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  1. not unless it sits in NY waters for more than 30 days from what I understand.
  2. Glad you are finding some good help. Hope your first trip is a great and memorable one. Good luck.
  3. Niagara, Tuscarora, or Olcott will do you fine. just listen to the fishing reports and pick your launch from there. I have never used the Tuscarora launch. I understand that you want to make sure you stay in the channel there. Lots of rocks outside the channel. I will be in the area on Memorial day weekend from Thursday to Sunday.
  4. I change my line every other year, but I only fish the big lake 10 days a year. This year is my change year so that is on the list for next month. I have also ordered new coated cable for my downrigger with the speed and temp unit.. There is a list of things to be done with the boat but that will have to be taked care of in March when the boat is uncovered.
  5. Coated Downrigger cable Hello all, Hope everyone had a great holiday. I will be needing to change my coated downrigger cable before the next trolling season. 1. Who has the best price for this cable? 2. Does anyone have a spool larger than the two hundred feet spools that are usually around? Thank you all for your help.
  6. Merry Christmas to all. God bless
  7. Love the video. Nothing like a good salmon video to get the blood flowing for next year. Thank you very much.
  8. personnel preference but stick with the 8", more forgiving and create less tangles than the larger ones. Once you have things down a little you can play with the larger ones. I very rarely use the larger ones any more.
  9. I think that pretty well covers it. You will find other patterns are good for a period of time or for that year but these are the most consistent options. Good luck on your first year, This sport can be very addictive. I drive five hundred miles, three to four times a year just to taste it. Have my own boat and thousands in gear. Tight lines
  10. I need to replace my coated cable this year. Where is the best place to pick it up on the web. I prefer to pick up my needs from local shops but I am on cape cod and that is not an option till my spring trip and i need to replace it before then. Thank you all for your help.
  11. I run leads 10 to 25 feet. But that is just me. different things work for different people. Some form of white paddle (or white with green) with a white or green fly right on the bottom.
  12. Looking at possibly adding planer reels to the ends with pulleys up front in a couple years.
  13. Yes I made it. What other pictures do you want? Starting to get dark out now so if reply is later I can get them tomorrow. Never welded aluminum before so the welds are not great looking but it does the job.
  14. Ten inch centers.
  15. I made mine several years ago. I will try to get measurements tomorrow when i get home from work.. I used two six inch burts tracks for the base so it can be removed from the boat.