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  1. 1.) Islander Steelheader (Red) Centerpin reel: $350. bought about year ago, used less than 10 times. 2.) Lamiglas Redline 13’ centerspin 4-10lb: $80. Literally never used once 3.) Blood run skein cane 10-20lb 13’: $50 4.) St croix eyecon 6’6 MLF spinning rod - replaced guide: $40 5.) St croix triumph 7’ MF spinning (replaced guide at tip): $40 6.) TFO Professional 7’6 MF Spinning: $60 7.) Fenwick HMG 7’ MHF spinning: $60 8.) Abu Garcia Revo X Spinning 3000: $60 9.) Shimano sedona 2000 spinning: $40 10.) St Croix Premier 7’ MHF casting rod (never used not even once): $80 11.) Echo Swing Switch 11’6 6wt never used: $100 12.) Orvis Clearwater 11’ 8wt switch: $280 13.) Orvis Battenkill Disc Spey Reel: $120 14.) Orvis Encounter 9’ 8wt: $40 15.) Orvis Encounter 10’ 7wt: $50 Local pickup in Buffalo (city) or Ship if you pay. There’s just too many pics to post, if you’re interested in something and serious about it I’ll gladly take pics and send. Text 716.597.5469
  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing as far as reports…why there haven’t been any I really don’t know. But, the above comment is exactly what I’ve been experiencing the last month. About a month ago there were tons of shaker kings. They seem to have thinned out. Out in 400-500fow the steelhead and coho bite has been quite good for us. Mostly spoons all in top 60ft. we also have noticed our fish hawk showing 41-43 degree water only 50-55ft down. Have only boated one mature king in last 4 weekends and was only a high teen. There’s been a couple in the 6-10lb range also. But yes, need to get the reports for Wilson and Olcott going regularly again!!
  3. Mature kings have been tough for us last 3 weeks. Been some excellent offshore steelhead and coho though. 400-500 fow straight out of wilson. spoons have been best, but f/fs have taken a few also. only ran meat twice, nada both times. Couple of the coho were good 13-15lbers. This last weekend we got our only mature king (maybe 18-20lb) of the last 3 weeks. Came on wire diver with spoon about 130’ line out over 440 fow. last weekend the water was 42 degrees 50’ down….
  4. Maybe I’m just not in the know enough, but i’m not seeing any recent reports out of Wilson, or anything substantive out of Olcott…has it been slow? Wanted to head up tomorrow preferably to wilson but would do olcott if it’s noticeably better! Thanks appreciate any input whatsoever
  5. probably saw me, I was out. Only fished for a little more than an hour - didn’t get any. ran 2 flat lines with long shallow bay rats behind the boards in the same 8-12 fow in and out of the mud line. least u hooked up. biggest was 16” ?
  6. man thats scary. agreed, i tend to only hit devils when art park, fort, and bar aren’t producing.
  7. Yes, most of the captains have well above what I do, however there’s also 2 I can think of who have 18’ with a 90hp and take clients up to devils regularly. When I do it, I always go by feel and am watching carefully for whirlpools. I tend to start and stay on the canadian side from Lewiston-Queenston bridge to past the power plants, then go over to US side for the devils drift. For me, my key factors of it being doable are water level and winds. When the levels are high, it’s much more frightening and I don’t go anymore. I go slow, but not too slow. I often will slow down or speed up, or cut my wheel to make it thru some rough patches. If you ever go, you’ll notice in the middle of the plants a wake forms as the two currents from each east-west facing hydro plants meet each other. I always avoid that and stay to the side. Also, once I’m approaching the staircase by the NYPA platform I’m done. Engine gets turned on and drift is over. I feel that drifting into the power plant waters transom first is obviously a danger…I’m much more weary of going up nowadays. But, when conditions are right, I’ve had a few trips up where I was pleasantly surprised how easy and safe it was.
  8. As a newer angler to the area, I wasn’t able to find much of anything on forums about boat safety in the lower Niagara - particularly getting up to devils hole. I have an 18’ lund with a 90hp mercury, and have safely gotten up into devils maybe 7-8 times. I was hesitant to even try, but spoke with a few captains and got the nod. Purpose of this topic is to provide some searchable info on boat safety for people wanting to navigate the treacherous water between the hydro plants. I’ve seen many many people in VERY small boats up there. The niagara has unfortunately chewed up a few people lately, and feel like this would be good to have around. Was hoping to get some veterans or captains to chime in on basic safety pointers, boat requirements, a possible path or side taken from Lewiston-Queenston bridge up to the devils drift, navigating around the giant whirlpools, water levels/conditions, etc. Thanks in advance
  9. pretty much the same. i have an 18’ with 2 riggers, 2 dipsy, and when i feel like it 10 color LC off magnum boards....only 1 so far Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. i always enjoy the reports and pics, ryan adds a different (and refreshing) element by being humble and comedic. Good reads on his website too. He may not go into depth about presentation, locations, etc But considering everyone on here most likely has a boat and knows what they’re doing (more so than average joe) do we really need to read that he did better with spoons than F/F’s? Or that his riggers outperformed divers? programs right now are pretty much the same whoever you talk to or wherever you go and idk about you all but i never seem to do exactly what others did after hearing what worked - always a little different! i swear langlers are turning into a sensitive bunch and social media is just toxic now. and so what if he’s looking for customers? this is america...it’s how he eats...just keep scrolling 🤷‍♂️[emoji1365] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. thanks guys, was pretty sure it was...just wanted to verify with people who know more than me! Aka all of you! Not sure i’ve ever seen pics or heard of someone catching an atlantic in the niagara. cool little fish! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. one king outta olcott today after about hour hooked up. 80 fow 60 down. lots of marks. trolled west to east Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. what i was leaning towards. thought the mouth and spots looked sorta atlantic-ish Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Went to lower niagara after finding 1 decent king out of wilson and caught this little guy drifting a bead. this a baby atlantic? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Have people started on the shoreline browns yet?? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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