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  1. Are you guys changing copper rods lures/baits and swapping out copper lengths looking for a bite or are they parked until they fire???
  2. We cancelled our Bass Pro order and got 2 Mag 5's from [email protected]
  3. Why wouldn't you head offshore where the Kings are and try for them when they are biting??
  4. As long of leader as you can handle. I have never used a slide diver. My diver rods have a flasher/fly on them 95% of the time.
  5. I would bet this is a result of what we both have confidence in and what we run the most.
  6. Guys from late May to early August what are you feeling your Flasher/Fly/Meat vs Spoon catch ratio is?? I feel like our boat is 3/1 going to the flasher.
  7. Extra CV30DS reel, what to do?? I have 3,5,7,9 Leadcores, and 250',300',350', 400' Copper setups. With that extra 30 size reel do want a 1 color, or 2 color, or something different like a 10 color??
  8. Won't make much of a difference, going to be ice free by next week with or without boom removal.
  9. I've been doing this trout and salmon trolling thing since the 80's, just thinking today while looking over my rods how far things have come. Originally downriggers where the hot ticket with some bigger boats having 5 riggers. Planers got popular but really only for spring fishing. Zebra Mussels became a thing and tactics needed to change with long leads, coppers, big boards, leadcores, all this became the norm. Downriggers while most boats still have them are far less of the program. Long line stealth approaches that some of our Grandfathers used in the finger lakes are now the goto's, the more things change the more they stay the same.
  10. Always did best with FF on the Kings there in spring. I would not be afraid to run the meat rigs either.
  11. I have had great luck with Pete's Reel Repair for servicing and upgrading my reels. He is very reasonable on cost and uses only the best products from Lucas Oil, Cal's, and Dragmaster's. For a service he disassembles reel and cleans everything in an ultrasonic cleaner, he reassembles them using Lucas reel oil and Cal's grease, if you need carbon drag washers installed now is the time to do it, he uses Dragmasters mostly, some he fabs himself if not available from Dragmasters. Prices are very reasonable and turn around is usually pretty fast. Have a look https://www.facebook.com/petesreelrepair
  12. You guys liking it?? Do the normal dive charts work?? Is it much bigger diameter??
  13. WTB Okuma CV55LS text 585-747-8178 if you have or can get me one.
  14. Rob we have done that for years without much trouble. Just wondering if maybe that 2nd Copper was a popular option. Anyhow Thanks for your input.
  15. You already have 3 riggers down and 2 Coppers on the boards. Now you want to run some rods between the outer rod and the boat, you going for a Copper midway down the line or a Diver??
  16. When I could look around I saw a few boats out there. Was the bite insane for everyone?? Lost track but we boated 8 or 9 over 20#. That makes for a hectic morning. Best Salmon day ever.
  17. You are correct the fishing West especially from about Bald Eagle to the Niagara River is much better than the Hamlin to Sodus stretch. This is due to the overall conditions being better with the fish having better access to deep water, and more food available. Also as season progresses the East end tends to dominate the leaderboards.
  18. It was a tough bite out there today, water temp was all over the place, the waves and then the current was crazy. We did catch 6 biggest a little over 20, better days coming soon.
  19. I think you trolled next to our boat for a bit then you peeled behind us. We went a little deeper and got a 26lber. White Hardtop Thompson.
  20. Braid is highly visible, stronger, more abrasion resistant and thinner, plus the no stretch thing.
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