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  1. Pending payment. Will update if sold Or not . Thanks
  2. Selling some Roemer and Black releases. Two of the Roemers are missing the cable tension clip. $30.00 for everything in the picture PM if interested Thanks Jack
  3. I use the wire knot on my prob cable. Scrap the coating off and tie it to a heavy duty swivel ,works great.
  4. Jack

    Swim Platforms

    You probably know , but be sure to use a good sealant when you mount it so the transom won’t rot.
  5. Sounds like deep v wander. Any boat I had with a fair amount of dead rise tend to wander at slow speeds. Only seems bad in close quarters , when I’m trolling in the lake I don’t notice it as much because it will correct it self without much correction at the wheel.
  6. Yankee, thanks for the offer , but I can’t squeeze 3 more batteries on board. jt
  7. Yankee, i noticed on your pic of your Lund you have a bow mount trolling motor. Is your Helix attached to the trolling motor for auto pilot ? hoping to buy a minkota and helix for auto pilot and anchor and would be nice to hear from someone who has this setup. thanks
  8. After a few years of use I like to reverse the cable. Take it all off cut the bad section where the clip was and attach that end to the spool. Now your using cable that was probably never used for your terminal end. This is especially good if you have coated cable for your probed ,you can get a few more years out of the cable. good luck
  9. I am about to do the same thing , use a Minkota for auto pilot and anchor. I was wondering if anyone had a trolling motor with the auto stow/deploy and if it is reliable and worth the extra money? thanks
  10. Looks like you have some Cisco cradle holders in the pic. Are those for sale as well?
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