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  1. Mostly flasher/fly bite for us. We did 3 fish on 7 hookups...… 45 - 60 down over 70 - 90 fow. We had 50F about 50 down for the most part...… temp seemed to come up as depth came up. I did see one charter captain move in for browns, but other than him, we were the shallowest boat all day.
  2. Anybody know if this is happening? I stopped at Narby's today, and Sharon didn't have any entry tickets or information.
  3. No Bill, but 150 - 180 would be a good place to take a look. Went 6 for 8 out of Sandy tonight solo...… Checked inside first, and the temp was 73 on the bottom in 75, so no BT temps...… 150 - 180 fow was very good, 85 - 100 down. 52 F down 95......just about even on spoons and spinny/flys. riggers and divers both took hits & fish. Current was very manageable. fished for 2 1/2 hours, so it was a fun and busy night. hardly any fleas.
  4. I think the Brown Trout fishermen are just better fishermen in Monroe county...….. (drops mic and runs)………..
  5. Man that looks like fun...........
  6. Nice work Brian, your consistency from year to year is remarkable! Congrats, and lets hope they hold their positions.
  7. My advice to the OP is to research chirp before you dismiss it. Like Rick says, If you do any perch fishing or jigging, you will appreciate the detail. I haven't found the reduced cone angle at 50 kHz to be a game changer while trolling, and at 200 kHz it's even less.
  8. What's the problem with chirp? And can't you select a singular frequency to use instead of using the entire transducer spectrum?
  9. Nice report, and great job on the tow............... Excellent karma is headed your way.
  10. The Garmin Echomap 93 and 94 chirp series have performed well for me. Garmin is reasonably priced and very easy to use. Like you, I fish Erie and Ontario, and mainly troll. I don't know about Garmin customer service, as I've never had issues. I use sideview and downview occasionally, but most of the time I rely on the chirp mode............. Been a Garmin fan for years.
  11. I have run a 4S Mercury 9.9 off a small dedicated fuel tank on an 18' aluminum boat for 5 years, without any issues. The engine was a Craigslist purchase, and I probably put 100-125 hours a year on it. My only minor complaint on the 9.9 Merc is noise and vibration. It's louder than the 4S 115 Merc on the boat...... If doing it again, I'd get a Yamaha.
  12. tougher for us today...….. 5 kings and a lost brown from 125 - 175. West of the creek..... temp went deeper, current got less. Biggest fish today was 12ish lbs, and we had a treble break off of a tournament tied fly to lose our only major of the day. Pulled at 9:45 to miss the ____show at the ramp. Happy 4th folks...…. enjoy the day and breath good air.
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