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  1. Took 2 kids, 12 and 15, to Tonawanda they got 1 widgon and a goose and that was it. Good number of folks out. More pep's than ducks. Was slow but a beautiful morning. Real lack of water though. Doesn't look good for the rest of the season without some real serious rain.
  2. Those of you taking the kids out Saturday good luck. Not much water though.
  3. And now the work starts. Congrad's on a good shoot.
  4. News reports said there was 5-6 of those on Monday. Lucky to get a rare look at one of those.
  5. I mean don't cheap out.
  6. Don't forget they need to be balanced also. Don't chesp out.
  7. There is a 2 part putty that molds to the ear canal that is available at many shooter supply houses. Fits your ears like no other. Works great and is reusable for years. Cost like 11-12 bucks. can't be beat.
  8. Looks like an immuture drake. Has the mallard bill, right wing colors and greenhead starting. Mallard.
  9. Check out the Jolly release's from Cuddeback Machine. They are like 25.00 for 6. I find them to be the most user friendly and very adjustable www.cuddebackmachining.com They are in Hilton.
  10. Your using the boards backwards if used as you describe. Left and right as you face forward not backward. That's why the eyebolt is in the lower half of the board.
  11. I also took a couple of 13yr olds out Saturday with a buddy. We've been doing it for 5-6 years now with kids til they age out. Went to Tonawanda and they got 4-woodies. Was a drizzly mess most of the morning but a good time was had by all. One of the kids had hunted deer and hogs before(came up from Florida) and said you know I like this better than deer hunting. You can socialize. I encourage everyone to look for these opportunity's to get a kid out to at least see if this is for them. I liked it more than they did.
  12. Sorry the price was too well hidden.
  13. No one has asked how much yet. How much?
  14. Nice job plucking that bird. Most would have just breasted him out.
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