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  1. Where did I say I was an expert? But if you contracted covid and are asymptomatic, what would compel you to get tested for it?
  2. We had no immunity to H1N1 either, which is why it infected nearly 25% of the world's population. I don't remember being under quarantine for that pandemic. Do you? Unfortunately, we may never know the ACTUAL mortality rate since we can be infected without any symptoms. Currently, we are still under 2.3 million reported cases worldwide, but we all know the number is quite a bit higher, due to the previous statement.
  3. I'm going to write on my 'mask', 'All your masks don't work' lol
  4. I can understand that, but the mask is irrelevant unless contagious. If you're contagious, you shouldn't be out.
  5. The ONLY way it prevents infection is if they are infected, contagious, AND it's an N95 mask. Any lesser mask won't stop the virus. It doesn't protect anyone from getting it.
  6. we use a lot of the same lures the first and last hour, so when we come back, we leave things rigged, except for the dipsys, which we throw in a bucket or cooler if there's meat. Throw them in the rocket launchers so hooks are out or the way, or put the hooks halfway down the rod when in rod holders on the gunnels. When not tourney time, I don't care who sees what, I'll give info to anyone who wants it.
  7. Remember when the gov't said that wearing masks didn't help from contracting the virus. Now it does? Make sense.....
  8. Tohatsu manufactures Mercury. Seems like a good buy depending on year/condition.
  9. I h ave a bunch of these rod holders. They're solid and work great.
  10. Because a kicker isn't conducive to all applications. But do agree in terms of shaft length and 15hp over a 9 if you have the ability to do so
  11. check out thegpsstore.com. Having a good sale on autopilots.
  12. So I can't go to my cabin in the middle of the woods cuz my plates are from a different state?
  13. I have friends in family in PA. Doesn't mean he's running a charter, but understand your suspicion.
  14. Ask again in the beginning of August. Hot spoon seems to change every year...
  15. I know this is a long shot, but looking to purchase a ladder section for this ladders stand. The legs are kind of 'D' shaped. I know I can get a section for F&S for about $60, but that's kind of ridiculous. If anyone has lead on one or tow, I'd appreciate it. This is the part i'm looking for: https://www.fieldandstreamshop.com/p/field-stream-20-wide-d-tube-replacement-ladder-section-15fnsufs20wddtbrptsb/15fnsufs20wddtbrptsb?recid=Product_PageElement_product2_rr_3_14863_&rrec=true
  16. yea, check eBay And what are you looking to purchase? What is sold at Cabela's/Ass Pro for $500 could be had elsewhere cheaper. Preferably a local shop, especially during these times.
  17. Without a doubt. We've learned to read the board line pretty well to know if we are dragging one. Since we use a mix of braid and mono for board lines, we use the green clips for braid and orange for mono. That way we aren't constantly readjusting the releases.
  18. trial and error. They can get tricky for walleyes in a good chop
  19. Damn, some good stuff there. If you are willing to separate lot 2 down the road, shoot me a PM
  20. the first two paragraphs say all you need to know.... https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/mar/9/coronavirus-stop-the-hysteria/?utm_source=ForAmerica&fbclid=IwAR1UaksCZ0EO__niLqvMb4_ZPEHgVV_MG5KT15AXnmgMADGy2SKR9Em5L9c
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