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  1. Hey fellas. One of the silent followers here. Love the thread. Anyone have a recommendation on a tracking dog near Niagara/Orleans county line?
  2. Post your line. Ask them to call before crossing the line. Meet them at the line and ask where was the deer standing & point of impact. I had a guy who was “tracking a deer” up into my treestand. Caught him a second time and I called the DEC. I requested that I the right to refuse him access for any reason and the DEC agreed and tracked him down. Trespassing is trespassing. They put others safety at risk. I would love to walk through some of these trespassers backyards with a loaded 12 gauge.
  3. I will take them both! Can meet up in buffalo. Let me know. Patrick 716-474-4778

  4. They are flat on the bottom. Seats only, no hardware. They attached to my swivel bases. They are available and I’d ship, you pay for shipping.
  5. Still for sale. I’d ship. PM me
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