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  1. orangediablo

    Downrigger release

    I have been happy enough with my Blacks to not switch from them. When we fish for eyes, I set them at 1.5-2lbs, when getting back to Lake O, we set them back to 4-5lbs and adjust from there depending what we are pulling behind them. Both seem to be good starting points for us.
  2. Looking for trailer, preferably aluminum for 27-30ft, twin inboards, 8500# capacity.
  3. orangediablo

    Easiest technique for keeping cimeter sharp?

    I'll play devils advocate and ask at which angle do you guys sharpen your salmon knives? Obviously for something doing the skinning (like walleye, perch, etc) it may be something like 17º, but what about the blades you use (like the OP) for cruising through a bunch of slammon?
  4. orangediablo

    Easiest technique for keeping cimeter sharp?

    I use this guy before it gets too dull. Works great on a ton of blades. I you look, you should be able to find it for like $35 https://lansky.com/index.php/products/masters-edge/ for a quick work, i'll use what bout time posted
  5. orangediablo

    Is it spring yet?

    We need more cameras......
  6. orangediablo

    Switching to all copper bullets

    I've had good results with Barnes TTSX. If you reload, these like to be pushed a little harder than your standard cup and core. If you want to try something different, check out Hammer Bullets (hammerbullets.com). I've talked to the owner a few times, great guy, great CS.
  7. orangediablo

    ISO new deer hunting firearms

    Be careful with the Vortex scopes. IIRC, about a year ago, they moved most of their manufacturing/assembly from Japan to China (except for their higher end scopes?). If you're dead set on Vortex, look for a used one made in Japan. I'm a fan of Leupold, especially if you sight in in once and don't touch it. If you are going to be a turret turner, get something different. If you don't know what you want, head to a store and look through as many as you can, outside if they let you under natural light. Your eyes will tell you what none of us can. For example, to my eyes, my VX3i was MUCH clearer (and better in low light, 1" tube, 40mm objective, than my Vortex PST with 30mm tube and 50mm objective). As for rifles, I'm a HUGE Tikka guy. Accurate, simple, action is smooth as a baby's ass and the best factory trigger hands down. A REALLY good guy to deal with is Doug at Cameraland. www.cameralandny.com
  8. orangediablo

    Rifle Ranges

    I'm a member of a few clubs, one here in Niagara county that has a rifle range out to 294 yards and one on PA that goes out to 500. Does anyone know anywhere else this side of Rochester where you can stretch a rifle's legs quite a but farther? I believe there is a private club around Batavia that allows groups, but only one shooter at a time on there rifle range, but each use looks to cost about $50 for two guys with all the rentals they offer. Any mid-long range shooters here with any input?
  9. Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 EBR-1 MOA FFP illuminated. Upgrading, so this needs to go. Excellent condition. Comes with factory sunshade and shims. $550 plus shipping.
  10. orangediablo

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Wac'em. Shot each one before bow season (3 and 4 blade). They fly as good as my field points. This shot hit a little high, came out just in front of the rear leg and buried in the ground 8 inches. No broken blades, dead deer.
  11. orangediablo

    Wanted WTB Boat

    Pretty sure I know the one you are talking about. Called on it a while back and was sold, but for some reason it was still on the site.
  12. orangediablo

    Wanted WTB Boat

    O yea, we were planning on a survey if one wasn't done in the past year or two.
  13. orangediablo

    Wanted WTB Boat

    Let's bump this up. I know there may not be a bunch available now, but a heads up for spring. Requirements changed a bit. Looking for 25-28 with 9ft+ beam hardtop. Something like mid-late 90s Tiara, or late 90s/early 2000 Baha. Price depends on boat/condition