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  1. I had Cannon tracks on my old boat. I put Ciscos on the new boat. The Ciscos are better in my opinion because the corners of the track are machined to a nice rounded feel. You won't catch clothes or skin on them. Agree that Cisco's customer care is A++++! JAM
  2. How far from an 8-inch flasher to the fly?

    I usually run 22" from nose of fly to end of loop. Seems to work fine most of the time. JAM
  3. Yup. Seeing lots of 2-3" alewives in the bellies of fish we've kept so far off Rochester. Regular size stingers are working best! JAM
  4. Good job! Keep those pics coming! JAM
  5. Spoons

    YES! Casting spoons for northerns and browns. My favorite size is the Dardevlet 3/4 oz 2-7/8". JAM
  6. Nice color on that fish! Good job. JAM
  7. Treble Hook Replacement

    You are welcome! Also, the older NK28s came with Eagle Claw 375 size 1/0. JAM
  8. Treble Hook Replacement

    Do you mean what are the stock hooks, or what would you recommend as an upgrade? The stock hooks are VMC 9650. Size 1 for NK 28, Size 2/0 for NK Mag. Upgrades is a matter of religion. I'll stay away from that. JAM
  9. MVP spoon 2015

    At the risk of getting this thread back on point, here is one of my best producers in 2015: It is from Bobby Fuller's line of great FLT spoons -- this one is the Albino Frog. It works well on kings in both the reg and mag sizes. JAM
  10. I just sent a PM. I'll take the Malin wire and the Scotty DR cable. Jeff
  11. Rigger line twist

    What pap said. Put a good #2 or #3 ball bearing swivel between the main line and the swivel on the flasher. JAM
  12. Wow, nice king! That was 20.5 after you gutted it and got it home? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app