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  1. Steelie you still have 9ft rods
  2. We love the the church tx 22. Extremely user friendly especially using lead core. They run great in rough weather. I would suggest getting used to running two per side, when the outside board goes allow the fish to drag it back and it should come right over top of the other (inside board). Then all you do is let the inside board out and that becomes the outside board. Reset and repeat. One thing that is important is making sure you are running the same depth of lines per side. So for example if you want to run two seven colors and two five colors you need to run the two fives on one side and the two sevens on the other. If running big boards watch vision quest sport fishing utube videos. You will watch how to position the rods and how to reset them down the planer board line. With using multiple lines on the same side keeping everything the same length out before you connect to the board is important. Being patient with the fish and letting it clear the lines is also really important. If you run segmented cores you'll learn after the first handful of tangles. Good luck. Once you get the hang of it there is no more effective way to catch a suspended Erie eye
  3. Yes. Go to Olcott or Wilson. You can stay in both ports pretty cheap. Wilson is definetly nicer there is some really nice places to stay and eat. It shouldn't be hard to catch lakers and if the weather cooperates you could just follow the charters. Two dipsey divers and two riggers you should be able to catch a few kings.
  4. Sold pending payment to Shinitimes... Thanks you
  5. Well I will be in Syracuse on business in two weeks and out toward Binghamton and Scranton Pa this coming week. Ill put it in the back of my pickup if anyone is interested. Trade for trolling reels or cash offers.
  6. Thanks Pap There is two new bay rats mixed in there along with a bunch of new hot n tots. The larger rapalas are $10 a pop and there's 9 of them along with some other high end stick baits that have never seen the water. Also I'm in sales professionally so I am impossible to offend with offers.
  7. Large lot of tackle I do not want to separate. Please take a look, half the stick baits are almost or new. There is some older stuff mixed in and a few sticks have some flaws but all work. All together there is. 7 Spin Doctors total/ 3 rigged with flies, 11 flies total. 40 spoons, Hi Tech, NK and various other brands 70 sticks Total, 2 DW Captain plugs new, 6 new Taildancers new, 4 brad thin fin new, 9 bagley new (two have cracked paint),rapalas, rynowsky's and other various brands. There is also 16 releases. I would trade for some used Tekota's or Okuma convectors, make me an offer. Looking to get $400 or bo for the lot.
  8. P10's for Salmon Heard of some of the Erie guys coming up and running a segmented lead core program teamed with P10 smithwicks for early season kings. Just wondering if any one else has had success with kings running the P10's.
  9. I personally run a lot of coppers or leadcores not on boards for walleyed on Erie and Ontario kings. If the depth chart is correct and using the 200 steel with the wire backing can get you down to 80ft that is awesome. Is that the case? Does it really get down that deep? I would love to replace my coppers with two steel wire setups.
  10. Yankee, On the Salmon Slam can you wiegh in fish caught the night before or do they have to be weighed the same day?
  11. In clear water for browns we have great success with a blue and silver rapala f11. When I started fishing with my grandfather in spring and into summer. A crystalina black and silver stick was always on a middle rigger with a long lead way behind the other 3 downriggers most likely all with spoons and short leads. That bait took lots of salmon and many steel head. We run a lot sticks on Erie and the steel head definitely prefer a fire tiger Rynowsky. That bait catches more trout then any other stick/spoon on Erie on our boat.
  12. Hey I'm going to update my profile but just so I'm not putting a name on it. Ron Duliba JR, Forestville Ny.
  13. I am just waiting for Funny Sargent to respond