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  1. anytime

    Youth waterfowl and pheasant weekend

    I also took a couple of 13yr olds out Saturday with a buddy. We've been doing it for 5-6 years now with kids til they age out. Went to Tonawanda and they got 4-woodies. Was a drizzly mess most of the morning but a good time was had by all. One of the kids had hunted deer and hogs before(came up from Florida) and said you know I like this better than deer hunting. You can socialize. I encourage everyone to look for these opportunity's to get a kid out to at least see if this is for them. I liked it more than they did.
  2. anytime

    2016 210 Fishmaster

    Sorry the price was too well hidden.
  3. anytime

    2016 210 Fishmaster

    No one has asked how much yet. How much?
  4. anytime

    Youth weekend

    Nice job plucking that bird. Most would have just breasted him out.
  5. Looks like these fish are killed to get the eggs and sperm. They look to be all belly up. Who gets to eat them?
  6. anytime

    Vintage stick baits

    Check out Ebay. Search the lure they sell almost everything on there.
  7. anytime

    Broadbill aka swordfish

    Some fine eating there. We caught some tuna fishing but nothing large enough to keep. That sure was.
  8. anytime

    8" blades in stock?

    You can try Fish307.com also. Great for new blades and sharpening.
  9. anytime

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Used Mank's once and only once. Wrapped the meat like it came from Top's. That's not processing that's destroying. Noff said.
  10. anytime

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Don't overthink it. Wear gloves and trim it, pull the vines away from the tree and enjoy. As long as you don't rub it all over you you'll be good.
  11. I also have a 859HD and when I get into deeper water you need to change the setting to salt water to punch thru the water to the bottom. Normally over 100' but your's may be different. T that the next time your out. Works for me.
  12. Posting later today as ad states!

    -you are the first reply so you have 1st dibs

  13. anytime

    Alaska cruise for 2018, Halibut fishing

    I did the cruse trip thing and you will be disappointed. They have like thirty boats go out for the cruse trips and most of the "captains" don't know do da about boat control ect. and if your lucky you get a 1st mate to help. Ketchikan we had a guy trying to steer from the back, work poles, set lines. A real cluster f--k. Out of Juneau we motored for an hour of two, fished for a couple and motored back. We did catch fish but maybe 10 between 6 people on board. A lot of looking and not much catching. If you can hire at the docks you may be happier. Another thing is you only have so much time in the port. They pull in at 7AM and the ship may leave at 5 to get you to the next port. It is what it is.