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  1. Alumacraft is coming to look at it em tomorrow if he doesn’t buy your next.
  2. It’s all big Jon parts I would assume they would have to.
  3. There adjustable with screw might go up to 2”.
  4. Planner reels electric comes with switched motors and Pully. $400 pick up in Dunkirk for the pair. Pm me here please.
  5. No doubt on the fact that you learn nothing pounding em. Learning how to change and adjust is the key. Honestly if I was on Erie and went to my spot and seen no fish I would of left and looked for em, but I didn’t have that confidence. I picked a direction and hoped. That’s what makes it a competition and a learning experience. We did well in Salmon Slam just out of shear hard work we fished hard. There was a lot of Erie boats the fished the WHI. One difference I see between Erie and Ontario is boat size. Guys on Erie trailer and Ontario guys don’t. I can tell you that being near shore and conditions mean very little to small boat guys on Erie. A good majority of Erie tournaments only cancel if an advisory is posted. One in particular is open regardless of conditions go at your own risk. It’s not the tournament cost necessarily it’s getting your big boat to that port, cost add up and the wife hates when you get whipped after spending that money.
  6. it would be almost impossible to cheat in this tournament considering there is an observer on board, which is randomly exchanged. I wondered why numbers were low since they get a big crowd on the Canadian side. I personally loved how fast the weigh in and prize give out went. I had my salmon slam check 30 minutes after weigh in finished. I thought it was well run and had a great time. The women running weigh in and registration did a wonderful job. We are team Dances With Fish and know very few if anyone up there, but everyone was extremely friendly and the facility and restaurant were great. On a side note we had a LOC king 21.4 ounces and my father didn’t register for the LOC on Wednesday, love you dad!?. Also my stubbornness gets the best of me and I allow myself to rely on yesterday fish instead of finding a brand new batch. I had a good bite from 140 to 220 out of Wilson for a few days with bigger fish but poof they vanished my opinion is I think they go to bottom and lay there.
  7. RD9

    Fish hawk 4x

    Tried shows up way below what surface temp really is. Last year it worked great.
  8. RD9

    Fish hawk 4x

    Guys thanks in advance. So I can not get my surface temp and down temp to be correct. I have been on phone with Fish Hawk and they have told me in a sense that I’ll have to deal with it. So so I go through the process of calibration but it only lets me increase the calibration to within 8 degree of surface temp to the negative.when I turn it off it resets it self to about 13 to 14 degree minus the surface temp. any ideas??
  9. Same thing in Wilson. I had one hit our board line flying almost snapped a pole in half.
  10. I believe so drove it across lake o last May.
  11. Well made it from S Dayton to Wilson with the boat an a little help from friends. After minor issues with boat. Got the Dances with Fish in the water for next 45 days or so. Got on water to fish about 2 ish. Good size chop out of west. It was rough as hell. No color besides way In so we pointed her west in the waves. Two 2 color on out side, flat line sticks on inside. Two riggers and a one color down the shoot with spoons. Two color with a ss in glow frog was good. Two hrs ended up with 4 browns and three lakers. So happy to be in slip with nothing horrible wrong. Looking forward to the next month or so.
  12. 2015 we were ice fishing out of that Catt April one on 20 inches of ice in 60 degree sunshine. For the last two weeks of March it was possibly the best ice fishing for perch I have ever seen. We were getting eyes, perch and huge small mouth.
  13. I love my stealth core 27lb 1000yd spool. Been a great product for us on Ontario and Erie. Good sink rate a little over 5 ft per color at 2mph.
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