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  1. It is but I have an oil pressure gauge on dashboard. I’m replacing impeller will it’s in yard and temp sending unit. Impeller If not needed to be changed will end up needed to be changed at some point. Better now then while out on lake.
  2. Thank you I have read about issues in manifold.
  3. I got you I first read this post incorrectly. Thank you that’s good advice.
  4. Thanks for response it’s on a 3000 exspress pursuit impellers flat out suck to exchange.
  5. It is twins but each motor has a different sensor. I originally thought impeller but I have water, maybe it’s just getting week.
  6. 5.7l 350 mpi horizon mercruisrr 2003. my port motor as soon as motor gets to 3500 the over heating sensor alarm comes on not running just below this the motor will run as normal. I’m getting water because the top of the motor stays cool and have coolant. Gauge is reading under the overheating mark. I did some research seems like temp sending might be issue. Anything else I could look at? Or suggestion? thanks in advance guys.
  7. So a few years back on this page I read how some guys were tying a 10 ft or so mono section after there wire to prevent pig tailing. Basically allowing your wire to be stored tightly on reel. I also have started doing this with my braid divers not because of the initial reason but to give a little stretch to your setup once a fish gets close to boat. I believe this has led to less fish lost by people on my boat. Theory is that there is a little more give then tying directly braid / wire to dipsey. Also it’s easier to grab to help the person with rod work around other rods and rigger wire.
  8. Yes. I run a lot of one and two colors on Ontario browns and Erie eyes. Leave my mono reels a little short. 1000 yd spool of stealth core handy. If you need a 1 color it’s pretty easy to rig up.
  9. I am from New York and am all for opening it up to Canadian waters. You no longer have to do anything to cross just as long as you don’t go to shore and even then it’s a simplistic process. I have had great experiences with observers on my boat but we are pretty laid. This tournament is very well run and personally cannot understand why there is not more entrants. On Erie we have waiting list for tournaments of a 100 boats with similar money. I also have no problem on allowing the Canadians to pay like in the post in order to attract more contestants. I think eliminating the observer will increase small boat guys and folks whom might travel. It’s uncomfortable in some cases to be observer. We have had women twice and this years I’m a nervous wreck making sure the toilet is clean at 5am. Both were great but its uncomfortable for both parties. Especially if someone actually tries to cheat that observer is in weird place. Lie detectors are good deterrent for cheating. My opinion on boat checks is they are a waste of time. If you have a 30 ft boat you could find a place to hide fish. On the lie detector they should test 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Then randomly draw 2 or 3 more in top 10.
  10. We come from Dunkirk and fish the Salmon Slam and really enjoy that aspect of the tournament. I like the 8 rod deal and if there is a lie detector not having an observer is a plus. It’s not hard finding an observer but it is just something else to worry about. I absolutely love how streamlined and fast weight in is. The tournaments on Erie the weight ins take forever. On the Lake Trout aspect for both Salmon Slam and WHI it presents a bit more strategy but catching a really large laker in my opinion is just a numbers game. With the size of the lakers vs kings a large 20plus laker would definitely skew the results. Very well could take a sub par king box and win the WHI which would not be a good thing. We will fish regardless of rule changes and am very appreciative of all the people that make these events happen.
  11. Is it me but I have tried slide divers for years and believe a regular diver has always out preformed the slide diver. I no longer own a single slide diver.
  12. About 5 to 6 years ago fishing out Olcott in April I was trying to catch coho with a mini red spiny and fly with a small dipsey off the side and I watched two fish swim up and miss the fly. Switched to a spoon and you could see both the diver and spoon while trolling. We took a handful of our biggest brown trout that weekend on small dipsey on three out 12 ft with a 10 ft leader running about 3 ft down. That night while visiting local establishments we were discussing catching browns like that in fairly clear water and how cool it was. Several fisherman in the same establishment basically told us we were full of it. Ever since we always had two divers out while trout fishing in tight. Last year we ran bigger jointed rapalas instead off spoons and caught some big browns on that setup. I also have shorten my rigger leads and haven’t noticed a difference.
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