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  1. What is it?? Where is it?? GPS #'s??
  2. Nice Fish!!!! yeah it has slowed down there a lot, no rhyme or reason fish just scattered.
  3. Back-N-Black entered for Saturday, excited for this...………..
  4. I am wondering about attaching a fly or meat rig to the rear of a flasher with just a snap right threw the hole in the back of flasher. This would impart more action to the rig towed behind. Anyone have any input on this before I cut the rings of a couple to try??
  5. A rag top is not the best to upgrade, can you feel it flex any?? broke the roof in a few of my modified T/A's. But awesome ride, love them.
  6. You guys soaking and or dying the Familiar Bite?? I want to try dying it the Chartruese and soaking it in extra salt....
  7. In Rochester Class A Sportfishing for sure.
  8. My Team would likely fish this if we could leave from Braddocks where we are docked for the season
  9. Kinda hard to do with fish flopping around at times. We are a no kill team unless a top 5 fish so we release many fish. Thanks for heads up, they did hook up great, we need a longer lasting option, the standard 2/0 Gamma's work perfect not even sure why I looked at another option. I was interested in the "cutting" point.
  10. I always upgrade my spoons hooks and these caught my eye. I did see some negative comments about a high breakage rate while unhooking fish. Well I got some. Very sharp. Onto the water, they hooked up well. BBUUTT they did break unhooking fish. Swapping back out to 2/0 Gamakatsu standard trebles. Hated to post this, but fisherman helping fisherman is what this is all about.
  11. A bunch threw back all of them. Including a board laker. Biggest king was 18lbs.
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