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  1. When might the boom be removed??
  2. Ice fading fast any news on Boom removal??
  3. I have used similar with great success. I have often wondered why Salmon do not find them irresistible like Lakers???
  4. He has a Part II of that book, I saw it on his web page its a DVD, my bad on calling it a book.
  5. So you are talking about book #2??
  6. More importantly Lake Erie ice is fading fast. Looks like the West end should be on fire right about derby time.
  7. Over the years my team has released several "Leaderboard" Lakers back into the Niagara right after being weighed, what are the chances one of them gets caught and causes problem because of the gill plate punch???
  8. Everyone has a favorite. I like green and glow combos. Salmon like them too....
  9. I can only get 2 copper setups for this season. I am pretty sure I want one with 300' but not sure on the other. What are your guys main 2 goto lengths??
  10. Used Fluoroclear for years, the higher tests for Downrigger rods, it is unreal, holds up real well, not much stretch, never a problem.
  11. Six spooled with 20lb gone. Six with 30lb still left, $45 for 1, 2 or more $40 each. 585-747-8178 call or text.
  12. I have 12 Daiwa 47SH reels that where all cleaned and lubed by Tuna's, while in there they added their carbon drag washers. 6 of the reels have 30lb Floroclear, 6 have 20lb Floroclear. A couple are missing a small trim piece but function perfectly. Again these are the SH model (SUPER HI-SPEED). $45 each for 1, 2 or more $40 each. Free Shipping in NY. I rarely check here text me at 585-747-8178.
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