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  1. Good job! Keep those pics coming! JAM
  2. YES! Casting spoons for northerns and browns. My favorite size is the Dardevlet 3/4 oz 2-7/8". JAM
  3. Nice color on that fish! Good job. JAM
  4. You are welcome! Also, the older NK28s came with Eagle Claw 375 size 1/0. JAM
  5. Do you mean what are the stock hooks, or what would you recommend as an upgrade? The stock hooks are VMC 9650. Size 1 for NK 28, Size 2/0 for NK Mag. Upgrades is a matter of religion. I'll stay away from that. JAM
  6. At the risk of getting this thread back on point, here is one of my best producers in 2015: It is from Bobby Fuller's line of great FLT spoons -- this one is the Albino Frog. It works well on kings in both the reg and mag sizes. JAM
  7. I just sent a PM. I'll take the Malin wire and the Scotty DR cable. Jeff
  8. What pap said. Put a good #2 or #3 ball bearing swivel between the main line and the swivel on the flasher. JAM
  9. Wow, nice king! That was 20.5 after you gutted it and got it home? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Nice to meet you today Wayne. I was riding on my buddy Bart's boat today. Yup, that launch is a cluster cuss. Three guys in blue city of Rochester shirts standing around collecting pay checks and nobody directing traffic. It was ridiculous. Nice report. See ya out there soon! JAM Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Depends on time of day, light and how aggressive the fish are. First or last light, aggressive bite, go shorter. Mid day, high sun, go longer for stealth. JAM
  12. Yes, Tyee has is right! I run two size 107mm wire divers on one side almost all the time. Inside (low/deep) is a 1 or 1.5 setting in rearmost holder with 8 foot rod set close to parallel to the water. Outside (shallow/high) is a 3 or 3.5 setting in forward holder with 9.5 foot rod set up one click in the holder. Works great. Be careful to set them out slow as Tyee said. JAM
  13. Hey Bruce, Started late because of the fog. We fished from 140 all the way out to 500. Wasted a bunch of time going out deep. There was NOTHING going on out there. Got 3 two year old (8 to 10 lb.) kings: 2 in the 140 area and one on the way out in ~240. Picked up a laker in ~190 on the way back in. So -- got a few, but it was slow. JAM