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  1. Well done. What depths were your baits running?
  2. Fished 11 - 2 and went 1 for 3. Landed fish was respectable laker. All fish hit Maglip 3.0 silver with green sides running 14 feet down off inline planer over 20-21 FOW. Ran sticks shallow for quite a while with nothing. Talked to 2 others who marked lots of presumed lakers between 70 - 110 FOW but no fish hooked. Water temp. was 46.2 - 46.4. My speed was 2.5 - 2.7.
  3. 3 for 5 today out of Olcott. Most water was in the 45 degree range. All landed fish were small browns. All were caught on Rapala HJ10 in clown. Ran boat in 10 -16 FOW most of time. All fish were located within a few miles west of the piers. Had my son who will be 12 tomorrow with me. Great first mate and he had the pleasure of fighting several of the fish and netting the others. Baits run 20 feet back of inline planers set out another 60 - 100 feet. Speed was 2.5-2.7 mph. Very light wind and a great time out for 1st time this year. Also used my brand new 22" Amish Outfitters Beefy Bags. They were great and dropped my 18' Lund from idle of about 3.0 (or a bit more) to about 1.5 (or slightly less). Tight Lines and stay well.
  4. I plan to go out but the only people with me will be those from my own home. I will socially distance At the launch and since I don't think there will be a bathroom open that point of contact will not be an issue. I suppose that I will have to touch the same dock clear as someone else but that is a very very narrow window of virus spread in my opinion. Maybe I am missing something but I don't think going out is a problem if you use same precautions as anywhere else. Charters would be another story as would travelling long distances where stops would be necessary. Tight Lines and stay healthy
  5. All ramps in at Olcott. Plan to be out Saturday. Good luck.
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