgun. Now will get the muzzleloader out try for doe , good luck guys
  2. My evo did same thing ,I just pushed the SIM card under the batteries in and out a couple times and it has worked fine since,
  3. Better day time picture of buck from yesterday
  4. Moving pretty good tonight in 8G 9 pt didn’t have to track watch him go down better pictures tomorrow
  5. I had same problem with my SPYPOINT. Only one bar on start up. Take the SIM card out and reinstall. Mine has been good after that. Link evo is the one I have, good luck. Not S D card the SIM card under battery’s
  6. Daughter took a taxidermy class and did my 2018 buck I had done a european mount on . Looks good so far can’t wait to get it back
  7. Just checked the one in back of the house
  8. Walking out saw tail fan over a hill stalked up and called 4 hens came over first then this guy 35 yards 9.5 beard 1” spurs 21 lbs, tagged out good luck guys
  9. Great morning 3 hens 3 jakes and this guy 6:15 , 9.5 inch beard 1 1/4 “ spurs good luck guys , be out again tomorrow
  10. They don’t pattern as good as the long beards out of my gun and also seem to kick more , don’t know if it’s the 1300 feet per second
  11. Brass was corroded on half of the shells, looked like water damage on boxes
  12. Don’t buy the Winchester double x they are bad look at the boxes , bought a box half the shells were bad and they won’t let you return them, happened to me last weekend , they were going to take them down but looks like they didn’t, they said they would discount if I bought another box but couldn’t take them back , so I grabbed long beard instead of the double x they did discount them at 100% but made me take the bad ones, but I had to complain very much to get them to do it, check the shells before buying
  13. Mossberg 835 with red dot. Extra full factory choke. Last years
  14. Winchester lb #5 3.5” 20 thru 50 yards
  15. Sunday finally paid off , before and after pictures .
  16. Have not used the new micro but the link evo works good , this is my second year using it
  17. I have one SPYPOINT link evo works great
  18. Went out with buddy Wayne did great out in front of Braddock bay , 100 to 200 f o w biggest got off at boat , had to be 30 lbs boated 15 biggest 25 lbs dipsy was on fire out 300 number 3 setting green spin doctor green fly 4 steelhead the rest kings . Had 6 in the boat by 7:00 north toll good luck
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