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  1. I just bought a boat in Pa. and registered it in NY last week. All I needed was the registration from the previous owner , Pa has a transferable reg, no title. For tax purposes , I had the guy sign the NYS DMV form for sales tax , stating what he sold me the boat for and the signed DMV Boat registration form. and 20 min at dmv and out i walked with the new Registration. Now in NY the sales tax can be for boat and trailer, no longer need seperate forms.
  2. GPS/FishFinder Need some opinions sorting this out. On my last boat , I had a Garmin 400c Fishfinder and a Garmin 541s GPS Chartplotter. Setting up a new to me 18ft Smokercraft and was wondering if i should get the same electronics I'm used to or something newer and learn new technology. Alot of the new stuff seems very confusing and I want to keep it simple. I know the 541s does both but i want seperate units so i have the whole screen dedicated for one use, don't care for the split screen options, when you get older the bigger the picture helps alot.
  3. Wanted

    Sk8 thanks for the info, I think I'll give them a ring, I'm about 4 hours from Naples.
  4. Wanted

    I guess they're back in business, I was to believe that they had closed and were'nt making spoons anymore
  5. wanted sutton spoons On the hunt for sutton 32's in all silve or silver/copper, not the flutter wieght but the heavier ones.
  6. for sale : usa

    I sent a pm and would like to come see the Boat, cash in hand
  7. Frank, Where is the Boat located.
  8. Where is boat located
  9. I think Matt got tounge tied
  10. They taste just like chicken
  11. also i would use 10lb seagaur leader , 30ft long
  12. Personally I'd spool each with 10 colors so the colors match on both rods,as for walleyes I would use suffix performance 18LB test
  13. Didn't know they had them.