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  1. Thanks for the report. Nice bag o fish there too. Tight Lines
  2. Thanks for the report. Might try Saturday, but Lake Erie walleye are calling too.
  3. Awesome fish. The color, that kype, and the size combine for a really great fish.
  4. That's some great fish catchin' there. Had a bad day yesterday out of Olcott. Felt like I threw the kitchen sink at them. You guys have encouraged me to run farther east of west and explore a bit. Anybody willing to share the speed they found best? Tight Lines
  5. That is a nice haul of fish. Sounds like a great day to be a fisher-person. Thanks for the report.
  6. Congrats to your daughter. Great to see kids into fishing. My wife got her first kings yesterday too. Tight Lines
  7. Really like the look of that brown! Nice job.
  8. Went 5 for 6 today from 9:45 - 12:30. 2 lakers and 3 kings. Lost fish was also a King I'm sure. One of these was my wife's 1st king and she also got another as well. Fished 45 - 60 FOW. Action was in the 50 - 60' depths. Marked a fair number of fish from 40' down mostly. Three of the five fish were on a Smithwick Rattlin' Rogue purple top with white sides). Ran baits 25' - 45 ' down, with 30' and 35' doing most of the damage. Water temp was 44.5. Speed was 2.0 mph GPS, but we noticed most fish came on outside side of a turn. Decided to keep speed at 2.0 to control depth more and just use turns to vary lure speed. Hope others got some fish as there were probably 15 boats out, maybe a few more. Tight Lines
  9. That is a nice brown for sure. Always feels good to get one to highlight the day. Tight Lines
  10. Good to see you changed things up and scored. It is a great feeling to adapt to the situation and having pay off. Congratulations. Tight Lines
  11. Fish were on fire. Went 9 for 17. Wish I had landed a few more of these. 7 lakers, 2 kings. At least 2 of the lost fish were kings as well. Had first 4 fish in 20 minutes of all lines in. Also had a double with a laker about half-way in when king smacked another rod. Left laker out while brought king most of the way in before he came unbuttoned. Figured other fish (laker) woulfd be gone, but no, and it came to the net. Was out solo so just three rods. MagLip 3.5's in Mad Clown (better) and Cowgirl got most of the earlier fish. The rest came on a Silver Streak Mini spoon in wonderbread pattern which was solid all morning. Fished 40 - 50+ FOW, mostly the upper end of this range. Best action was from piers west (1 mile maybe). Ran MagLips 25' down using 2 oz. snap weights and ran spoon 35' down using Offshore magnum Tadpole. Kings were deeper than lakers mostly. Water temp. was 42.6 - 43.3. Lines in from 8:45 - Noon. One of the most action filled outings I have ever had. Included a few laker pics. None of kings (don't ask). Tight Lines
  12. Thanks for the replies. Tight Lines
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