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  1. We have caught some big ones in the fall perch fishing off the cat that are in the 20 lb range.
  2. Hey man nice meeting you guys. You guys are a good bunch. Congrats on the big fish.
  3. Go west off Dunkirk. 30 to 60 ft off vanburen point. Should be lots of lakers.
  4. Dylan is a good observer. I would of asked you again but one of my buddies is doing it this year.
  5. As far as how the fish are kept prior to wiegh in on the 1k a day, Salmon slam and WHI. What is considered watering? For example on my boat I have both a live well and in floor fish cooler. We have always left the cooler for wiegh in at the dock (maximizing room in back of the boat). We then transfer the fish from the boat to the cooler with a small bag of ice. When then fish are on the boat in the live well and or fish box are those fish allowed to be kept in water/ice?
  6. Pair of mud boots and a little bit of an adventures spirit is all that is required. Fishing from most reports is great. The coho bite on the west end is something to be seen beautiful chunky fish.
  7. My graph was only like that for a few short period of time and when it looked like that there was coho surfacing all over. My sensitivity is set I believe at a 7/10. I took this pic shortly before so I could share my location.
  8. Slip by boathouse. Everything looks fine from what I saw. It's high but they have nice floating docks.
  9. Wilson solo trip Had a meeting in Buffalo that ended early so at 330 headed out of Wilson solo. Lake was flat got outside 2nd midline and set riggers down 70 over 75 ft and One flat line with bay rat coho crusher. Within 35 minutes had my limit of salmon 2 kings off riggers, 1 coho. Fished till 730 ended up 8/11 3 kings, 3 coho, 2 lakers. What a great afternoon. The amount of fish on the graph was just stupid. Also I seen lots of salmon surfacing, highlight of the trip was a 12 or so pound king that took a surface line and came out of the water no less then five times. Can't wait for next week.
  10. As far as the Salmon slam do I need any paperwork. I just paid online all I really have is my PayPal receipt. I would assume they have the names at the wiegh in.
  11. It is. Now its king time though.
  12. Yep that was us. We actually had the most hits on a small dipsey back 20 or so ft on three with a geezer moonshine spoon. I tried running a spiny with a coho fly on a riggger with no luck. I don't know if it's just me but my best coho/brown bait has been a f11 blue and silver rapala.
  13. Coho?! This past Sunday out of Wilson we went 3 for 8 on coho. They were extremely tough to keep on. My question is how does anyone specifically target coho besides running lines up high. We caught or had coho on from 8 to 100 ft of water. Seemed there was no rhyme or reason were they were. As far as targeting coho what water conditions are you looking for? Why are they spread out over vast areas?
  14. Depth Raider Probe Anyone know the cheapest place to get one??? Seems they are kind of out of stock in several places.
  15. Since the segmented revolution of sorts jet divers have kind of been a methods of the past. We have three rods riggged each with 3,5, 7 segment cores. Run three boards per side and adjust with two ounce snap weights. For example if fish are all coming off you're five color add weight to you're three colors. It's important to run the same color cores on the same side. We run the tx22 with up to ten colors and four ounce snap weights at times.