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  1. Well that was a bust. Weather report looked great for saturday. Trailered the boat up to Lake O, 5&1/2 hour ride, lasted about 20 minutes, was hoping it was fishable out past the break walls but no such luck. 3 to 4 ft waves with about 6 foot swells. Safetly made it back in the mouth of the Salmon, casted plugs, spoons and even fished fresh skein, not only did we get skunked, never saw a fish caught all day, fished till about 2pm then made the drive back home. total waste.
  2. heading up to pulaski this weekend, wondering if i need to bring downriggers, or are maglips or diving plugs enough, along with spoons with a little weight on them.
  3. Jeremy, Kudos to you for taking your time to make it happen. I'm sure your time and generosity will be paid forward when the time arises.
  4. Jeremy, Great job, getting it done. Always look forward to your posts. Keep up the good work.
  5. Jeremy, Nice trip. Good fish and memories to last a life time. Doesn't get any better than that.
  6. Yankee excellent report, like the fine details . It's those details that answer alot of questions. Keep up the great work.
  7. I fish NYC reservoirs and troll leadcore, no motors allowed, row power only. Millers have been my go to spoons for 40yrs. 22, 66 trouter and #3trouter, they are a little heavier than the flutter lites, the 22 was only in flutter lite so when ever I got a hold of the fixed hook 22's I remove the single and replace with a treble hook. All 3 are great for Browns or Lakers. Your spoons look great by the way. In my opinion those spoons with a swinging treble would be a perfect fit for spring Browns or Steelhead, and I would be interested in purchasing some. The #3 is a smaller version of the #22 just a tad longer than the #66. I always thought about what would happen if Miller went out of business, so I always over bought. Still have maybe 100 active millers and another couple dozen still in packages. But hey you can never have enough, my two sons also troll and I won't give them up, sorry boys, LOL So your spoons would be a perfect fit.
  8. Great info about these flies. Think i'll inquire about the Artic Flies, I really like the wobble disc ahead of the fly. Nice addition to my arsenal.
  9. Interested in the #3's - #66's - #22's all of these spoons. How much for all of these shipped to zip 10512
  10. No mention on length of Boat itself, or what Model
  11. Tyee thanks for the advice, at least he'll have some what of a starting point. Guys thanks for the quick responses, will have him put it all to the test. I'll keep you updated on progress.
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