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  1. I did the cruse trip thing and you will be disappointed. They have like thirty boats go out for the cruse trips and most of the "captains" don't know do da about boat control ect. and if your lucky you get a 1st mate to help. Ketchikan we had a guy trying to steer from the back, work poles, set lines. A real cluster f--k. Out of Juneau we motored for an hour of two, fished for a couple and motored back. We did catch fish but maybe 10 between 6 people on board. A lot of looking and not much catching. If you can hire at the docks you may be happier. Another thing is you only have so much time in the port. They pull in at 7AM and the ship may leave at 5 to get you to the next port. It is what it is.
  2. Glad you had them bring their own guns too. Hope they got so shots.
  3. When your signed in your name appears at the upper right hand corner. Left click on it and an update request appears. Click on it and have a go at it.
  4. Both Slay and Arrest can be used on clover to control grasses and broadleaf's but it pricey. Can be found at most seed places or Cabela's and it does work well.
  5. This isn't the best time of the year for bank fishing for perch or crappie. Timing is everything. Try the ponds, Cranberry, Long, in the spring. Crap are the best bet right now with dough balls or corn.
  6. Front page news in today's D&C.
  7. A grandson of a friend moved to Idaho recenty and has caught kings running up the Snake River from the Pacific. Like a 1000 miles! Amazing.
  8. You have to go to Erie if you want to experience big lake bass fishing that you have had in the past. Small boat harbor, go in front of the windmills and have all you want.
  9. Must of had quite a ride the lake was really ripping yesterday.
  10. Congrad's on getting your pic published. I would have shot it right after as they sure are tasty.
  11. Bob Ehrmentraut at 2844 Union St. N.Chili also does a fine job and excepts deer at all hrs.. Phone is 755-8746
  12. Go online and read the rules(DEC website). You'll find you may only use your muzzy tag to take a deer with either the muzzleloader or a crossbow during a muzzleloader season. Your bow may be used to take/tag deer during early bow season with a bow tag, during regular season with the general tag and during late season with the bow tag. Can't use a muzzy tag to tag a compound bow killed deer ever.
  13. An inline check valve would solve your problem.
  14. That's one hell of a sunfish. Or should I say "OMFG Jay, That's some weird s--t"