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  1. Thank you HB2, I did like you suggested in a previous post and googled the Gary D rig to see your post from last year which told how to make it. I haven't made one yet but I am going to before my next trip. I appreciate the info you and others provide, like almost over one else, I tweak my presentations, if I ever have a real good one I will share it on Lou. Hopefully PA223 will share if he tweaks a winner.
  2. The politicians gave them permission for higher highs and lower lows, the fishing / tourism business is losing a few million dollars this year which doesn't hurt the commission, they are making a few billion extra in cargo fees because the ships can haul extra weight.. They are laughing all the way to the bank.
  3. I hate chemicals, I wear a nylon fishing shirt and unhemmed nylon pants that cover my angles. They are cool and I don't get sunburned.
  4. when you are on the homepage go to the bottom, click on contact us, send them a message
  5. Wow ! Nice catch. I think you can change your name now.
  6. I have Mag 10s also, if the cable goes off the pulley, ( usually when you are setting up and the cable is not tight ) and you don't notice it, then raise up with the weight on, the wire going over the small diameter axle instead of the pulley causes the curly wire.
  7. You are welcome for the tip. I bought the Salmon/Steelhead Conservation net, before it was called Conservation, from Cabelas eight or nine years ago and it is still working good.
  8. Cabelas has a coated net, but it will bend if you lift a heavy fish with the handle horizontal, get them in close to the boat, raise the handle to the vertical and lift
  9. Do you check your leader for abrasion from wrapping around a fish or net, the smallest nick can cause failure ?
  10. Wrights landing is closed, the launch docks are not usable, however boats in slips can be left in place but the marina is not going to continue adding to walk ramps to get on the docks. Some charters and other boaters are continuing to operate. Boats can be left in place at your own risk.
  11. Yes, record water level. They keep adding pallets and scaffolding to get on docks. I haven't been there since Thursday. Better to have boots with you. Cold wet feet makes for a miserable day.
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