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  1. Congrats. You bought a good boat. Im already having anxiety issues not owning a boat.
  2. Response from whaler, sent them same pictures you guys got.
  3. I told him 1999 28 conquest
  4. I checked in with whaler and the 280 conquest can have a maximum hp of 600 hp.
  5. Yes Irish boat shop Michigan.
  6. I contacted whaler today an received a response back. Sent pictures. Also received pictures when cracks started 2011 which were never addressed. Cracks started year after motors were installed. Actually recieved an written email response back from Chuck. Very responsive. Chuck response said basically that is a common area for cracks to occur and is the transom separating away but not a major issue and is fixable.
  7. It's a conquest 280. Appreciate the feed back.
  8. Thank you for reply. So you don't believe cracks fixed properly will be an issue.
  9. I ran spoons off riggers and cores
  10. last few years I have done it a few times. West from habor to point has lakers, browns and steel. I'd stay in 20 to 30 ft. Last year I fished late October and caught all sorts of different species. Let it me know how it goes.
  11. 99 280 whaler with 2010 250 verado four strokes Hey guys just looking for opinions. Went to go look at a boat and everything looks really good besides there is two cracks at the top of the transom. Please se take a look and comment. Boat is being sold by a dealer whom is going to fix before sale is finalized.
  12. South Dayton/forestville ny buck
  13. Hey guys. Recovered my buddies buck after 10 hrs of tracking. Deer went a 1000 yards on a injured lung and a arrow directly through the liver on a quartering away shot. Blood was good then non existence then good. Moral of the story is keep looking for the wounded ones. Almost gave up 10 different times. We found it this morning still alive. Very unfortunate it had to suffer so long but that's hunting. Shot was a complete pass through. Unreal how long it lived and traveled.