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  1. Thank you to everyone. We brought home 8 steel, a 5# coho, and a 10# king Friday and Saturday. Could not find any pattern. Hoped to get into a school of steel but did not happen. A fish here and a fish there. Focused on steel and coho 40-60' in 300-500+. My brother had a great time and that is what matters. Thank you all again!!
  2. Looks like I booked a place to stay too early. I just retired this year and now have time to fish (thank you for letting me fish in your pond!). I live south of Cleveland and fish Erie... We have 96 million catchable walleye, please help yourselves! We planned to fish Olcott several times starting in April/May but my brother had to go through cancer treatment and I could not leave him at home. I hope to get my brother into any fish that will bend a rod. Steelhead, coho, king, whatever. Looks like I should have booked something closer to the middle of the lake. If anyone can give help with location in the Niagra to Olcott area in the next week or so, I would really appreciate it.
  3. Cool! Don't want to hijack the thread but do want to thank those with an opinion on the releases. I will add a reference mark. Nice idea to know where to start adjustments.
  4. I just got a set of Chamberlain releases. They are much like a Blacks but adjust tension for rod release and fish release separately so you can have a good rod bend and still fire on a small fish. They offer a stacker model that slides on the cable and a cam holds in position where you want it. I will try them this weekend for walleye. Hope they work as reviews claim.
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