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  1. New Guy

    If you're coming to Wilson in the spring, you'll probably be fishing prior to flea season. And Wilson is a great port to fish out of in May.... or any month for that matter. There's lots of stuff out there on fleas......
  2. Sandy Creek 3/18/18

    Ninja Brown Trout Angler! Excellent!
  3. 1st Canada

    Congrats............nice pics.
  4. Florida school shooting

    Roger that..............
  5. Remmington Outdoor company to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    My experience with Remington products varies. I've got a bdl in 30-06 that has excessive headspace, several 870 Expresses that won't reliably cycle, and several 870 Wingmasters that perform flawlessly. I would take an older beat up Wingmaster over a brand new Express model any day......
  6. Remmington Outdoor company to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    I think sales drop are market wide, and pretty much due to the administration change. Sandy Hook had implications with investors in Cerberus Capital Management, the owners of Remington. Remington was cleared of any wrongdoing in the lawsuit against them in the Sandy Hook shooting.
  7. Dipsy rigs

    I've used the same wire diver rigs for Erie walleyes and Ontario salmon for years.
  8. Storing my boat outside in winter

    I've positioned (in the track) traxstech rod holders in 3 locations per side and pointed them inward. Equally space them one each side, from the transom to just behind the windshield. Then take PVC trim pieces 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 8', and grind the corners off the ends of the trim so they will fit into the rodholders. Insert one end of the modified trim board into a rod holder, bend the trim board into an arch, insert the other end into the opposite rod holder, and install a tarp over the pvc arches. I also have a "tent" pole positioned near the center of the windshield to keep water from pooling there....... simple, cheap, effective.
  9. Quinte monster

    That....... is....... insane....................
  10. Big Bay of Quinte walleye through the ice

    very cool.......
  11. calling all dogs

    The dogs were great today....... the ole heart starts pounding when you hear them headed your way. They are a pair of the hardest running and friendliest hounds you could ever want to hunt with......
  12. Share your best catch(es) for the 2017 fishing season

    Nice.............. you spend way too much time on the water. I love the tuna pic with the wave in the background................
  13. Any idea what kinda minnow this is?

    banded killifish.
  14. Taxidermy (skull)

    They're not hard to do, but do take some time............. I had a nice buck ruined by a local taxi, looked like he left it out in the yard for 2 months and then rubbed the antlers with used cooking oil (they actually smelled like fries), after that I learned how to....... I think you get a pretty good product doing it via youtube methods, and you can take some pride in knowing that you did it yourself. I've done whitetails, fox, and coyotes..... and they turn out just fine.
  15. custom lures