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  1. orangediablo

    Wanted WTB Boat

    well, in a perfect world.....
  2. orangediablo

    Heading to Maine

    I'll be in Bar Harbor
  3. orangediablo

    Heading to Maine

    Heading to Maine the first week of September. Anyone know of an good charters near Bar Harbor? I know there's a bunch near Portland, but that's a good three hour drive each way. Hoping to do some bottom fishing rather than sharks or tuna.
  4. If you split, interested in the Otters
  5. orangediablo

    Arrow choice?

    If you have good success, why change? What's 'broken' about it? Or are you like most of us and want to change, just because we can?
  6. orangediablo

    Salmon cures

    I'm about to cure some bacon before I smoke it. How do you think these would work?
  7. orangediablo

    (iso) probe recovery service

    It's probably going to be cheaper to get a new probe than to have someone go down there and find them. Esp, a probe, assuming it still functional.
  8. orangediablo

    (iso) probe recovery service

    Can't tell if you're serious or not.....
  9. Preferably RCBS, but open to others. I have an older Trim Pro Power, but not really a fan of it. Can use that towards a trade if anyone is interested.
  10. Had one of these a few years ago. Awesome boat and comfortable.
  11. where are you located?
  12. orangediablo

    calling all dogs

    This goes with the blind question above.....Does anyone ever hunt from a stand? One of the places in PA I hunt has ladder stands all over the property. Hunting from a stand has to be as much as an advantage as it does for deer. Out of their line of sight (esp. for a predator), should help a little with scent, and you can obv. see a lot farther from a stand. thoughts?
  13. orangediablo

    calling all dogs

    wouldn't mind going out somewhere around Erie/Niagara county, but no idea where to go
  14. orangediablo

    calling all dogs

    In the process of building a wildcat bases off of a 6.8spc....should be perfect for dogs this year