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  1. Anyone got any stray single trackmount rod holders laying around you nonlonger need or use? Perhaps there’s an odd one that’s been hiding in the garage? Or an uneven number? I can use 1-3 holders to balance out what I already have. I’m on west side Seneca Lake. Thx!
  2. Id be interested if there’s no shipping involved. I’m in Himrod NY
  3. Lmk if the first person doesnt take it. Thx.
  4. My first trip to Lake Ontario on my rig started 730am Fri May 22. Launched at Fort after a 3 hr drive. Had some technical issues/speed issues to start, but once we dialed in the speed it was on! Caught More fish going w the current than against it. 2.7 down, 2.4 back. 10/13 all mature kings minus 1. Best contour was 77feet fishing 44 down on riggers n divers. All spoons. Blacks/Greens early, green/blue spoons late/high soon. Caught from 10am - 2pm steady pick til wife tapped out and we made camp at Niagara Shores Campground just east of Olcott. Day 2, Sat May 23, early start in the fog out of the Fort. Safely made our way out to the bar same place as Fri. Quite a bit busier as far as boats go and interesting trolling with 1-200 feet visibility. Depths and colors varied more than Fri esp until the fog burned off. Found fish in 65fow, got in line, ran thru that depth, hit a double, then turned out deep to fight em! Landed both. Rinse, repeat, hooked up a big fish that made 5-6 jumps, took 500’ of line on my light rigger rod and almost got run over by the boat following us! We turned 90 degrees to fight him out in deeper water but alas he spit the hook 3-400 feet back. Not much we could do on that one. Wished I coulda seen what he weighed. Finished 13/17 kings, plus 3 lakers and a small coho. Sun May 24 only had a couple hours to fish so hit the bar further west at daybreak again in search mode. Wasnt long til we hooked up in 140fow. Boated our 6 by 830, hit a double at 845, one was 18lbs, still swimming, then called it a weekend! Went 8/8 which felt great! Spoon colors varied, green/glow worked good to start Sun, then green/chartreuse once sun got up, 28/33 down on riggers in 130-140fow was best for us. Nothing custom or really that special. NK Mags on riggers worked good w high sun on Fri/Sat afternoons. Three day tally for this NooB amateur was 31 kings, 3 lakers, 1 coho. Big thanks to this forum for the great info on getting my tackle dialed in. Never had a single break off and cant argue with the results!
  5. NooB walleye guy here - Questions about running divers on braid for the early season: 1. what pound test braid can I get away with until I get my wire diver rods/reels/etc? 2. what size divers are you guys running?
  6. Howdy everyone, I was introduced to the forum over the weekend from a fellow member. I live in Northeast Ohio, mainly a walleye fisherman here during the year on my 1987 Pursuit 2200 Cuddy Cabin, 225 Evinrude and 9.9 Honda hangin on the back. Home town and home port is basically Lorain, OH, but fish several ports with other guys on their boats. I recently re-committed / focused on drift fishing for walleye, and only troll when abso-necessary. I fish Ontario when possible with a buddy who lives in Orchard Park, used to live in Lockport. We'll salmon fish anywhere from the Niagara River to the Oak and everywhere in between. Got some nice perch thru the ice on Sodus Bay back in January, and like fishing the lower Niagara from boat or shore for steel when weather permits. My inlaws live in Oswego, and I'm currently looking for a retirement home (4 season) on Sodus Bay, in case anyone has friends or family or contacts that might have a home interested in selling without the agent mark-ups. Budget is about $250k. Prefer properties not on the islands, as my inlaws aren't boaters but do like to be near the water. Also, can't do like 30-40 stairs to get to the house or the water cause they're getting up there and I don't much care for stairs either. Appreciate any leads anyone has. Casually looking, but looking nonetheless. Aint getting any younger!
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