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  1. Where are you located if I may ask?
  2. I was out there yesterday. 90 ft of water 6 kings 3 Lakers . fished 6:30 to about 10am.
  3. I agree with ya garymny!!! I'm made to work 10hrs a day in downtown buffalo rebuilding the nfta public transportation railroad because it's apparently essential and free of charge now and polluted with strangers I have no idea who they are... But people think its unsafe for me to take my kids fishing on my personal boat? No I completely disagree with them. And if they don't like it that kayak can paddle upstream because I'm going salmon fishing on my days off for a little piece of enjoyment if I can get out.
  4. Transit rd in Amherst already discontinued selling hunting and fishing gear and Blvd mall dicks is getting rid of there fishing equipment as well . I did hit the surplus / on sale bins and bought 10 a-tom-mic flies buy one get one free .
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