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  1. Thank you for taking the time to help us so we can all enjoy our sport even more. Great report. The learning never stops. Tight Lines
  2. Went 6 for 9 on browns with my three rods in ( fishing solo). None of any size. Silver Streak Mini spoons were the ticket. Best color was Pink Panties, but Double Dutch also produced. Water had a hint of brown to color the green. Surface temps were 39.8 to 42.5. 10 - 12 FOW seemed best. Great to be out for the first time this year, especially after not getting in any ice fishing action this winter. Fished from 12: 30 to 4 PM. Tight Lines
  3. Got out for 3 hours Sunday afternoon and had lines in from 3:30 - 6:30. Creek water blown out and chocolate as you would expect. Water temperature between the piers 47.7, creek water in lake from 44.5 - 41, and lake itself inside 20 FOW wat 39.8 - 40.4 mostly with some low 41 degree water east of creek mouth. Dirty water (coffee with cream) extended far into lake. Picked up 1 small brown west of Olcott a short distance in 10 FOW with temp of 40.4 ( a little higher than other water nearby). Fish came on a 3.5 Maglip in color Keeper at 30' behind the board. Great to be out for the first time. Only 1 other boat out that I could see and only 2 other trailers in lot (booth was open for launch fee of $8 as typical). Only a couple of charter boats in harbor. One of the ramps is blocked off for some reason. Tight Lines
  4. Starting lead core this year and fish both Ontario (salmon/trout) and Erie (walleye). Picked out two Okuma GLT copper/lead core rods and think I will like for Ontario but seems heavier than I want for the 'eyes. Thinking of the Shimano TDR86MC2C copper/lead core rod for Erie. Thoughts/experience with either rod appreciated. Will be using inline boards or flatline. Thanks. Tight Lines
  5. Vey interesting. never would have guessed that variation. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for the replies so far. The idea that adding a weight after the lead core (at leader core junction) would kill the lead core action is one of the reasons I was questioning if guys run the weight at core/backer junction. If anyone does that, can you tell me how much backer do you let out and how do you determine the running depth of your lure. With the RAM rod holders I have I can troll with Magnum Tadpole divers and have hooked into salmon and decent size lakers without a problem (just need to set the drag a little looser).
  7. I spoke to Jake Romanack at the Niagara Fishing Expo regarding Yakima Lures specifically. He said they are getting things up and moving again. Opened a factory in Mexico to supplement their Washington State factory around the time COVID hit and this created a lot of troubles as they were not even able to visit their plant. He also mentioned that Washington raised their minimum wage to $20/hr and that created a situation where it was not economically feasible to produce many of their lower profit margin items with that labor cost. The Washington factory is going to focus on more of their higher profit products and the other things will come primarily out of Mexico. Demand has also been very high for their products and so they shut the website and focused on distributing largely to vendors on the west coast. Jake believes this will be improving in Yakima's case in the coming months.
  8. Sorry to say after a lot of looking I am still unsure about how this would work. Adding my first leadcore setups this year (5 color and 7 color with #18 lb. Tuf-line Microlead). I would like to use these for running lures deep, which is my biggest problem especially at speeds over 2 mph. So ... Should weight be added at leader/leadcore connection (30' - 50' leaders) or at leadcore/backer connection? If answer is the first location, then how much extra depth per ounce can I generally expect? If answer is second location, then I would have to let out backer to get weight into water and actually effecting depth and I am very confused about how I would know how much backer to let out to achieve depth I am after at the lure. Just to point out why I am not looking at dipsy's it is because I have RAM composite rod holders and have been told by numerous people they won't be strong enough for Dipsy pull. I am also considering a set-up with 30 lb braid (no leadcore) and then running Torpedo divers at leader/braid connection and simply following the dive charts provided by Torpedo for each weight. Feed back appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Nice looking mess of fish. Hope to be out myself Sat. morning from Olcott.
