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  1. I have them all around my boat and haven't had that issue. I'm also not using it a lot, unfortunately, but this does worry me. The only issue I had was a used one from Amazon warehouse- there's a single screw holding the whole top pivoting to the bottom. That was loose but fixed with loctite There does not look to be much material in that area
  2. That sucks, sorry to hear that. Some people are just ****ty. Glad you got out and got some fish at least
  3. Ended up 4/5. Lost a pretty good size one on a spoon and picked up another few small salmon on flasher / fly. Most of the action was very high up as it was icy down only 25 feet in most places I really appreciate all the tips from everyone. Best part of the day was my son asking to go fishing again! Now that's a successful trip
  4. Mission accomplished, if this is the only one we boat it was worth it. Frogger flasher with frogger mc rocket meat. 25 down over 100. Special thanks to double-d for the tips today!
  5. Been a couple of years since I have been out on Ontario and taking my 8 year old with me this time. Any tips on where to start (targeting salmon, steelhead or even lakers just to get some action)? I'll update here after the trip tomorrow
  6. Sounds like wonderbread was the color of the day!
  7. Iirc temp was around 47 down 90ish Agree on the fleas, had to clean them off every half hour or less
  8. Gave one away after the dock. Would like to have released them but they all were floating belly up immediately
  9. Finished 3 for 3 all rainbows. Last came on wonder bread 75 down over 120. Flys were super annoying today. Also saw a crazy kayaker this morning out about a mile and a half from shore. It was calm but I wouldn't have the balls for that
  10. Screens blank all day. Headed to 280 and saw nothing but fleas and flys. Going back shallower
  11. Couple of 7 lb steelhead over 130 and 180 so far. White and black flasher fly and rainbow spoon took them. 300 copper and downrigger down 60 respectively
  12. Looked familiar 😊. I have a 2015 1875. Agree on the size, it's a little hairy when the lake starts getting white tips. The stern is a little too low
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