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  1. Here is our pics from from forestville ny. Watch two of these several nights a week as I grill. The one with trip brow tines on both sides is a genetic that we see yearly. He looks to me like a 2.5 year old. We have a lot of non typical genes. one of the top recorded bucks "Bucky" in nys scoring wise non typical was found dead by a good friend a few miles from house was four years ago. Skull mount is in the Versailles store. We had him and his brother on trail cam when he was 2.5 yr old. Both giants. Other was never killed or found.
  2. We just got in fished 10 to 2. Two mature kings 80 ft. Spinner and fly.
  3. Helix are simple and awesome.
  4. What's nice about braid is you can handle it easier and just tie a knot to your swivel at the end. Simplicity I believe is it's best attribute also less blow back but I'm not sure how much.
  5. We divide tournament money up evenly. Good buddies when you win have always given back to the boat!
  6. Re powering a boat So I'm looking at boats. Interested in the Grady 300 marlin, 295, 285 whaler conquest models. All the ones in my budget are late 90's early 2000. My issue is that most have 2 strokes with higher hrs. I am entertaining go to a little older boat and re powering it. Just looking for an opinions of whom ever has done it.
  7. Love the video. Listened through the whole thing. Still trying to figure out how I get rid of my real job and fish. Congrats on the new opportunity and good luck. Videos are well done. Heck they are much better then I watch on the pursuit channel.
  8. None still can get for 10 bucks
  9. I'd pay a hundred bucks a bottle. Only stuff that works.
  10. The bug spray works as mentioned before in post. It's worth every penny
  11. Good luck. You priced it to sell. It will sell quick.
  12. We have caught some big ones in the fall perch fishing off the cat that are in the 20 lb range.
  13. Hey man nice meeting you guys. You guys are a good bunch. Congrats on the big fish.
  14. Go west off Dunkirk. 30 to 60 ft off vanburen point. Should be lots of lakers.
  15. Dylan is a good observer. I would of asked you again but one of my buddies is doing it this year.