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  1. Thank you, I know I may have ending going that route, but I was hoping someone might have an old stock solenoid coil available.
  2. I forgot to mention. It is for a 3/8” shaft.
  3. I was looking for Hank, he may be able to help me. I have an older Thompson that has a trim master trim tab system. I believe my starboard solenoid coil is weak. I have not been able to locate this part doe to them being out of business. Does anyone know who may have some old stock? Thank you in advance Richard
  4. For a moment I thought you may have my paddle. I took out a couple new guys this past weekend. There are two kings swimming around with my paddles and hand my hand tied meat rigs. One is a 10” Mountain Dew spindoctor and the other is a glow green jeans. bottom line new guys who fish saltwater can not tie knots on one rig and had the main line all tangled around the release and cable on the other. In their defense it was a little bumpy for them.
  5. Thank you. That seams a lot closer than Route 18.
  6. Thank you for the info, also is there a tackle store close? I need to pick up some cut bait and I always like to support local businesses
  7. Good afternoon all, I am taking the 8+ hour drive to fish the lake in your area. Are there any public cleaning stations around or am I stuck cleaning fish on the boat offshore? thank you all for your help. Richard
  8. I need to make up some new rigs for my next trip. I live seven hours away so purchasing local right now is not in the cards. what are some online suppliers of meat heads and components. thank you all for your help. Richard
  9. What size boat is it? I have a 19’ ultima smoker raft. 115 hp works great and would allow for the extra weight of the kicker.
  10. Is there a way to message members on here. I can not seam to find it. Maybe if I was on a computer and not the phone.
  11. The majority of kings winter on the east end of the lake. That, along with the influx of water coming from Lake Erie through the Whelan canal and the Niagara river attracts a lot of bait fish. Your time is coming because they’re jealous of your late summer early fall fishery. Kings migrate west to east as the year goes on. The with the introduction of the net pen projects, kings population for fall has spread out to various other rivers other than the salmon river. The lake is getting more even with population due to this project in my opinion.
  12. I am looking for Matt, his boat went by storm warning. He used to fish out of the Niagara bar area in May. I had his phone number and we always shared info on our trip. I have not been able to contact him in a couple years. Hope all is okay and he just has a new phone number. if anyone knows him can you please give him my phone number. I would like to get back in touch with him. Richard 6 one 7- seven 1 zero- 5 one 2 zero also [email protected]
  13. When fishing alone the singing will tell you when you get a hit. If you pay attention the tone will change when the lure gets hit.. I do not mind the noise. good fishing to all
  14. I have 4 on my Thompson Just because you have four does not mean you need to run all four but if you have two and something happens to one, you now only have one to use. Afriend of my fathers broke the cable on my boat once and trip was still all good because i still had three to use. it was a complete rigger bight that weekend.
  15. I have launched out of both above and Olcott without issue other than one time at the river during low water. I have a 24' Thompson.
  16. May king trolling can be phenomenal. You can fish anywhere from the Niagara river to Olcott. With the smaller boat you can follow the fish. I will be the the end of May for the holiday weekend. 20 fish days are common.
  17. I usually back the trailer onto a piece of plywood, My friend swears on a sheet of rubber conveyor belt he got.
  18. I was in FairHaven last weekend. I did not launch at the park but saw people there putting there boats in so I would say it is doable. As for dockage I do not think they have any but I could be wrong. I launched next to Bay Side marina and docked there. Very nice people over there.
  19. Keep them on the boat. You need current ones to be legal but the old ones are still good for some time. I always carry extras for that just in case day I hope never comes. I would rather have extras on board and not need them than need them but not have them.
  20. I just put several drops of scent in between the head and the MC Rocket.
  21. Richard

    Fish hawk 4x

    stupid question: Are you sure it is not the other device that you are comparing it to that is not incorrect?
  22. that looks good. May have to save that for when I am ready. Thanks.
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