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  1. swambach

    Looking to put track on my new boat

    Yes. This is about the best picture I have of my setup. I've added more tracks and rod holders since
  2. swambach

    Looking to put track on my new boat

    Should fit pretty much any track. I'm using Cisco
  3. swambach

    Cisco track

    I have a berts downrigger base that fits in my cisco track, so presumably their other stuff would fit as well
  4. As a woodworker and boater I really appreciate the work that you put into this. Nice job!
  5. swambach

    AR-15 (.223) ammo for deer?

    I know it's not what you asked, but have you considered building a new upper in a larger caliber? (E.g. a 6.8 spc) You can use everything you already have in the lower
  6. swambach

    Canandaigua 9/9/17

    North end around 150 to 200 foot of water
  7. swambach

    Canandaigua 9/9/17

    Your experience on the lake matches mine from Friday. Lots of marks, lots of bait but no bites.
  8. swambach

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 8/25

    Thanks Ted!
  9. swambach

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 8/25

    Thanks! The bigger one hit like a hammer and was very acrobatic. Leaped a few times getting it back to the boat. Bent the treble hook too
  10. swambach

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 8/25

    I wasn't targeting them, no. Really just went out to get on the boat and figured I would try the gamblers. Today was actually my first time using them. Chalk it up to luck, but it was fun!
  11. swambach

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 8/25

    Yes, North end launch. Bait clouds are crazy too at about 60 feet down
  12. Canandaigua 8/25 Haven't been out in a long time so I took the day off. Headed out at 6:30 and lines in around 7. First rainbow at 7:30 next around 9. Both on gamblers on dipsy and jet divers out 230 over 200. First around 4 pounds next seemed around 7? No scale on board
  13. Canandaigua North End Launch How is the state launch at the north end? Any docks in yet? Water level? I'm thinking of taking Friday off and getting the boat out for the first time this year.
  14. swambach

    Bird barrel for 870?

    I did this same thing a couple years ago, try cheaperthandirt.com. Midwayusa (as mentioned above) is also good It is cheaper to buy a new barrel rather than a whole new gun. You can get Remington factory barrels and I believe Mossberg makes barrels for the 870 too. Either should work, though I stayed with a factory barrel
  15. swambach

    Teak wood

    Also (or instead of Pittsford Lumber) take a look at Lakeshore Hardwoods in Victor. Cheaper prices and not as snooty http://www.lakeshorehardwoods.com/