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  1. orangediablo

    Wanted WTB Boat

    Bump. Looking in the 27-30ft range, luhrs, baha, tiara, pursuit..... Sent from my SM-G965U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Looks to be a nice Tiara down a bit in the classifieds
  3. orangediablo

    Wanted Boat Trailer

    I think i know the place you're talking about, and that is the last resort. Just seeing if there's anything used before we go that route.
  4. orangediablo

    Spoon lots for sale

  5. orangediablo

    Wanted Boat Trailer

  6. orangediablo

    2019 Sheds

    Different kind of shed.
  7. orangediablo

    Loaded questuon...

    Ever need a quick follow up shot on a heavy recoiling rifle? Or try to see what you just took a shot at out of a lightweight 300 WM at 600 yards? Compare that to a rifle with little recoil. IMO, keeping your site picture after the shot is just as important as before taking the shot. Just trying to add another thing to consider when choosing a rifle/caliber for the specific purpose.
  8. orangediablo

    Loaded questuon...

    Considering the OP, said he isn't going to shoot past 300 yards, won't even try it. "Flat shooting" rifles don't even have to be considered. Hell, why not just go with 30-30? i mean it's only been around since the 1800s, killed as many if not more critters than a 06, with much less recoil. It's nowhere near as sexy as the newer offerings, but there is minimal recoil, good to over 300 yards (doesn't matter in this case), ammo is cheap and everywhere. And for shìts and gigs, it's fun and feels kind of traditional deer hunting with a Marlin 336 lever.
  9. orangediablo

    A-Hole with fireworks

    I know of a Thompson hard top, (maybe 24) that's beein sitting on a trailer in a yard for maybe 7+ years. I"m sure it has no motor/outdrive, but I bet the person will let you have it for free or next to nothing. Located about 50 min SE of Erie PA
  10. orangediablo

    Christensen Arms Mesa or Ridgeline

    If you are not dead set on a Christensen, there are other options. One may be a Tikka Lite or Superlite. Both could be had with custom lightweight stock (maybe even carbon stock) and be sub MOA for that price. If you are shooting under 4-500 yards, the Creed would be fine. Keep in mind that lighter rifles can be a little harder to shoot than heavy ones.
  11. orangediablo

    What pound test do you use for walleye trolling

    8lb Suffix on light rods. That way it ALMOST feels like they're fighting
  12. orangediablo

    Spoon lots for sale

    Ttt. Price drop. Lot 1 $45 shipped Lot 2 $60 shipped Lot 3 $75 shipped Sent from my SM-G965U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I woulda sold my old ones for these. O well.
  14. Tried getting 3, said nope. Tried for 1. nope. damn.