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    Gained some more faith in Out of State Fishermen, they didn't have to return it, but they went out of their way to get it back to me. The rod made a trip to WV and then back to NY and to Brockport and eventually to me. Good guys. Thanks to them.
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    Yes his name is Jeff and his buddy is Kevin.
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    Well thanks to a poster I put up on the Park Trail at Oak Orchard, a guy from West Virginia saw the poster took down the information and texted me Yesterday. " I got your rod," he sent it up by way of his fishing friend who works in the Brockport area. I was able to pick it up from him last night. I was sure that pole was never to swing in my hands again. Thanks to them. Jim
  4. Jwfly


    Thanks for the concern, I sure hope someone gets on this site to see my post. I had high hopes some picked it up and took it to the local fly shop or at least stood it up against a tree knowing for sure the owner would return to look for it. I'll keep hoping.. Jim
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    That would be me, thought you might have some news about the pole I lost ? I must know you if you know about my looking for feathers. Picture is too small to see.
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    Wow I finally got this set up and saw your post.. Thank you so much. I went up to the OAK today and put up 2 signs with what happened, also dropped one off at Oak Orchard fly shop. I have had that rod for over 25 years, I sure would like to get it back. My email is [email protected] Thanks Jim Wickham Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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    Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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