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  1. Nice brown trout the wife landed on Lake Ontario
  2. X2 on the 10 gauge wire. When we upgraded to electric down riggers last year we ran 10 gauge marine grade jacketed duplex. Amazon had the best price at the time. As far as fuses we opted for breakers: I agree with keeping the length to a minimum. Measure and cut accordingly with some slack however not to the point that you are rolling the excess up and zip tying.
  3. Very well said.
  4. I am a fan of electronics and always enjoyed the technical aspect and new technology that is offered to us as fisherman. Owning a Fish hawk X4D and the latest in sonar / chart plotting technology has me at an advantage as it is but still requires skill to run gear and experiment. I really see this as silly and not respectful to the sport. That being said for research of a species as well as preservation and understanding the environment the fish call home it would be nice tool for a marine biologist to have at his / her disposal.
  5. Sorry, I never got around to purchasing the ice transducer.
  6. Hummingbird Helix 5 Sonar for sale in new condition. This unit was originally purchased to be used as a ice fishing Sonar however I have a Vexilar that I use and prefer. Everything that comes with this unit is in the box still and it has not been used. It is the non GPS unit. Will sell / ship it for 125.00
  7. We just received our X4D System yesterday. It was a very large investment for our boat but in my opinion will be worth it if it provides the advantage it advertises. The other variables are of course hands on time with the unit and gaining experience with it. We are willing to learn with this new tool as well as the other gear we purchased this year. The fish hawk was number four on the list of upgrades for our boat this year. The list is rather short LOL but an expensive one ( Electric Down riggers, 9.9 Kicker, New Chart plotter / Sonar, Fish hawk.....) I am just glad we started working on the list at the end of last season. Good luck!
  8. Cayuga

    Looked like a great day to be on the water.
  9. The other things to consider is how you will mount it and steer it. Bracket or the transom (if possible). Either way a long shaft model is what I would opt for given the choice. The ratcheting brackets have a tendency to fail during transport or up on plane. As far as steering I am just using a steering bar nothing fancy.
  10. On our first boat (17 foot CC) we had a 4hp four stroke merc. Very reliable however the thing shook and rattled. We opted to get a twin cylinder kicker (9.9 Honda) on our new boat and its very smooth in comparison. I believe that 6hp and under are single cylinder and 8 and up are twin. The 4hp though did work just fine as well as a 6hp would for your 18.5 footer. The other nice thing about the 4-6 hp models is most have a built in tank that's nice for quick trips.