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  1. Traveling Circus

    Catt 6-17-18

    Took a limit there yesterday. 55 - 65 fow. Harnesses and flutter spoons were the ticket off riggers and wire diver rods, but the harnesses caught a lot of silver bass too.
  2. Traveling Circus

    Erie trip 6/15/18

    I fished out of SP today solo, and took 4 legal fish and 5 shorts.....never hooked a fish over 20". the "best" screen was 45 - 55 off the park. Harnesses off a diver took the most fish.
  3. Traveling Circus

    Walleye Parasite ???

    sturgeon point, but the fish were much closer to the SBH.
  4. Traveling Circus

    Walleye Parasite ???

    added a pic.
  5. Traveling Circus

    Walleye Parasite ???

    We got some Erie eyes this past weekend that had small (1/8" - 1/2"), whiteish/clear, wormlike (or leechlike) parasites attached to both sides of the tail, and behind each pectoral and pelvic fins..... The fish appeared healthy otherwise, and the flesh was normal. Some of the fish had as many as 100 of these hitchhikers............Any Ideas on what they were?
  6. Traveling Circus

    Stackers on riggers

    10' between the cannonball bait and the stacked bait has worked fine for me ........... just make sure the bait behind the cannonball is under the surface before deploying the bait you plan on stacking.
  7. Traveling Circus

    Northern King Lures are back .

    A black NK28 with yellow diagonal tape and a white back has been money for me this spring.............. during overcast conditions.
  8. Traveling Circus

    Sandy Creek

    Sandy Creek , Hamlin...... yes they're in.
  9. Traveling Circus

    Boat name?

    The winner !
  10. Traveling Circus

    CHIRP Frequency Selection

    Lots of discussion here. If you have questions, contact semperfifishing........ I recently purchased an echomap chirp plus 93sv and Gil recommended a GT52HW for my application. I purchased the unit and ducer through him with good results.
  11. Traveling Circus

    Nervous wreck

    very cute pic........ looks like all success to me.
  12. Traveling Circus

    24.9oz Brown Trout

    Nice....... very nice...... very very nice.
  13. Traveling Circus

    Chamount bay walleye

    Now that's cool!
  14. Traveling Circus

    Turkey 2018

    I'm not sure either, but congrats, it's exciting as hell ......... I think it's all part of the process..... realizing that you don't have to box everything or shoot everything, just because you can......
  15. Traveling Circus

    Turkey 2018

    Use gobbles with caution...... Often, it'll attract more hunters than birds.