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  1. I've had good luck with mdo plywood for small aluminum boat flooring projects. You do have to seal the original and any cut edges, but the cost is "reasonable" compared to other composite or foam options.
  2. I run homemade big boards out of a 16' tiller boat often. If you run them both, steering is not a problem. Onboard space? That will always be a problem, no matter what size your boat is......bigger boat = more "stuff"........ IMO, build the big boards, set up a mast and go fishing.
  3. 7 Matures from the oak yesterdar afternoon....... no juvis....... maybe its a SC phenomenon, or maybe its associated with fish holding closer to the lake.......4 with scars.
  4. approx. 75% with scars in the creek....... many of them fresh/bloody.....
  5. I'd estimate were boating 35% jacks in the creek this "skein" season.......... I think I've caught more juvis this season than the last 15 years combined.......NBS...... something is different. fished the oak yesterday in the afternoon and no juvis, just matures, but its only 1 days worth of "data".
  6. Is there anyplace on-line to get the real time temperature of the intake water temp? The marine zone forecast seems to be updated about once a day, and I'd be interested in more frequent info.......
  7. They work great for walleyes...... they can be set light enough that a perch or silver bass trips them. We've run into a bunch of shorts on Erie this season, and they trip just fine. You'll love them.
  8. Coyote pattern spoons...... Yeck, DW SS, and others have been good to us over the years, but particularly yeck...... and don't be afraid to amp up the speed when fishing for them.
  9. Accelerator pump? I previously owned a boat with that motor, and the a-pump was susceptible to corrosion. I had similar symptoms, but I don't think it would have been possible to motor out to fish....... It was bogging down any time applying increasing throttle.
  10. we got a late start and launched at about 8:45. I didn't notice anything or anyone "suspicious"...... but I didn't look at the t-covers to see if they were intact. Did anyone file a police report? You can contact the park police..... and file a report....... I had a battery stolen once and did so...... don't know that it will help your case, but at least the "authorities" become aware of what's going on, and may park in the East lot more often......... As for the fishing...... couple of small kings and a couple of browns.... one at about 13 lbs....... no lampreys
  11. We had a nice day today off Troutburg..... 18 to 20 kings boated, half matures, 5 matures had lampreys, one of which had 2 lampreys. 2 of the juveniles had lampreys..... great day, but they are sure under a lot of parasitic pressure.
  12. I'm sure that killing every lamprey that comes aboard makes us all feel better...... I know it does me. I'm also pretty sure that it doesn't make a dent. The best thing we can probably do is keep posting what we are seeing on our fish, and hope that the DEC takes our input and does something with it..... Perhaps we should start a "lamprey thread" and LOU members lakewide can post how many, or what percentage of fish landed are winding up as hosts to the f#$%ers. And maybe the post can be pinned at the top of the page.
  13. 10 kings today..... 2 matures, and 8 shakers or "super" shakers........ one mature had a lamprey attached, and the other had a bloody scar as the lamprey detached boatside. none of the little guys had lampreys or scars. Been fishing Sandy to Braddocks for 30 years, and this is the worst lamprey infestation I've seen.......... We also got 1 brown which was clean.
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