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  1. Drove by this boat all summer. Good looking boat.
  2. I've used these up to 400 copper. I'm sure they would work fine on a 500, especially if clipped to mono. https://www.fishusa.com/Amish-Outfitters-Clipper-Planer-Board-Releases/
  3. Cinched rubber band. Takes a few seconds longer to hook up, but basically free. No risk of damaging line
  4. ^^^Same. he combines shipping to save you a few bucks
  5. Captians cove should have cut bait
  6. or if those are silver scales (picture shows purpleish?), could be Chilly WIlly.
  7. Went through a few packages this weekend. Caught a bunch of fish. Good stuff.
  8. Can clean offshore, but need to keep skin on for identification. Also, you can't dispose of carcasses within 100 or 500' for shore.....I don't remember. We typically clean 'em in our last 30 min of fishing, so don't have to worry about distance.
  9. Fished this morning, tons of kings 190-300. 45-120 down. Fog burned off around 9am
  10. Whatever comes on a Mac. I think it's iMovie.
  11. I just use a larger snap on for the slider to pass my Spro connecting leader to mainline. Rarely an issue
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