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  1. We also saw 3-4 huge trees bobbing up and down in the waves out there that weren’t very visible so everybody stay vigilant when driving
  2. We had a similar experience today. We started just before sunrise and quickly picked up 3 nice steelhead on spoons between 150-200 fow. After that everything went dead except for two shaker kings out in 300+ fow that we discovered while cleaning lines. The last two days we hooked logs, balloons, plastic bags, and big clumps of weeds all while dealing with heavy fleas. It’s messy out there
  3. I appreciate a report in any form that it comes. Not to mention that any time i’ve seen Brookdog at the boat ramp he’s been happy to give me the most recent info and tips.
  4. I will almost always have deep diving sticks/cranks on my outside boards, they will often pick up a few cohos for me. Last year’s favorite was a large chrome colored hot n tot. Bomber long a in northern lights color was great in early season as well
  5. Captain Bob’s in Clarence has his spoons and harnesses in stock, even a few original models in the consignment bins. You might want to give Steve a call or visit I’m sure he could give you a phone #.
  6. The obnoxiously large tail makes me think it’s a skamania with some kind of deformity
  7. I haven’t in the river but Maglips behind boards did well for me in early spring this year
  8. Also what month of spring and what species are you targeting
  9. Yes although I typically use them more in Erie tribs so I don’t really catch browns on them
  10. I like the raven trout worms on a bare hook under a float or thread the worm onto a voodoo jig head
  11. I’ve had some success with spoons straight behind dipsies with approximately a 10 foot lead. Never tried them behind a flasher
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