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  1. Not a bad starter pack there, especially for the price
  2. for 8" paddles, I have flies tied from 18" to 26". Some days they want the 18. Others they want the 21, 24 or 26....
  3. O I dont care about eating the cost. I was just curious if someone tried it before
  4. Was filling up my dad's boat this weekend (onshore), and was approached by a gentleman who asked an interesting question. He asked, "since that isn't being used for road use, how do you write off the additional road tax added to the price?". (He was a retired CPA and was curious). He had a point as we used to do this when filling up snowmobiles years ago at certain gas stations. So, for the weekend warriors who fill up onshore, is there a legal way to write off the road tax on gas used in boats?
  5. I may be interested, but out of Olcott, so will probably have red barn to wilson covered
  6. Troll east/west. If you're on the bar, and you troll north to south, you're gunna have a bad time. Fish will tell you baits and depth, but you will most likely be running spoon and meat. If you launch out of the river, head towards red buoy, then troll east. If you are out of Wilson, choice is yours to head north and troll to Bar or motor.
  7. up. I'll be at the flea market walking around buying stuff I don't need in case someone wants to grab these cheap
  8. how do they fall apart in a year? I've had one going on year four next year, still in good condition
  9. My exact setup. Good to know everything has been positive.
  10. Those of you using 16# and heavier weights, what snubber, if any, are you using?
  11. Only ones i've used in the that bunch has been the torpedo style. Haven't had a reason to change yet. I'm too cheap for the Sharks
  12. We do well year over year our of The Oak. No complaints there.
  13. In the process of being removed....and almost all the way out
  14. it was an excuse to buy a bigger boat so everyone could social distance easier
  15. I like taking most of the guesswork out of meat and stick with King, Minion, GRC or Musselhead rigs as they tend to roll quite well out of the package. I won't want to be using something more tunable and second guessing the adjustments I made on the head is keeping it's form after being deployed for 30+ minutes. Also, I get most of my complete rigs from 'troubles' here on LOU. Good rigs, pricing, customizable, and they produce.
  16. Used daiwa 27sh with 100-150yds 30# powerpro $40 Used Penn 209 level wind, 5 color LC, don't recall if backer is braid or mono. $40 Take both for $75 Can ship if needed
  17. Don't tie em anymore, so don't need em. 12 colors and tubing I used. $30 plus ship
  18. I"m interested in 4 of them if you're willing to split
  19. Going fully hydraulic wouldn't be cheap, plus the pump alone is over $700. If you're okay without AP motoring out, are there still options to just add AP to kicker?
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