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  1. I fish the lake often sometimes 2-3 times a week in the summer. The launch last year was awful. At times I would wait 45 min. or more just to get either in or out of the water. The main issue was the canoe and kayakers. They would pull their vehicles down on the launch and block it for others to get in. Some would park right in the ramp. At times there were 6 or more kayaks lined up on the shore with no people in them resulting in no way to launch or take your boat out of the water. Please note that the DEC opened up a kayak and canoe launch just south of the the north end launch. There is a trail to walk down directly across from the parking lot. With the shallow water and the south end launch being useless it will be especially hard for boaters and fisherman to launch and pull their boats.
  2. Hello all, I am in search of a small deer hunting lease for my Dad, my son and I. We have been frustrated with hunting public farms and state land. I am only looking for a small place so I can share the experience with my Dad and new to hunting son. If you know of anything open could you pass it on? I currently live in Honeoye Falls. Many Thanks! Dan
  3. Thats why we love it Bud! We look forward to next year! Again well done, you are a hell of a fisherman!
  4. Great smiles and some great fish! Love the kids! There is nothing better. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Great Pics Jeremy! Nothing better than taking a kid fishing. It my favorite thing that my son and I do although we are mostly on Hemlock. My three girls sometimes venture out at well. Well done!
  6. That pickerel is huge!! Listen to one of the best lake trout guys in Rochester!
  7. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7832.html Website says all DEC boat launches are closed.
  8. Back in the game Jack? Miss ya buddy!
  9. Was a great day buddy! Seems like the norm to wade through the lake trout to find the kings. Crazy how we were trolling a king spread at king speed and still pounding the lakers. No complaints when the rods are moving! Thanks for the trip my friend!
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