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  1. Two ball retrievers and cradles $20.00 for all. PM if interested. Thanks JT
  2. I have 16 J-Plugs some are other brands. Sizes 5,4 and 3. $45.00 cash for all . Please PM if interested Thanks JT
  3. I have downriggers ,dipsy divers and lead core. I was hoping to simplify my presentation a bit by adding the b/b. I’ve been using sticks and spoons which caught a lot of fish,but the more I learn it seems worms are the go bait. After fishing lake O for some 30 plus years I’m use to trolling at 2 mph and thought the heavier b/b would work at that speed pulling worm harnesses. There’s a lot of water to cover on Erie so when your on the hunt faster seems better to me. I would be very interested in that dipsy device. If you don’t see the hit on the dipsies it’s had to tell when a fish is on. Stilling learning about walleye fishing so I really appreciate all this great feed back!
  4. My hope with the heavier weight b/b is to fish 50 to 60 feet with worm harness at 2 mph in Erie. Fish seem to go deeper as the water warms. Check the video out see what you think. Seems worth a try.
  5. Hi! Would like to buy some heavy bottom bouncers 8,9 or 10 oz each. Need at least 4 of them. Thanks JT
  6. Jack

    Ibay 9/29

    Happy New Year! anybody having any luck catching perch?
  7. Looking for some 8oz bottom bouncers built with heaver wire (0625) for deep water walleye fishing Thanks JT
  8. Looking at the pictures of coosboard on their website I notice in marine applications it is glassed in place with resin/epoxy and some cloth. That process makes the board very rigid. On an aluminium boat you can only bolt the board to the transom . Will it be rigid enough to support the engine if not encased in resin/epoxy and cloth ? Good luck!
  9. Jack

    Ibay 9/29

    Anyone know when they pull the docks at the ramp at ibay? thanks
  10. Jack

    Ibay 9/29

    Went out today......Great weather! Fishing ...... not so much.
  11. Jack

    Ibay 9/29

    Thanks! Never trying for peach before does time of day play a big factor?
  12. Jack

    Irondequoit bay

    Any current news on perch? Would love to give it a try. Thanks
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