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  1. Where you going out of?? First boat, do you know how to run all the gear?? Have fun, Browns are a great place to start.
  2. My fishing partner took a group of co-workers out yesterday from Braddocks, 10 color fires and the fight is on, during the fight the fish all of sudden picks up strength after a lengthy battle the fish is ready to net, at that time it is noticed along with the 20lber is a length of copper line. While bringing in the snagged copper by hand it pulls back!!! finally get that in and net that fish, a 23lber, stranger than fiction...... ****Did anyone on here lose a decent fish near Braddocks on a copper rod while trolling a UV Wonderbread Spoon??*****
  3. Do you have a fishhawk?? Put deep rigger at 45*, high rigger at 50*, you should be able to get a few. Make sure you have a green/glow/UV meat rig deep.....
  4. Brined some Familiar Bite for a couple days in the fridge, then vacuum sealed them and tossed them in freezer for a much more convenient way to handle them. Let you guys know how it works out. But the green seems good in on water tests out producing natural in every test.
  5. What is it?? Where is it?? GPS #'s??
  6. Nice Fish!!!! yeah it has slowed down there a lot, no rhyme or reason fish just scattered.
  7. Back-N-Black entered for Saturday, excited for this...………..
  8. I am wondering about attaching a fly or meat rig to the rear of a flasher with just a snap right threw the hole in the back of flasher. This would impart more action to the rig towed behind. Anyone have any input on this before I cut the rings of a couple to try??
  9. A rag top is not the best to upgrade, can you feel it flex any?? broke the roof in a few of my modified T/A's. But awesome ride, love them.
  10. You guys soaking and or dying the Familiar Bite?? I want to try dying it the Chartruese and soaking it in extra salt....
  11. In Rochester Class A Sportfishing for sure.
  12. My Team would likely fish this if we could leave from Braddocks where we are docked for the season
  13. Kinda hard to do with fish flopping around at times. We are a no kill team unless a top 5 fish so we release many fish. Thanks for heads up, they did hook up great, we need a longer lasting option, the standard 2/0 Gamma's work perfect not even sure why I looked at another option. I was interested in the "cutting" point.
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