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  1. Tyee thanks for the advice, at least he'll have some what of a starting point. Guys thanks for the quick responses, will have him put it all to the test. I'll keep you updated on progress.
  2. Tyee thanks for the advice, at least he'll have some what of a starting point.
  3. My son is going to Lake Erie walleye fishing, their preferred method is trolling plugs. He wants to try targeting Steelies. What would be his best bet, I have whatever he would need but not sure where to get him started. Dodgers/plugs, flashers/flies, what color spoons/size, dipseys, leadcore, any and all help is very much welcome. Also what depth or temp would he bee looking for.
  4. Once the sun goes down a lantern over the side will bring them right to the surface, as they start to show up dim the light and they'll come closer. A small hook sabaki rig will jig them up nicely.Put them in a cooler about a 5gallon size with about 1/4 cup of dissolved Kosher Salt, do not use table salt the Iodine will kill them, add a couple of ice cubes to slowly lower the water temp.The Kosher salt keeps a slime coat on their body and keeps them nice and hard not mushy.Salt is the game changer keeping them alive.Also a good aereator , I like to use 2 minnow-misers
  5. Been setting up my 19ft smokercraft for Lake O for the past 3 yrs. Used it Striper fishing this spring and the motor died on the way in. Just had time to look it over and seems the top end is blown. Can't see putting money into a 30 yr old motor. If anyone has , or knows of a 90hp outboard fairly new or in great condition pass it on, maybe I might get up for the summer Kings after all. Any tips would be appreciated.
  6. Nice healthy looking Brown, did you get a weight on it.
  7. I know it's a long shot but looking to buy Miller 22 flutter lites, #3 Trouters and #66 Trouters Or I can trade, have plenty of Miller #44,#7, #8, #9
  8. Bill way to drop the hammer on them, those are some real nice slobs.
  9. Truly a Kodak moment, Excellent pic, nice wide tail and an unreal huge kype on that slob.
  10. Great report , funny how it can be slow all day and just when you think nothing is going to happen all hell breaks loose. Thats the mystique of fishing and what keeps me glued to the sport., Keep the pics coming, it's a good substitute till we can make it up there.
  11. Maybe it's time to rig a sailboat for trolling
  12. Excellent footage, great job. Love the screen shot of the marina with all the Trump banners flying, Priceless
  13. Way to go, the smile on the little mans face says it all.
  14. Nice looking material, quite pricey but sounds like it would be one and done.
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