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  1. RD9

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Lots of lakers right out front of Dunkirk. 100 ft
  2. Bought a 2002 3000 exspress pursuit still looking for a trailer any advice would be greatly appreciated?? I’d consider both used or new. Looks like used would be almost impossible to find.
  3. Take a look at these I’ll never use em pick in Dunkirk. Make a reasonable offer. They are 14 ft were they slid in so I’m guess 18 ft total. I believe they are perko. Complete setup if you help unscrew everything from boat deal will get better.
  4. Anyone know of anyone whom makes and or sells stainless covers for the air intakes. I lost the plastic cover and getting a plastic replacement ain’t cheap. Thinking stainless cover would look really cool. Its that plastic vented cover.
  5. RD9

    “Duffy” from Wicked Tuna

    I love the show and was sad when I heard Duffy died which just shows you how the show connects to people. SK8 Man, I’ve had relationship with most of the kardasian sisters and for you to criticize there critically acclaimed show is offensive to me.
  6. I would buy a set or two if anyone got any used ones to get rid of. PM me. Ron
  7. Looking for a helix 10 or 12. Any one have one they would like to get rid of.
  8. I’m glad you kept the custom pink shoot rod holder. That boat has caught a lot of fish, she looks good. Congrats.
  9. RD9

    Modified Inline Planer Boards

    old trends die hard like big boards. The simplicity of a little inline board is great. We talk about allowing no slack in the line when you hook a fish them we put a realease down a line and allow the fish releasing the line creating a huge amount of slack. I miss my big boards for shallow water fishing but running segmented cores off in lines are much more efficient in my opinion.
  10. RD9

    Humminbird info

    Sea-IV thank you. I talked to the previous boat owner and he said that he had a 898 si hummingbird and a HDS 12 Gen three both hooked to the same airman thruhaul transducer. I also reached out to hummingbird. Will I be able to run two sonar at the same time. Or will the interfer with each other and one will need to be on a gps setting.
  11. RD9

    Humminbird info

    Thanks for reply.
  12. RD9

    Humminbird info

    So I bough a new boat and it had a hummingbird 898 si on the stern of the boat by the riggers. When I bought it the head unit was not included. It is all wired up and I was wondering is I could just plug in a helix 10 or is there an adapter of some sorts. Thanks for responses in advance. Pic is what I got coming from transducer and power.
  13. RD9

    For the Love of Copper!

    Loved it. Could you go into depth more on multiple coppers of different lengths on the same side of the boat. I personally run a lot of segmented cores on Erie but have always kept the same segmented cores on the same side. Typical spread would be three 8 colors on the same side, three seven color on the other.
  14. RD9

    Copper leader

    Do you find them more productive then cores run at same depth?
  15. RD9

    Sea sick

    If you’re going in morning two dramine night before sleep good and feel good in morning.