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  1. We also had a 11 lb steelhead we caught on Sunday but let it go would of taken the fish of the day , the brown we caught was also released after we weighed it in was cool it lived
  2. Yes just wanted to get Wayne’s world on then board for my buddy Wayne that passed away from cancer this year , was on the board for salmon for a while with a 27.05 lbs but luckily the brown held up
  3. Nice fish congratulations , I had the brown of the day until you got that one, but hope mine holds onto 20th place ,
  4. Also had #27.05 salmon on the board for a while that we weighed in port of Rochester and she said it was the biggest she saw this year , at that port
  5. We caught a #11 steelhead yesterday but tossed back. Would of been the only one weighed in yesterday , in front of braddocks , we also caught some nice ones earlier in the year out of sandy
  6. Goal was to get my buddy waynes boat on the leaderboard. He passed away this year of lung cancer , we did it today with a coworker that caught his largest fish ever 27.5 lbs. out of sandy. Probably won’t stay on the board , good luck everyone
  7. Any new reports for today , looking for a starting point for Sunday thanks haven’t been out in a couple weeks
  8. Going to give it a try Sunday morning at sandy ,maybe early breakfast if waves are bad
  9. I’ll take the probe will pick up tomorrow after fishing
  10. I’ll take the probe will pick up tomorrow after fishing
  11. Any new reports out of sandy. Going to try tomorrow?
  12. I run my kicker off the cranking battery it will not charge as fast as the big engine. But mine keeps up good enough with 2 riggers , fish finder and auto pilot running. And the other riggers running off the deep cycle battery I got a 15hp evenrude kicker
  13. Nice job we did one 12 lb king on a 5 color lead core In 100 FOW 3 steelhead in 230 FOW. and 1 laker.
  14. One laker in 110 F O W , lots of baitfish , good screen slow day
  15. Are you going to target browns ? don’t know what depth we will target yet. We got one brown in 25’ 2 weeks ago but then went for Lakers in 75’ Good luck
  16. Thanks just found a used one on eBay. Hope it’s ok , the one I took apart is missing one check valve can’t get them separate. $149 for used pump assembly
  17. Can’t find a Mechanical fuel pump for a 1999 evinrude 15 hp four stroke kicker Part # 0435352 or replacement , if anyone has one or knows a Suzuki replacement number would be appreciated .
  18. Managed one brown in front of cowsucker creek first thing , then 3 Lakers biggest was 14 lbs brown came in 25’. And Lakers 75’
  19. Finally connected this morning 9” beard 1 1/8 Spurs , good luck everyone
  20. Thanks I’ll probably launch at the Genny.
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