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  1. New price, $ 180 include shipping to lower 48.
  2. Back up for sale. Previous sale fell through. $200 or best offer including shipping to lower 48.
  3. I am located in Massachusetts. Not yet sure what I want for it, Looking around now to figure what it is worth. Do you have an offer?
  4. I have a complete Depth Raider I am going to sell. I had good readings down to 95’ when I had it set up on the boat earlier this year. Intermittent signal when deeper. They told me this was due to electrical interference which i was unable to troubleshoot. (I also have electrical interference with my fish finder as well from the main engine. I upgraded to a Fish Hawk in June. I found I had better signal when I held the connector to the side as shown in the picture of the connector in my hand. Otherwise all should be there as shown in the other picture which is what will be included. I believe the coated cable is 300' and only a year old. What do do you all think this is worth? It is used and has suited me well for four years I believe. ( could be five)
  5. Richard

    Help Diagnosing Electrical issue

    sounds like a ground issue or a loose connection somewhere,
  6. Richard

    Trailer tires

    Looks like I am going to be in the need of new tires on my trailer. Looking for recommendations on brand. I used to like Goodyear Marathon Radials, but I understand they are now made overseas and are not as good. A friend of mine has had four blow outs in the last two years. Current tire is ST205/75R15 load range C. I am thinking of going up a load range as well. Thank you for any input.
  7. Richard

    Cannon rigger stopping

    check your wires, sounds like a loose connection. When this happened to me i found that the plug prong was broken.
  8. Richard

    boat canvas replacement

    Contact Rich of NY Guide service. I am pretty sure his parents do canvas work. They are located in Mexico, NY. www.facebook.com/NYGUIDESERVICE/post/1732592320113188 Let him know I sent you.
  9. Richard

    Spring striper surf fishing on the Cape

    Chugbug, I wish Lake Ontario was within three hours. I have to drive six hours to get there to fish and choose to go to the Niagara bar in May which is a nine hour drive.
  10. Richard

    Spring striper surf fishing on the Cape

    May is a great time for stripers in the canal. They are usually running the canal pretty heavy by the second week in May. They will be following the herring as they show up to spawn in our local streams. Every year is a little different as it is with all migratory species. Also the smaller fish show up first. Most people will toss jigs, spoons, or some form of hard bait and chunk herring or other bait fish. Tides play a big role in this areas fishing. check with the local bait and tackle and they will let you know which tide has been working best. On the note of the fish following the herring, any tributary along the cape that has a herring run should hold a few fish off the mouth of the river or just inside. The problem is access to these locations. Good luck
  11. Richard

    Finn spoons

    They are a great contributor to the Fair Haven Challenge for our Pen project. Please support manufactures that give back to us to support our sport.
  12. Richard

    cape cod fishing

    The canal has been hot the last couple of weeks for strippers. Many large fish have been taken.
  13. 7 strand trolling wire Originally purchased my trolling wire from McMaster Carr ten years ago. Great product and lasted a long time but they do not sell it anymore that I could find last year. Needed to change it last year so I tried the torpedo wire. It is fraying all over the place so I do not trust it. Looking for a couple 1000' spools. Where is everyone purchasing there wire and are you happy with it? Thanks for the help. Richard