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  1. Spooling Okuma Convector - 30

    700 ft is plenty, back it with 30lb big game.
  2. Is there any place that still has this model and is the new 7ft one piece rod similar. These are great inline board rods with segmented cores. Thanks, ron
  3. Dunkirk?

    3 to 7 miles. Fish structure on both sides of Van Buren point. Also if you get bad weather you could catch a ton of smallies in harbor if it blow.
  4. Dunkirk?

    Great mixed bag of trout, Walleye and bass from mid may on inside 35 ft off Dunkirk to the west. You can also flatline troll the shallows at night in May. Here is a pick of a three hr two man day time limit. Trolling two and three color sets off in lines.
  5. First pick is my boys with a nice April Ontario brown. Ended up with a quick limit that day. 2- snapping turtle day caught a bunch on a treble hook with a chunk of Walleye and a milk jug 3- kid next door and dad with a nine lb eye and laker 4- my crew with 2nd place eye in sunset shootout 5- our crew a little drunker with 1st place winner by .07 ounces. 6- my boys with two 10 lb Dunkirk ny eyes.
  6. I like my medium action 7ft ugly sticks cal 1101 model I believe but I believe they stopped making that model. We fish church t22 boards with segment cores on Erie over 50 times a year. Nice thing about using a 7 ft rod is releasing the board from line upon retrieve. Most of the time the guy with rod never does anything different to help remove the board. I did go to fish USA and handled there in line board Rods and liked how they felt. They had a nice soft tip so I'm sure they work great also.
  7. Radar

    Its nice to see how many boats are fishing the Canadian line especially during tourney time. Erie Walleye fishing is all about location, everything else is secondary. Thanks for all the responses.
  8. Looking into a new boat with a lowrance 24nm radar system. Understanding that this shows weather but will it also show individual boats. It it would be nice to see where all the other boats are fishing especially during tourney time.
  9. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Congrats. You bought a good boat. Im already having anxiety issues not owning a boat.
  10. Response from whaler, sent them same pictures you guys got.
  11. I checked in with whaler and the 280 conquest can have a maximum hp of 600 hp.