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  1. I will say Fishhawk has some of the best customer service.
  2. Guess that’s on me!!! I didn’t run a snubber. Thanks for the tip. Was brand new cable last fall. Only been out a handful of times. I do hate how fast they are. Someone suggested braid on them? But I can’t imagine how that would work with the fleas
  3. My fish hawk probe went into error mode to. Right to the bottom of the lake. Due to a downrigger cable snapping! Was definitely not a good day
  4. I need a phone number for Harvey? Anyone got it?
  5. Cohocton Ny 50 miles south of Rochester. Year old not many miles
  6. 14 inch wheels and tires for sale $150. Tires are like new
  7. I broke one of my down rigger rods and am looking to replace it. Unfortunately can’t find any any where. Must not make them anymore. Like to keep them all the same.
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