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  1. Finn spoons

    They are a great contributor to the Fair Haven Challenge for our Pen project. Please support manufactures that give back to us to support our sport.
  2. cape cod fishing

    The canal has been hot the last couple of weeks for strippers. Many large fish have been taken.
  3. 7 strand trolling wire Originally purchased my trolling wire from McMaster Carr ten years ago. Great product and lasted a long time but they do not sell it anymore that I could find last year. Needed to change it last year so I tried the torpedo wire. It is fraying all over the place so I do not trust it. Looking for a couple 1000' spools. Where is everyone purchasing there wire and are you happy with it? Thanks for the help. Richard
  4. Battery wiring

    I think you can. As long as you run independent wires to the positive and negative of one battery only you should have only 12 volts.
  5. bannanas

    I read an article from a scientist once that said that there is some possible reasoning to the superstition. They located an enzyme or something like that in the skin of the banana that fish did not like the scent of. I will look around to see if I can relocate the article on the web.
  6. Mc rocket

    I vary my length from three feet to six feet, on the longer side if using twinkies. I do like to add scent to my set ups.. I usually use an eight inch flasher.
  7. Thinking about going to Olcott for a few days

    Last week was a great trip. Fished Friday threw Sunday. Best water was between 350 and 375. Riggers down 75 to 95. Divers out 150 to 300. Higher early and deeper as the day went on. Best location was out in front of Wilson on the 52 line I think.
  8. 24 ft hardtop

    Here are a few,
  9. East end versus West end

    Also, lets not forget the possible effects of a successful pen rearing project. Not all the fish are imprinted with the salmon river water. (most still are), but the disbursement of the fish over the hole lake is more even. These fish are hanging closer to there stocking location until mature and the need to spawn drives them to the Salmon River for the ones imprinted to that Tributary. Others run for their stocking tributaries. The numbers are still in Mexico bay in late August and September. The hatchery is sill getting their fish for the eggs. I only recall one year were they were asking for egg collection from other tributaries.. I could be wrong on that because I do not live there but one year they were asking for help on the internet and I have not seen that sense then.
  10. Boat checklist

    Boat registration, side cutters in case you have to cut a hook or rigger cable if it should get stuck on something. Hand held radio for back up during an electrical failure or god forbid you are in the water. And of course do not leave home without snacks.
  11. Terminal tackle

    Yes, just purchase a new one and attach and you will be ready to go.
  12. Lodging to fish the Bar

    Lakeview Motel and cottages I will be there the end of the May during the holiday weekend.
  13. Bulk wire line

    Here is your knot.
  14. 1991 Thompson 24ft

    Several years ago I paid $8,000 for my 1984 and then rigged it myself for fishing. I think $5000 as suggested would be a good offer as this is an "as is" purchased. That should leave you a little cushion for repairs if needed. They are a great boat and I would definitely give him an offer and if purchased bring it to a mechanic and have him look it over. You may get lucky and it may not need much work with it in a heated storage. Good luck with it.
  15. Wanted Tiara 33 open

    love those boats.