  10. Surface temp. was 45.7 - 46.7 on Saturday and about 1.5 degrees cooler Sunday.
  11. Can you say Weight watchers? Those are sows. Awesome! Congratulations.
  12. Went 6/7 with 5 kings (small/medium), 1 coho, and 1 football brown on Saturday and 2/3 Sunday in about 75 minutes of lines in before I had to call it due to waves (all mid size kings). 60 FOW +/- 5' was where it mostly happened for me, although 1 king and the brown came from 25 FOW. I was solo running 3 lines most of the time (but a bit of time with just my 2 deeper lines only). Spoons got everything with Dreamweavers in GetRDone and Jordo being best. A 6" Yakima Big Al's Fish Flash helped as well when paired with the GetRDone. In the deeper water I had best luck 40 - 50 feet down if I had to narrow it. Got nothing to the east of Olcott, with everything within a mile west of the creek mouth. Tight Lines
  13. Thanks for the report. That's a great day. I am fishing out of Olcott and my results don't seem to compare to what is happening from Rochester east. Now I only run three rods and have nothing particularly special in terms of gear, but still wish I could boost my hookup numbers. I feel the water here has been too clear compared to what it sounds like to the east. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it (for now anyway). Tight Lines back at ya'.
  14. That's a great solo effort. I fish solo most of the time and netting them can be hit or miss many times if the fish have any size to them. I really don' t understand why they can't cooperate and just jump into the boat at that point. Tight Lines
  15. For sure the weather has not cooperated much. I am off all this week and could only find 2 days that were manageable.
  16. I went out about 10:30 and had almost no company out there.
  17. Went 5/5 today after getting skunked yesterday. Two browns in 22 FOW with one high on a UV Tiger Thunderstick and one 17' down on a 3.0 Mag lip in color grinch. Two lakers in 55 FOW both on a Moonshine spoon color carbon running within 5' of bottom. One coho 25' down in 55 FOW on a Maglip 3.5 in color fishmonger. Speed was 2.0 - 2.3 GPS. Took me 6 hours with my three lines in just to get these. To me the fish are scattered, and a note that I got no fish in the 10 - 13 FOW range which I fished for two hours between the two days. Water is quite clear and I could see bottom in as deep as 17 FOW. I did talk to two guys yesterday (4/11) who said they got 7 - 8 lakers in 60 FOW running down riggers right on bottom. They said they got nothing on dipsy's or boards. I started my deep water run in 60 and got nothing after a significant amount of time. Great weather today and enjoyed the time out. All fish cooperated providing solid fights. Tight Lines
  18. Thanks for the information. It really does help inform the rest of us. Great work.
  19. Interesting picture Gill. That explain the outer band of brown water separated from the shoreline band by a section of green water. Yeah on temperature thing too. I figured maybe temp wise I was a touch ahead of the main group. I'm lucky to live about 20 minutes away. The gas prices will cut down a little on my 2 hr. Trips to Chautauqua and Honeoye. Have not fished the Oak in summer for bass in many years and this might be the time for a few return trips. Tight Lines
  20. First time for the year and went 4 for 5 on small browns (14 - 16"). Surface water temps were 35.5 - 36.6 in depths less than 20'. Ran boat in 9 - 12 FOW most of my 3 hours with lines in. Two fish on gold/black HJ10 50' behind the board 100 feet out, 2 on same size in UV green tiger 70' behind board 80' out, and another on lemonhead Maglip 3.0 40' back. I worked inside the mud water and had best luck a short distance west of creek mouth. Really nice day to be out, but where was everyone? I was out about noon - 3:30 and only saw 2 other boats out. Not looking for a crowd that's for sure but surprised at lack of others. Maybe they were out in the morning. Tight Lines
  21. Yankee - Could you describe the color ayu? I cannot find it on any lure website. I am wondering if it is the color of some BayRat Short Shallows I bought at the Niagara Fishing Expo a few years back. Thanks.
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