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  1. carry extra batteries for remote as you dont have a foot pedal and cant add one to that model
  2. steelie1975

    Wanted WANTED......Big Jon electric motor

    dont order big jon motors there junk. get the cisco ones exact same bolt up. better built and will hold 20 lb ball. have 2 on mine and would never tell anyone to get a big jon when these are better and around 80 bucks half price of a big jon motor
  3. steelie1975

    Wanted Depth raider probe

    have a fish hawk,non x4 probe to trade if need
  4. Anyone have one willing to part with?
  5. steelie1975

    for sale : usa Sub troll/fish hawk

    i have a fishhawk probe brand new if ya still need. the older one not the x4
  6. steelie1975

    Fish hawk 840

    i hace a extra prob brand new for 75 if ya want it
  7. any one have a working one laying around that they would like to part with. torpedo brand, original or even the scotty upgrade. let me know ty.
  8. steelie1975

    Keuka Keuka 2018 stocking info

    there were eating the perch this year, fillet a few this winter with perch in the belly
  9. steelie1975

    Sold / Closed marine speakers

    acually a member sent me 2 pairs that were laying around i will be closing this post. ty everyone for the responcesty for all the rep
  10. steelie1975

    Sold / Closed marine speakers

    dont matter
  11. anyone have any laying around that they dont need anymore? free is always welcome