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    Boating/fishing, Turkey and deer hunting.
  1. boat and tailer?

    When he registers boat and trailer, they are seperate transactions. Needs itemized or seperate reciepts. There is a dmv(ny) form for that. One for each.
  2. Dipsy Diver Calculator App

    Have you tried it? It only has a 1.5 out of 5 star rating.
  3. Where's my license?

    Mine came last Friday. I thought that was pretty late.
  4. None of rocker switches work- help!

    I thought you weren't supposed to use wing nuts for a boat battery because of vibration.
  5. I'm in 225 fow. 55 deg at the ball with 56 feet of cable out. Mike
  6. Bob, I have 3 of the 2" and 1 smaller. I'll trade you for for NK or dreamweaver type spoons. I took a picture, not sure how to post it on here. Send me a pm and I'll email or text it to you. Mike
  7. Video - I-Bay 5/10/14

    Wouldn't work on my phone either
  8. Just a heads up. Took a drive out there today, the docks are not out yet. Mike
  9. He's going to be missed. My 9 year old girl likes to sit and watch his show with me on Friday nights. He came across as a master of his craft and a great guy.
  10. Great Lakes Angler Magazine

    Mine came today, I was about ready to give up on it. I think the last issue was August. Mike
  11. Fishing Techniques Classes - Thank You!!

    2 were on jointed Rapalas and one on a Challenger. They were all in natural colors.
  12. Fishing Techniques Classes - Thank You!!

    Nice class guys, I would definitely recommend it. With just a little fine tuning we landed 2 browns and a coho off Sandy Creek yesterday. Mike
  13. Looks like you want to run electric trolling motor, gps, sonar and downriggers. Sounds like a lot of juice, how many batteries? You might want a gas trolling motor that can help keep the batteries charged instead of running off them. Don't forget the vhf radio, you can wire it to the gps to send coordinates for a distress signal.
  14. Auto-pilot purchase questions

    Don, I also have a Lund Fisherman. Which Garmin did you go with? The TR1 Gold and disconnect the steering or the GHP10 even though it"s smaller than 20 hp? Mike