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  1. I usually back the trailer onto a piece of plywood, My friend swears on a sheet of rubber conveyor belt he got.
  2. I was in FairHaven last weekend. I did not launch at the park but saw people there putting there boats in so I would say it is doable. As for dockage I do not think they have any but I could be wrong. I launched next to Bay Side marina and docked there. Very nice people over there.
  3. Keep them on the boat. You need current ones to be legal but the old ones are still good for some time. I always carry extras for that just in case day I hope never comes. I would rather have extras on board and not need them than need them but not have them.
  4. I just put several drops of scent in between the head and the MC Rocket.
  5. Richard

    Fish hawk 4x

    stupid question: Are you sure it is not the other device that you are comparing it to that is not incorrect?
  6. that looks good. May have to save that for when I am ready. Thanks.
  7. Here is a Garelick with three steps. https://www.amazon.com/Garelick-Eez-19643-Platform-Sliding/dp/B00KCFT9DM/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=Swim+Platform+Ladder&qid=1555115479&s=gateway&sr=8-7
  8. Defiantly more steps the better. I tried to get on my platform that only has one step. At 6'2" and 265 pounds I almost could not get up on to the platform. I will have three steps before I enter the water again.
  9. do not see the otter board modification yet?
  10. catfish creek area is a good place to start. on slow days venture closer to the plant and the high rocks. some good steelhead over that way.
  11. I have Four set up on my Thompson. It give me the option to run any combination of what the fish tell me they want. Usually it is three or four unless there are some bad currents or I am fishing extra deep, then it is two. If I only had two on the boat than my options are limited. I hope to be installing a kicker this year, this may limit me to a three rigger program but I still will have four on the boat for additional options or to avoid issues due to any failures. .
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