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Traveling Circus

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  1. Traveling Circus

    Perch Day on Ibay Friday

    Be prepared to sort through lots of small fish...... on a couple different days last week fish were in multiple locations, but I couldn't find a concentration of big fish at any one location. Keep moving..........
  2. Traveling Circus

    Not real happy

    How could you think that?...... that's not music, that's just plain crap. To call that stuff music offends generations of musicians everywhere.
  3. The best tip I can give you is be careful at the ramp. The lake level is pretty low and you'll have to back in farther than normal to launch/load. The last thing you want to do is drop your trailer tires off the end of the ramp. Seen it a couple of times, and you don't want to be "that guy".
  4. Traveling Circus

    Great fishing?

    mine is 18.5 .... you just have to pick your days and err on the side of caution.
  5. Traveling Circus

    Great fishing?

    Some good advice above........There has been a fishing expo in Niagara Falls that I have attended for 2 years. It will probably be put on again this year (usually in winter)...... there are seminars there to teach the basics about any species you want to target. A good plan would be to attend the expo, hit the seminars that interest you, and then hire a charter to teach you some specific "ropes" for the species you really want to learn first. The seminar will give you some background knowledge so that when you get on the lake with the charter captain, you won't be overwhelmed with info.
  6. Traveling Circus

    Front of Genny 9/15

    One fish on one hit....... spoon on a diver ..... saw maybe 6 or 8 fish on. Nice day, but started to blow at about noon.......
  7. Traveling Circus

    Front of Genny 9/15

    will try that Bill............
  8. Traveling Circus

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Char..... I fished out of the Catt on Sunday, and in 80 fow, just a touch East of the creek, the temps went from about 64 F to 56 F, from 50 feet down to 60 feet down. The walleyes were laying on top of that temp break, 40 - 50 down, and lakers and steelhead were in the colder water. We got some of each on identical lures using identical presentations...... lead core and sticks. There were salmonids laying on the bottom and harassing the bait there...... The further West we went the closer to the surface that break came, so being after walleyes, I went back East after figuring that out...... good luck if you go.
  9. Traveling Circus

    Front of Genny 9/15

    Going to give it a shot in the morning........ what was working for you?
  10. Traveling Circus


    nice day out of the Catt today.......70 - 80 fow. 12 walleyes, one laker and 3 steelhead. 8 color core produced with sticks, as did wire divers out 135 on 2 1/2, with warrior spoons, and harnesses at 50 on the riggers.... hate to see this summer end, but it's gonna.......
  11. Traveling Circus

    Need a new Boat Trailer

    Look into "target bunks".
  12. Traveling Circus

    Dipsey leaders

    You can also set the reel drag so that it "clicks out" line while trolling, and then attach a pinch pad type release on the line between the reel and the 1st guide on the rod. The pinch pad release is tethered to the base of the rod holder. The pinch pad should be attached so that minimal force is required to pull it from the wire line. When a fish hits, the wire is pulled through/off the pinch pad, and the reel drag is set light enough that the initial hit and run can be survived. The pinch pad falls off the line, but is caught by the tether. There are lots of differing opinions on snubbers. I like them.
  13. Traveling Circus

    Dipsey leaders

  14. Traveling Circus

    Bald Eagle

    Jeremy, I fished solo out of Sandy today and took 3 Lakers, 2 Browns and a king from 45 - 75 fow. But I probably had 15 bites. Just couldn't hook them up. Fished from 6:30 - 9:30. I had 50 F down 50 in 55. I didn't think my picture showed many kings, and the king I boated was 12 or 13 lbs and out 120 on a diver spoon. Perhaps the kings were deeper. Tomorrow is another day.
  15. Traveling Circus

    auto pilot vs bow mounted electric

    I've got a 24V Terrova on the bow of an 18' Crestliner and love it for the autopilot and the spot lock features......It does not "auto-deploy" and I've not had any problems with it in the 4 years I've owned it. Battery life is 6+ hours when trolling, and that's plenty for what I've typically got in mind. For deep water perch fishing, spot lock is the "nuts"