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  1. I've got some Triton rods and reels that are still doing their thing! Purchased in the late 80's.......... They've mostly been committed to walleye fishing on Erie.
  2. Bill ..... it was taken on Dec 23. Fall colors on a "winter" fish.
  3. I'm hoping it works the same way in KC....... A week off, and down you go....... but Mahomes isn't Ben. It's still been a great season to be a fan of the Browns...... with or without fins.
  4. I'm very sorry to hear this, my prayers go out to his Family, and his Sandy Family..... he's been here since the beginning and will be missed.
  5. Leupold stands behind their products 110%...... Had a pair of very old 10x40 binos that the eyepiece lens on one side got forced into the body of the binos, and they repaired it and repurged it for free..... don't even think I paid shipping on the return trip.
  6. After losing to the Jets, I'm afraid to watch....... even without big Ben.
  7. The Browns I was speaking of are also bottom oriented. They can usually be found randomly distributed throughout the standings at the beginning of the season but after a game or two they are right back on the bottom. This season has been somewhat different for these Browns, but true to form, they can currently be found just off the bottom, slightly above the Bengals.
  8. I saw some Browns get smoked in Pittsburgh yesterday.............ugh.
  9. He was always wearing an ear to ear grin....................... always. Drug induced, or just plain happy, it was always there.
  10. The lake creel survey guys didn't stop me this year either, but I don't know that they weren't working some other ports....... and this year with covid concerns, I don't blame them. Perhaps their efforts were scaled back to minimize their exposure to the disease. Rightfully so.
  11. I think anyone using the resource is a stakeholder. Private fishermen, captains, business owners........ all have an interest in the management of the fishery. Collectively, private fishermen has got to be the largest group of stakeholders. Being a private fisherman, I'm happy to have "private fisherman" interests represented by other private fishermen. Every year, we go through this creek / lake thing. It's almost as bad as national politics. Almost...............
  12. I agree, they only fight like 1/2 a freight train, but 1/2 a freight train is still a lot of fun. And there's just something about seeing that float drop and knowing what's chewing on the other end. To me, the float drop is the drug.
  13. Great pics..... favorite is the boys in the rain.
  14. Tonight out of Sandy, Kings were sitting in 60 - 80 fow. One spot I checked was 48 F down 70 in 70. I boated 2 matures, and both were on a wire diver out 180 pulling a Dolphin SD and fly.... both dark.... both males. Strong S wind tonight.
  15. Fleas have been minimal lately off Monroe County and have largely been spiny water fleas which are not much trouble at all. The much bigger PITA are the fishhook water fleas, and they haven't been a problem for weeks. At least not for me.
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