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  1. The ones I have are old stock. The original owner no longer runs the company, and that paint scheme has been discontinued. It stinks...............
  2. The Nautolex also worked well for me. Installation was fairly straightforward. 4 years old and holding up very well. https://www.rochfordsupply.com/tech_docs/Nautolex_Flooring_InstallAndCare.pdf
  3. Savant Jake 45 in goby was the best BT lure I've ever put in the water.......... behind a diver.
  4. I fished Christmas eve and kept 17........... maybe 3 to one, fish to keepers.
  5. Might be a little hard on fur......... send pics.
  6. Yaaaaa......cuz a long cold winter is so good for Alewives.........
  7. Go to Messages (White envelope at the top right) click....... click "compose new" In the "To" field, type in L&M (no spaces)....... Say hello to Hank.........
  8. This thread has gone from a heartfelt appreciative "thank you" and a description of a great experience for a fisherman and his children, to a "lake guys" vs. "trib guys" instigation........... nice.
  9. Great report...... such little info comes in this time of year. Thank you.
  10. Why did we go to 1 steelhead in the tribs then? Just asking............. I don't really think the proposed change will have much impact on fish or fishermen...... charter parties or private.... so meh, I'm OK with the change. In my opinion, what the DEC and us(lake or trib fishemen) should focus on is properly releasing fish. It's been decades since I've gone out on the lake to punch a ticket of salmon and trout. For me, and many private fishermen I know, this game is all about sportfishing for fun. I've spent up to 30 minutes with offshore steelhead over the gunnel, trying to revive them, and in the summer surface temps it doesn't work. The methods that should work will take time and pre-planning. I'd love to see some information (DEC or other) and mortality rates on how to release deep water fish in warm surface waters.
  11. Not to mention decimating pen reared fish when released into the creeks......... It would be beneficial to see the release process and pens modified/redesigned to allows for an easier release of fish in open water. What happened in Sandy this spring will effect the return of those penned fish at maturity. It would also be nice to have a "season" on cormorants.............
  12. It's pretty tough to floss a fish with a gob of skein fished under a float in an estuary type setting. To imply that it takes "expert flossers" to catch kings in the creek is incorrect.
  13. 95% of the salmon I catch on skein are hooked around the perimeter of the upper mouth. Very few actually swallow the skein. To me, it seems as though their intention is not to eat it but to nip it, or to test it..... or as previously mentioned to destroy it.
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