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  1. For the Love of Copper!

    Loved it. Could you go into depth more on multiple coppers of different lengths on the same side of the boat. I personally run a lot of segmented cores on Erie but have always kept the same segmented cores on the same side. Typical spread would be three 8 colors on the same side, three seven color on the other.
  2. Copper leader

    Do you find them more productive then cores run at same depth?
  3. Sea sick

    If you’re going in morning two dramine night before sleep good and feel good in morning.
  4. Planer program

    Run the same depth line on same side. If running cores run same cores on same side.
  5. Trolling speed

    It has less to do with angle. It’s more a less a feel due to experience. Guys I fish with and my self could look at are dipsey rods and tell to the difference between 2 mph and 2.2mph. If you’re catching fish you’re going the right speed. If you’re marking fish start with a gps speed you’re comfortable with and adjust from there. Spin doctors are extremely speed tolerate. Spoons not as much so.
  6. Trolling speed

    The bend in you’re dipsey rods.
  7. It’s tough with shallow lines doesn’t give the fish a chance to clear inside lines unless he pulls straight back. Really need to separate boards. Running three boards lines is tough. Need to keep lines out same distance and let fish take board back before you retrieve. With floating baits you can’t move em down slack floats bait. With segmented cores or snap weights when you let out lines while a fish is on everything sinks. I like the inline boards the ease of fishing on set up is easier.
  8. Yankee how do like running the inline boards? I have been completely converted to an inline board guy. Although we mostly fish Erie eyes with segmented cores. I love using them with rod trees on Ontario. I think we loose less fish using inline boards. I’d love to hear you’re opinion on this.
  9. Pulled a camera that’s been in woods last two weeks. Theses picks are from Forestville ny area. They are eating in our food plots.
  10. What line is on them, lb test?
  11. I’m on vacation won’t be back for a bit no worries enjoy rods.
  12. We split equal shares and if you got good buddies they take care of captain and boat. My team is great. We win split it evenly and they always give alot back back.
  13. Jimski is talking about inline weights. A lot of Walleye guys throughout the lake use inline wieght tied 10 ft or so above a crawler harness. It creates a more consistent depth control and requires less line to produce the same depth especially with heavy weights up to 8 ounces. With that being said I have fished with my dad and two grandfathers whom have fished both Great Lakes since they have been in there 30’s. The water clarity on both Great Lakes has created a much more efficient and educated generation of anglers. Segmented leadcore programs fished of a variation of planer applications is hands downs the most productive method of catching Walleye in Erie.
  14. Cool rods are basically new reels are in good shape.