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  1. CopperJohn

    for sale : usa 1969 Penn Yan Avenger

    SALE. One day Saturday Sept. 16th $ 2,000 off, includes tackle on boat, if not sold, I will winterize and put boat in storage. Text if you want a test drive that day 518-49six-zero64nine
  2. 27 foot by 8 foot camper, 1999 sportsman, queen size bed and four bunk beds, stove, refrigerator, microwave, furnace, air conditioning, shower all in good working order. Located near Oswego. $2500 text “camper” to 518-4nine6-zero64nine, I will call you back.
  3. CopperJohn

    for sale : usa 1969 Penn Yan Avenger

    Raymarine Auto Pilot, Raymarine Chartplotter/Fishfinder, Hummingbird GPS/ Fishfinder, Depthraider, 3 Cannon Downriggers, lots of rod holders, anchor w/150 rode, 305 V-8, tunnel hull, bottom coated, galvanized trailer, $10,000
  4. You are right, I was looking at the picture from Gdeadfisherman, sorry.
  5. You will definitely have a fishing partner for life, maybe two! Great day.
  6. Do you measure your copper ? Last fall on my way home from my last trip for the year I stopped at Fat Nancy’s and purchased a 600’ spool of Buck Naked Copper for a replacement for whenever a lost some. This week I lost my 300’ copper. So a friend helped me wind on the wire I had purchased from Fat Nancy’s. The whole spool went on a reel which could never hold 600’. I took the empty spool to Fat Nancy’s and talked to the owner Rob. He told me he had never had a previous complaint, the M 16 spool was the correct spool for 600’ and he always meters all the wire when he fills the spools. I told him my fishing reel could never hold 600’ and I was going to go measure, which I did. It is 419’. Very few people measure the copper they put on a reel. Someone with a 600’ purchased from him would be 30 feet higher in the water column than they want to be. Measure your copper especially if you bought it at Fat Nancy’s. Pictures are the M16 Buck Naked Copper 600’ spool I purchased from Fat Nancy’s and a identical M16 A-TOM-MIK 300 spool I previously purchased from another retailer.
  7. Thanks for the report, Oswego has had temperatures like that since the big blow a couple weeks ago. I didn’t think that there was enough warm water in the lake to fill the east end all the way to Sandy. I was going to try this weekend in Sandy for the first time, but if you can’t find them I sure can’t. I will wait for some east wind. The west end must have 37 degrees 10 feet down.
  8. What happened, did coating the exposed metal fix it?
  9. The cable is insulated to prevent signal loss, any exposed metal from the terminal on top of the probe to the insulated rigger cable causes signal loss. The probe can’t spin when moving thru the water so you don’t need a terminator swivel. Use liquid tape to coat the terminal and all exposed metal. When your cable insulation gets damaged exposing bare wire redo the setup. With a perfectly insulated setup you can get signal over 120 feet.
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