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  1. I must have been doing something wrong lol. You say it was a grind but hose numbers don’t sound too bad to me! We caught one fish at about 8 am on Saturday and that’s it. We skipped Monday because morale was down and we didn’t want to fight the chop. The three days after the derby we rented a cottage on the lake and still no fish. We even struck out on the smallmouth and northerns. We tried a bit of night fishing- both jigging and trolling- still with no takers. We were marking plenty so I don’t know what the problem was. The one ‘bow that we caught had a small lamprey.
  2. Thanks for the info. That’s unfortunate but as Sk8man said things should get better
  3. How does 300 entrants compare to past years? This will be my first year fishing the derby.
  4. Fat brownie! His head looks tiny compared to the body
  5. Monster fish!! Sounds like some great fishing. Using spoons?
  6. Sounds like a great day until the end. Hopefully it’s not a difficult repair
  7. I haven’t tried for browns since the kings started but I’m sure they are there
  8. Divers can seem more complicated than they really are, at least they did for me. What alternatives are you thinking to complete your 4 rod spread? I view copper and leadcore as more difficult or of equivalent difficulty than divers depending on how you run them (in-line vs. big boards). They certainly aren’t any easier. After riggers I would say the next logical step would be divers. There is plenty of info here on how to run divers of differing styles which should “simplify the learning curve” as you desire.. Hope this helps.
  9. That white goose loves to chase people around at the launch lol!
  10. I caught a few kings and several lakers in 60-110 FOW on F/F and spoons yesterday. Majority of the hits came within 30 feet of the bottom.
  11. FishEng leader board https://www.fishusa.com/FishEng-Jig-and-Leader-Boards?quantity=1&L-Size1=1526&gclid=CjwKCAjw-YT1BRAFEiwAd2WRttuaAYONf9h7n908XGCi1Sq9VLne8Dyi2msZKpxN0qk-YlECtem0fxoCMHAQAvD_BwE
  12. I busted the housing on my livewell pump while moving my gas tank tank last week so I’m looking to replace it. The one I’m looking at is by attwood and seems to be rated well. The old pump is mounted through the transom and the hose to the livewell and unit itself are inline with the thru Hull fitting. The hose and thru Hull fitting are at a 90 degree angle on the new attwood. Would it cause problems if I mounted the pump sideways or should I just buy a different pump? Here’s a picture:
  13. What is the difference between the salmon and the trout clips? Different lb. rating?
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