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  1. Yes I hear they are banging them good out there along the border.
  2. The close fish "stagers" usually are not feeding and do not hit, yes you see them on the graph but if you want to catch and not just troll you need to find deep water fish that are eating.
  3. Guys are WAY out there around the 30 line and doing well.
  4. Way out there, he said between the 29-31 line was where he was fishing, he had a graph picture at 529'.... Another friend hit them good today in the 500' area.
  5. I always stacked 20' apart, if you are talking about sliders/cheaters of the same rod you cannot run a cheater on a rod with a flasher it will tangle badly.
  6. I see everyday from the charter/tournament guys that the fishing is off the hook, my results a couple weeks ago back that up, but I hear most everyone saying the bite is offshore, slip N a little.....
  7. I am hearing of some near shore upwelling with temps mixed up all over the place, I also hear offshore temps are stable.
  8. When I saw you had a boatload I felt bad that the kids did ot get to see what Lady O is about. Karma comes back.....
  9. Went out about 6-11, went 13 for 15 all Kings, all over 13lbs, green hammer flies behind 8" Lances 2 face, Marv's, and a meat market all took shots, a Hawk's Black Ice mag got a couple, a white/green dot spinny with a glo green meat rig caught our only meat fish, 250'-400', 50'-90' down, 350'@300' coppers, dipseys on 140@170. It was a fun day. Tried to get Whaler 1 dailed in but he called as the bite was winding down.
  10. Anyone going to weigh one in??? Half the fleet must be pounding the shallows for that huge fish of the day payday.....
  11. Are you guys changing copper rods lures/baits and swapping out copper lengths looking for a bite or are they parked until they fire???
  12. We cancelled our Bass Pro order and got 2 Mag 5's from Jon@Tara.
  13. Why wouldn't you head offshore where the Kings are and try for them when they are biting??
  14. As long of leader as you can handle. I have never used a slide diver. My diver rods have a flasher/fly on them 95% of the time.
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