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  1. http://sternsaver.com/ I was skeptical about glue on ......... but it's going on 5 years now. (It'll probably fall off tonight.)
  2. I've stopped chasing walleyes out of PB and the Catt until late June ........... Just seems like I can't find a reliable daytime bite until then. The good news is that perch fishing out of the Catt has been excellent this season.
  3. The Catt was raging mud yesterday...… filled with water from the storms of Friday.
  4. Wondering if you could see the fish on "traditional" sonar, or only on the panoptix when they were investigating the cannonballs? Also, did shortening the leads trigger the fish?
  5. nice pics and report..... the water's pretty cold still.... The kids look like they had fun, and if you're going to Erie, don't forget about the perch. It's been a pretty amazing year so far. Kids love catching a mess of perch..... even us big kids.
  6. ya gotta love the prone picture! Priceless...……
  7. LB...….. That's a tough story, and one that's hard for me to imagine. I hope your boy stays clean and sober and you continue to build on good days spent fishing.
  8. https://www.fieldandstream.com/story/fishing/how-to-flyfish-for-walleyes-at-night/
  9. Montana and Ohio are putting requirements in place that effectively stop travel to their states for Hunting and Fishing "recreational" activities. Spring bear hunting in Montana, and the walleye runs in the western basin rivers of Lake Erie are substantial revenue generators for those states, so I'm sure it was not an easy decision. The regs require a 14 day self quarantine after travel to those states, prior to hunting or fishing. I've applied for a Montana elk/deer combo tag for use in the fall, sure hope this is over by then...……….. Either way, I support this type of restriction, and think it encourages good decisions by travelers. My youngest daughter works in the ER at Strong. I worry about her health and safety relentlessly. Whatever can be done by the general public to minimize the impact on our health care providers is in my mind the right thing to do...… but I'm biased.
  10. Open at about 6 PM Tank......
  11. Cheeze-its! Ya just have to have em for good luck!
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