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  1. I'm thinking the ones that have been visiting already think your approach is aggressive enough! Well, check that....... most of them aren't breathing anymore, let alone thinking.... I had not heard about the incident. It's amazing how bold they get in the offseason........
  2. Congrats and good deal...............
  3. Fort Niagara Launch Conditions Does anyone have a report on the conditions of the launches at the Fort? Are they open and safely usable at current water levels?
  4. I ordered some crawler harness blades from CWT on a "gift certificate" issued by them, and they arrived with no problems.......
  5. Port Bay to Rochester Rochester to Golden Hill
  6. pm sent
  7. Net your fish head first. I hold the back portion of the handle with my right hand and support the handle where the handle meets the hoop with my left hand..... also holding the net basket with my left hand. You hold the basket tight so that it's not flopping around in the flowing water. When the time is right, let go of the basket as you slide the net handle through your left hand (powered by your right) to capture the fish. Mission accomplished. The only time it fails is when you get impatient and try to net the fish "early". then all bets are off..... The pinchpad pretty much takes the place of manually holding the net basket, and keeps the basket tight and out of the way.
  8. When do you start to see staging fish off the bar?
  9. Nice day, and nice report! Congrats.....
  10. Don't rule out feral dogs........ but the best know is to find a track.... everything leaves them.
  11. Very nice report Jeremy..... congrats on the christening and the fishing. It's great to see that the new boat has some good juju .... but with a new boat, you know we need some pics.
  12. That's a great photo and a beautiful fish.... congrats to the both of you!
  13. Nice Report Buddy....... glad to hear that things are running well. I might make a trip to Niagara County on Saturday morning.
  14. They've gotta be hunting all the time now to feed pups....... or at least that's a theory..... in addition to being pinched by the hi water.
  15. Sweet! Congratulations........ Brined Breast, smoked, and sliced thin on a sammy is pretty tough to beat. You gotta give us a little more of the story......