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  1. Still for sale. I’d ship. PM me
  2. They are available. I’m up near Olcott but will meet around Buffalo
  3. (2)-2001 Lund Pro-V boat seats. Very good condition. Grey on grey. Seats only, no hardware. Will meet in Buffalo area.
  4. FLO1919

    Enfield Monster

    What we could have, if we weren't a management state... Well done!
  5. Olcott As long as the lake don't flip before you get here...
  6. FLO1919

    Releasing Lake Trout

    Below is a great article on mortality rates of catch and released salmon. https://www.fishwithjd.com/2016/08/02/hook-placement-if-it-bleeds-it-dies-right-not-so-fast/ Here are a few tips i think help to catch and release trout and salmon from a boat. Don't keep the fish out of the water long, every second counts. Keep the fish from slamming their head off the bottom of the boat by keeping them lifted in the net while quickly removing the hook. Be ready with a camera for a quick pic if a pic is desired. Use a fish gripper with the strap around your wrist, the gripper on the fishes bottom lip and give them a few minute ride to catch their breath. After you feel them kick a bit, grab there tail and give them a big push.
  7. FLO1919

    Fillet table/ Boat Table

    Great point, great idea. Always wanted to consider something like this.