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  1. Since the segmented revolution of sorts jet divers have kind of been a methods of the past. We have three rods riggged each with 3,5, 7 segment cores. Run three boards per side and adjust with two ounce snap weights. For example if fish are all coming off you're five color add weight to you're three colors. It's important to run the same color cores on the same side. We run the tx22 with up to ten colors and four ounce snap weights at times.
  2. Any idea of number of teams in the salmon slam. I am reallly looking forward to this event. Also is the WHI full of 50 teams.
  3. Actually musky by far grow the best flowers!
  4. Yep agree king slammin. As long as you are only keeping you're limit no one should complain on how you use em.
  5. I have specifically targeted them this time of year and yes just like Ontario but the Lake Erie structure makes it a bit tougher to navigate. The smallmouth make it fun to. The first week of May you can catch Walleye, bass, lakers and browns all together.
  6. They reel all of them in all alone. I no longer believe there is any actual correct way to reel in a fish besides not trying to horse them. The kids knock off way less fish then my buddies. Just reel slow and steady.
  7. Wilson NY Dances with Fish Well we got the boat in for the first trip of the season and to put it in its home for April and most of May. We are Erie guys coming to fish the Whi. Well day one on Sunday was a struggle conditions for us were tough fished Wilson to Olcott with only one brown to show. Mudline was way out and we struggled. Spent the night in the boat and headed west of Wilson five miles. Took me to long to figure out I needed to be in under 12ft were the mudline wasn't as intense. Once there it did not matter color or brand of sticks the browns were hungry. Most bites turned into doubles and triples. Best were rapalas blue/silver and cold steel. Bay rats took fish to. Only trick was to find the water that was not completly brown inside 10ft. Did a quick limit this morning with my crew whom is gaining exsperience.
  8. Bulk wire line I need to redo my wire setups. Any suggestions of brand? Also were could I buy it in bulk. Maybe 5000 ft or 10000 ft. Thanks guys. Ron
  9. I couldn't find them all setup with the copper / leadcore rod for under $200. I think I paid $209. They have 900 ft of power pro backing. Thanks for looking though.
  10. 300 coppers Two 300 coppers. These are plums convectors 55 rigged up with 300 ft of atomik copper. 2 years old little use. They are on okuma 8 ft 6 copper lead core rods. $300 for the pair, $165 a piece not including shipping. Pm with questions.
  11. I retire often sometimes a few times a day when switching baits. Not uncommon using light leaders to retie after a few fish. We check our leaders after every fish retire when necessary but we rarely break a line and fish lighter then most.
  12. I got some convector 55's with copper lead core rods. Two years old very little use with 300 ft of copper. If you want to make a trade?
  13. I run a lot of stick baits on Erie for eyes and I remove the split ring and tie a rapala knot directly to the bait. Two problems with this is that storing you're poles with baits on them is not ideal. Also I'm also losing leader but on tournament day I wouldn't do it any other way.
  14. Steelie you still have 9ft rods
  15. We love the the church tx 22. Extremely user friendly especially using lead core. They run great in rough weather. I would suggest getting used to running two per side, when the outside board goes allow the fish to drag it back and it should come right over top of the other (inside board). Then all you do is let the inside board out and that becomes the outside board. Reset and repeat. One thing that is important is making sure you are running the same depth of lines per side. So for example if you want to run two seven colors and two five colors you need to run the two fives on one side and the two sevens on the other. If running big boards watch vision quest sport fishing utube videos. You will watch how to position the rods and how to reset them down the planer board line. With using multiple lines on the same side keeping everything the same length out before you connect to the board is important. Being patient with the fish and letting it clear the lines is also really important. If you run segmented cores you'll learn after the first handful of tangles. Good luck. Once you get the hang of it there is no more effective way to catch a suspended Erie eye