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  1. CopperJohn

    North Canada Pike Spoon Recommendations

    Don't forget wire leaders, for open water just about any 4 or 5 inch spoon works, for in the weeds a weed less Johnson silver minnow in gold color works best
  2. Well all the swamp lovers are happy! All the animals and fish that died off years ago will be coming back.
  3. CopperJohn

    Time to save Lake Ontario?

    Nice propaganda piece - - without one fact presented. And they won ! The Lake level is so high now that in most small water marinas off the lake you can't leave a boat in a slip and go home. Storms will put a boat on top of a dock. Flooding is a major concern.
  4. CopperJohn

    Pulaski State of the lake

    A few years ago when there were a lot of problems with cormorants and DEC was oiling the eggs, the DEC had reports on there website saying what they were doing and what it cost. One island they landed on to oil eggs had no cormorants on the island. They found one raccoon on the island. I mentioned it on the thread and a week later all the reports were taken of the site. I think they thought fisherman would live trap raccoons to save them money. Maybe more raccoons will swim out to the islands. I sure hope so.
  5. CopperJohn

    Porcupine problem

    Too late for this year, but in the late winter when the days are warm and the snow is thin, go for a walk all around your house, any woods within a half mile, they leave tracks when they go tree to tree, they also leave branch clippings on the snow under the tree they are feeding on,mostly from hemlock. It is good exercise and they are out in the sun on warm days, easy to spot.
  6. CopperJohn

    Flat calm and hot

    Very interesting, what where you catching ? steelhead ? landing one for every three sloppy hook sets ? How many lips were you landing ?
  7. CopperJohn

    Shoulder surgery and bow hunting

    I had neck surgery 14 years ago, I waited too long to have the surgery. I ended up with nerve damage which because of the pain gradually reduced my strength. I hated to give up bow hunting, so I purchased a $200 Barnet crossbow two years ago, last year I got my first deer with it.
  8. Did you try back in 120 where you had good luck ? r
  9. Missed your report three weeks ago, how did you do ?
  10. A few years ago I read a thread on the Finger Lakes Section with fishermen complaining about college students intentionally cutting across the stern of trolling fishermen close enough to take out all the lines with their keel. It was a long thread. I suggested fisherman attach an orange float to a grapple hook and 100 ft. of rope trail it when they approach, if they intentionally cut across, reel in what lines you can, when they contact the rope, hit the gas and take their rudder back home with you. The next day a professor replied " don't do that, I will stop them immediately, with all sorts of apologies " I wonder how long the professor had been watching the thread. Do not try the grapple with a larger blow boat.
  11. CopperJohn


    Wow Oscar ! Nice Musky I didn't think they came this far south. Please share the lure and depth with us. CJ
  12. CopperJohn

    mexico/nine mile

    Good job, about time you had a good day.
  13. Late report, I fished Friday from 5 am to 1 pm, three skippies, had to go past 120 ft. to get temp. on bottom below 59 degrees, had to go past 300 fow to get below 53 degree with probe 130 ft. down, scattered hooks, I hope we get some east wind before my next trip