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  1. Sounds like wonderbread was the color of the day!
  2. Iirc temp was around 47 down 90ish Agree on the fleas, had to clean them off every half hour or less
  3. Gave one away after the dock. Would like to have released them but they all were floating belly up immediately
  4. Finished 3 for 3 all rainbows. Last came on wonder bread 75 down over 120. Flys were super annoying today. Also saw a crazy kayaker this morning out about a mile and a half from shore. It was calm but I wouldn't have the balls for that
  5. Screens blank all day. Headed to 280 and saw nothing but fleas and flys. Going back shallower
  6. Couple of 7 lb steelhead over 130 and 180 so far. White and black flasher fly and rainbow spoon took them. 300 copper and downrigger down 60 respectively
  7. Looked familiar 😊. I have a 2015 1875. Agree on the size, it's a little hairy when the lake starts getting white tips. The stern is a little too low
  8. Out to 250 and nothing. Few marks around 80 but blank screens otherwise so far Temp is 54 down 90. 60 surface
  9. I'm out of iBay. Out to 250 and nothing. Few marks around 80 but blank screens otherwise Temp is 54 down 90. 60 surface
  10. I /think/ runnings in Canandaigua has bait. They used to anyway
  11. I've been thinking about going out there rather than all the way over to Sandy Creek (I'm on the east side) --is the launch the one by sea breeze?
  12. Braddock's is paid, right? Eg they don't accept empire pass? There's Westpoint Marine there but the dec indicated a boat launch too
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