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  1. huntcaribou, I sent you and email. Thanks
  2. danjr

    Wanted Fish hawk X4D

    Back in the game Jack? Miss ya buddy!
  3. Will this fit a Honda 15hp?
  4. Was a great day buddy! Seems like the norm to wade through the lake trout to find the kings. Crazy how we were trolling a king spread at king speed and still pounding the lakers. No complaints when the rods are moving! Thanks for the trip my friend!
  5. danjr

    Hemlock 36" Walleye - Hemlock 7/31

    Don't listen to all the fish stories that ssafran21 and Lakertaker post about Hemlock. It's all lies! Just stoking the fire for next years invitational thats all.
  6. danjr

    Hemlock 6-13-15 Lakers and Bows

    I refuse to bite on internet troll idiocy and intolerance.
  7. danjr

    Hemlock 6-13-15 Lakers and Bows

    95% of the time yes. These went on my smoker however. I don't believe taking a few fish out of the lake is going to hurt the fishery. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. danjr

    Hemlock 6-13-15 Lakers and Bows

    A Great time and super fishing! It was close buddy! We caught our biggest laker 31" just before we pulled at 2:00, just lucky thats all. Lets do it again next year! Missed ya Steve! Burr sorry we missed you at the launch nice job on jigging that laker!
  9. Jack, Bring that Apstole hunting this year I'll take it off your hands! You are still gonna hunt this year??? Hope all is well! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. I would like to take the 600h. I live in honeoye falls. Is there someplace I can meet you? Thanks Dan Hullihen. [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  11. danjr

    Brand New Lure Hangers For Sale

    Rick, Just sent you a pay pal payment. I look forward to the lure hanger! Many Thanks, Dan Hullihen
  12. danjr

    LL salmon ???

    Definately LL in Hemlock. Not many caught that I know of in the past few years. ssafran has a nice one that he pulled out of there on his wall a few years back.
  13. danjr

    Great Opening Day-Sons first Buck

    That is what its all about hunting in its purest form! Nice job Mitch! Not too shabby for you either Chuck. My brother in law shot his first buck today as well. A day that will be never forgotten [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  14. danjr

    Barcelona eyes - worth the trip this saturday?

    Nice Eye Jack! Are you up for another goose hunt next saturday? I have spent four days alone with my four kids and will really need to get out and do some hunting this weekend! Give me a buzz if you want to come down and put the dekes in the trailer before we go! [ Post made via BlackBerry ]