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Traveling Circus

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  1. Traveling Circus

    Spring bite

    Fishing out of Wilson gives you some options, and it's my favorite port in the spring. Programs are not the same as summertime. The Niagara flow and lake conditions (wind) will dictate where the fish are. Talk with other fishermen to learn what's working for them. The only thing that can ruin a trip in the spring is wind/waves.........
  2. Traveling Circus

    Spring bite

    You will not be disappointed. In May, it can be unreal at times.
  3. Traveling Circus

    Update on my starweld

    Good news....... Keep us posted.
  4. Traveling Circus

    Stevens Court - A Fishing Story

    Thank you...........
  5. Traveling Circus

    Walleye and riggers

    Interesting to see the variety of approaches here...... On Erie, I fish harnesses off the riggers all the time and every time I'm trolling. They are equally as productive as divers and lead core for me. Speed depends on time of year and what they want. but in general some place between 1.25 and 2. Usually at 150 back, but at times as "close" as 50 back. 15 back???? I've never tried, but I will next year.......
  6. Traveling Circus

    New boat

    Good luck and have fun Bill ...... Outfitting a rig is one of the things I enjoy most. Safe travels.........
  7. Traveling Circus

    Garmin echo map 73sv Transducer

    go to the Hull Truth Electronics Forum, and look for Garmin posts...... Semperfifishing (Gil) is pretty much the go to guy for Garmin info and sales..... he's been there for a long time and represents the Garmin products very well...... I purchased an echomap plus 93SV through Gil last winter, but I don't remember what transducer he recommended. You can call him, or email him or PM him and he'll point you in the right direction with good pricing..... as an aside I've been very happy with the unit and xducer..... if you have any questions, shoot me a PM.
  8. Traveling Circus

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Looks like a blast Bill ...... Enjoy the kids..... The colors in the pics are unreal, and I'll bet they're not even close to actual.
  9. Traveling Circus

    Seneca Seneca lampreys

    https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/7240.html http://www.glfc.org/traps.php Lots of stuff out there...... 2 years ago in the spring, I ran into a team of young researchers on the Catt working lamprey traps.......
  10. Traveling Circus

    Predator 2018-2019

    sounds like a great day........... He's an amazing outdoorsman and so persistent. No downtime all year..... just goes from one season to the next.
  11. Traveling Circus

    Predator 2018-2019

    good shootin..............congrats
  12. Traveling Circus

    Perch Day on Ibay Friday

    Be prepared to sort through lots of small fish...... on a couple different days last week fish were in multiple locations, but I couldn't find a concentration of big fish at any one location. Keep moving..........
  13. Traveling Circus

    Not real happy

    How could you think that?...... that's not music, that's just plain crap. To call that stuff music offends generations of musicians everywhere.
  14. The best tip I can give you is be careful at the ramp. The lake level is pretty low and you'll have to back in farther than normal to launch/load. The last thing you want to do is drop your trailer tires off the end of the ramp. Seen it a couple of times, and you don't want to be "that guy".
  15. Traveling Circus

    Great fishing?

    mine is 18.5 .... you just have to pick your days and err on the side of caution.