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  1. RD9

    Choosing a king rigger rod

    I use the new Great Lakes medium light 8fters. Use them for spring kings and eyes on Erie. Pairing them with a quality real with a nice smooth drag is important. I fish pretty light for Kings in spring 20lb mainline to 15lb leader with spoons.
  2. Thank you same transducer it is.
  3. I’m going to mount another fish finder on the back of my boat. There was a unit previously on back hooked to a thru haul transducer which the unit up front is hooked to. Do most of you guys run the fish finder off the same transducer?. I’m thinking of mounting an additional transducer on the back of boat and having two units run separately. Opinions please.
  4. Church TX 22. We pull flat lines and 10 colors off them. Get the yellow clips with them. I love mine have 8 of them and they pull true and are great in rough conditions.
  5. So your asking 4000.00 Canadian ? That is 2995 US dollars. If you honestly don’t want to dump on his thread??? Don’t do what you did...
  6. Ron Duliba 12905 Route 39 South Dayton Ny 14138
  7. I’ll take 16 black ones if you got em.
  8. RD9

    Weighted steel. Yay or nay

    I’m rigging up one on a roller rod. I have a different scenario only fishing Ontario in Spring then moving to Erie. I’ll soley use this as a shoot rod. The versatility is what I need. No reason to have several copper setups for the time I spend on Ontario. Also be nice on Erie when them eyes go deep. A few years ago a 300 copper with a worm took multiple big fish in a tournament.
  9. RD9

    Giant Calico

    I’m gonna mount it I got a 1.5 lb perch today out of same hole gonna mount em together. 17.25 inches 2.5lbs Is officially metrics. I honestly thought it would of been heavier. Skinny but it’s hump back is great.
  10. RD9

    Giant Calico

    I’m not sure but this is 60 acres or so.
  11. RD9

    Giant Calico

    Lake was never stocked all over flow from conewango Creek.
  12. RD9

    Giant Calico

    I’m contipalting it. State record was caught twice by two brothers back to back same lake same hr last yr. Only small section of lake can be fished by public. No ice fishing allowed since it’s a gravel pit. I seen a pick of a northern caught out of same body of water if I told people how big I thought it was I get bullied on internet. I caught a northern personally ice fishing over 20lbs.
  13. RD9

    Giant Calico

    I get the privilege to fish a private gravel Pit once or twice a yr in Chautauqua county. Today I caught my personal best Calico. Look at my boy with the great pic teaching him how to make em looks as big as possible. 17.5 inches. Gonna wiegh him but it’ll be right around 3lbs.
  14. Any bonds have two wire diver setups they are willing to sell. Buying for a friend. He would prefer tekota reels. 9 ft diver rod Ron
  15. RD9

    Spoon Debate

    I really like Uv diehard stingray and gold 42 spoon and glow alewive stingray.