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  1. The silver reel is a 6500S and the red is a 6600SX.
  2. They are both Abu Garcia ambassadors.
  3. Optimizer spoon lot Optimizer spoon lot for sale. Some are dated 1983. Will take 25.00 shipped.
  4. Ice Fishing Gear Selling my ice fishing gear. Reason for selling is simple. Im not going to ice fish anymore LOL! These two items are in like new condition and have the original packaging. The Marcum Recon 5 underwater camera is the + version and will come with a 64mb micro SD card. The Vexillar is new last year with a new battery (2/10/17) this year. The prices are 225.00 for the Vexilar shipped to your door. The Marcum includes the aqua pod remote controlled rotating tripod system. That is also in new condition. The price for both aqua pod and Marcum is 425.00. These items are priced for quick sale and are more than fair. Look at the pictures! Thanks! Mike
  5. Fish hawk is sold to SmellsLikeFishNH
  6. Spoons, reels, fishawk TD Doing some early spring cleaning and offering the following for sale: 25$ 60.00 Sold 25.00 75.00 The box is included in lot 5 and is new. The flies are a QTY 34 of unrigged mixed assortment of Atomic, minion, iron duke and some others that are common (Howie, DW etc.) I accept paypal and would prefer that method of payment. I can ship these items however at your cost and preference. Thanks! Mike
  7. Nice brown trout the wife landed on Lake Ontario
  8. X2 on the 10 gauge wire. When we upgraded to electric down riggers last year we ran 10 gauge marine grade jacketed duplex. Amazon had the best price at the time. As far as fuses we opted for breakers: I agree with keeping the length to a minimum. Measure and cut accordingly with some slack however not to the point that you are rolling the excess up and zip tying.
  9. Very well said.