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  1. Jeremy, reading your posts all season I believe Lady O's water runs through your veins. You have been extremely helpful to the novice. Seeing the kids smiles when they are either reeling in fish or just admiring your catch says it all. Enjoy the pics as much as your detailed info about your exploits. You are a true sportsman. Well done season, good luck till next spring whether it be in the woods or on the water. Can't wait to see the grin when you boat your goal.
  2. Whaler, Know exactly what you mean, it's not always about catching fish. Some of my best memories are sitting back enjoying the moment, whether it be the scenery or watching someone else fighting a fish. You get it !!!
  3. Rob, Excellent article on copper, i'm sold on it. You answered all my questions and more. Took a lot of leg work out of researching lines and gear, again Great Job.
  4. Have run braided stainless in the past, seems like copper is the new wire on the block. If copper is the way to go what size or brand is the favored.
  5. Guys thanks for the input, guess i'll go with the 30's, was originally leaning towards the 20's only because of the higher retrive.
  6. Looking to upgrade my reels. Looking at the Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Reels, my question is what size would fit the bill best. Would I use the same size for mono on the planer boards, down rigging, also using wire.
  7. Defintely Lakers, forked tail and light spots on dark background, Browns have a squared off tail and dark spots on a lighter background. Lakers are a tighter more solid fish to eat than browns.BTW nice catch, keep up the good work.
  8. Well I've narrowed down the search to 2 units, the Lowrance 7 Hook w/nav + or the Garmin 7" EchoMap I'm leaning towars the Lowrance. Plus I'll add the Fish Hawk X4, Thanks everyone for your help.
  9. I think I will go with the X4D, for fish finder and GPS , I was looking at the Lowrance Hook 7 or the Garmin echo does anyone know if either of these units interfere with the fish hawk or visa versa
  10. Looking to buy a Fish Hawk X4, not sure whats the difference from an X4 to X4D, or maybe some one knows who has the best price ?
  11. If you take paypal, I'll take either 15 or 30 depending on whats left.
  12. I guess I was lumping copper in as a wire, am I better off investing in copper instead of stranded stainless.
  13. Running Wire With all the talk of running wire vs leadcore, I guess it has it"s advantages, my question is when running wire on rods , are there special rods a lot of you guys use or is it wise to change the guides to rollers ? Or can the regular tip tops and guides handle the abrasiveness of wire.
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