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  1. A question, does anyone know if the same person who is running this is the person who stored the International Marina docks in the marina two years ago instead of taking them into the canal locks like the Wrights Landing docks have been stored for years ? Public employees can't be fired.
  2. You didn't say where you are on the lake, most tackle shops near the lake have most everything used to fish on the lake. Are you asking about snap weights to use behind planer boards on lead core, or dipsy divers to use on wire line or down rigger weights. They all work under the right conditions. Usually you buy more than one of any of these weights. Sales person at the tackle shop should be able to help you. Google tackle shop near Lake Ontario.
  3. I think he meant the Ice House or maybe it is spelled the Eis House, never ate there but it has a great reputation for a great dinner.
  4. What do you mean, nothing good ? Looks like you caught one good one. Nice fish.
  5. I am retired and never worked for the Seaway, I have been fishing Lake O for a long time and never saw the problems we have now until the treaty controlling the Seaway was changed a few years ago. For 50 years the treaty had a limit on high and low levels. For 50 years people built homes, marinas, docks and boat launches near the water. The first year under the new no limit rules the water level went so low boats could not get out of the marina I was in from the middle of August to the end of fishing. A school of salmon where circling off the mouth of the salmon river because the water was so low they wouldn't go across the entrance during daylight. The following year the water got so high the docks where under water. The marina closed. Now it seems we have major flooding every other year. The Seaway Authority controls the water level in the lake. They have always had access to all the water levels upstream of them. They have always had access to all the water flow forecasts for the Ottawa River and all other inflows. What has changed ? The treaty limits. Why has this caused all these problems? Follow the money. The Seaway makes some money from power generation but most of their money comes from shipping fees, the more cargo that goes thru, the more money they make. What effects the amount of cargo that goes thru ? Water level and water flow. The higher the water level in the lake the deeper draft a ship can have coming out of the Seaway into the Lake, the higher the water flow out of the Seaway the deeper draft a ship can have coming in from the Ocean. If the water flow is too high the ships can't go downstream because they can't maintain control going into the locks with the current pushing them. If they have too much water going down the seaway and the Ottawa is high flow then they flood Montreal. If they hold back then they flood marinas and homes around the Lake. If they draw down the lake in the winter they reduce their income and reduce storm damage and possible spring flooding. If they keep lake level up they have a reserve to maintain flow in a dry year which protects their income, if we have a wet spring we have flooding. It is a very difficult balancing act. They have the information and the expertise. They don't have the incentive. They maximize their income to many more millions of dollars maybe billions than they had before the change in limits, so what if there is a few million dollars in flood damage and lost business in Montreal and around the Lake , it doesn't come out of their profits. It should.
  6. This is forecast from water levels prior to the Seaway Authority, does anybody believe that the water level is not controlled completely by the Seaway Authority now ?.
  7. The Muhan virus has closed the launches for now. Has anyone noticed what the seaway authority is doing with the water level this year ? Since the first of the year they are maintaining the water level more than a foot higher than the same date last year. If they don't let water out now, we will have higher water than last year. When Mussolini opens the launches the water will be too high to use them.
  8. Thank you HB2, I did like you suggested in a previous post and googled the Gary D rig to see your post from last year which told how to make it. I haven't made one yet but I am going to before my next trip. I appreciate the info you and others provide, like almost over one else, I tweak my presentations, if I ever have a real good one I will share it on Lou. Hopefully PA223 will share if he tweaks a winner.
  9. The politicians gave them permission for higher highs and lower lows, the fishing / tourism business is losing a few million dollars this year which doesn't hurt the commission, they are making a few billion extra in cargo fees because the ships can haul extra weight.. They are laughing all the way to the bank.
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