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  1. After not seeing much took a decent 9pt Tuesday night
  2. Great picture. Can’t wait until my grandson will be able to fish, we went out to 400 FOW 6 kings 2 were 23# then went in for lakers non stop got 10 biggest 16#
  3. Went 18 for 20. Biggest 21# on a Steele Dan on 10 color one steelhead 8# 4 skippers , lost dipsy and flasher on a screemer in 230 FOW kink in wire with 600 ft out
  4. Fished same area little dealer ended up 6 kings with the biggest making a run in our 10 color and getting off , then went for lakers got 5 of them with a 14lb one didn’t think it will last on the LOC board so let it go ,
  5. Tough day , one hit on wire dipsy 170 FOW got off after little run. Then nothing finally set up for Lakers got 3 and one brown in 120 FOW . On the way in engine started vibrating and quit , flywheel bolts broke , at least found out kicker does almost 7 miles an hour
  6. This morning 3 longboard and 4 hen , called one hen within 10 feet of the blind this guy got about 50 yards and I’m tagged out now 9” beard one spire is 1 1/2. The other is 1 3/8 , now fishing time
  7. Fished the same area , little east of you ,out of sandy tried for browns nothing. Moved out to 130 FOW got 6 Lakers one was #20 Hope it stays fish of the day currently 10th place good luck
  8. Roosted them Friday night , just like it’s supposed to go he flew down within 50 yards ,shot him at 30 yards at 5:55. hens and other gobbler still calling like crazy had to get out quick , 10” beard 1 1/4 spurs , good luck everyone
  9. Won’t pull gas if primer bulbs on each
  10. Single in and two outs on separator with a primer hand pump bulb to kicker and one also to my main outboard motor works great
  11. Put the hand primer bulb after the water separator to the kicker works as the check valve
  12. We also had a 11 lb steelhead we caught on Sunday but let it go would of taken the fish of the day , the brown we caught was also released after we weighed it in was cool it lived
  13. Yes just wanted to get Wayne’s world on then board for my buddy Wayne that passed away from cancer this year , was on the board for salmon for a while with a 27.05 lbs but luckily the brown held up
  14. Nice fish congratulations , I had the brown of the day until you got that one, but hope mine holds onto 20th place ,
  15. Also had #27.05 salmon on the board for a while that we weighed in port of Rochester and she said it was the biggest she saw this year , at that port
  16. We caught a #11 steelhead yesterday but tossed back. Would of been the only one weighed in yesterday , in front of braddocks , we also caught some nice ones earlier in the year out of sandy
  17. Goal was to get my buddy waynes boat on the leaderboard. He passed away this year of lung cancer , we did it today with a coworker that caught his largest fish ever 27.5 lbs. out of sandy. Probably won’t stay on the board , good luck everyone
  18. Any new reports for today , looking for a starting point for Sunday thanks haven’t been out in a couple weeks
  19. Going to give it a try Sunday morning at sandy ,maybe early breakfast if waves are bad
  20. I’ll take the probe will pick up tomorrow after fishing
  21. I’ll take the probe will pick up tomorrow after fishing
  22. Any new reports out of sandy. Going to try tomorrow?
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