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  1. Ill take em. Ill pm you. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. We fished Olcott also on Sat July 10. I guess I would say we had more quality than quantity. I think we were 8 or 9 for 13/14 bites. We were working further east near the power plant, from 260 fow out 400 fow mostly by ourselves. Our best bites and biggest fish came off large white paddle w/aqua Atomik fly parked either 76 or 86 down. That paddle pulled our largest fish at 26, 24, and 22 lbs. Interesting that we did not take a fish on a diver until late in the day with a token steelhead. All fish came on the downrigger on a fly or on a spoon off a board with a torpedo diver. We had slow periods but when we caught we had multiple double hookups. One double took us 37 mins to land (my buddy Go Pro'ed it) with my wife's teener causing lots of problems near the boat while my buddy's 24lber waited patiently for the net. That took us out into 400 feet of water and we never really got back 'on' the fish going back the opposite direction. Besides the bigger kings we also boated a couple nice cohos and a couple steel. Bite really died for us around 1130am. Fleas got bad, lots of checking/cleaning. Spoon wise DW Mag Roy's Salmon Seeker continues to work well for me mid-morning, and the UV Sea Sick Waddler worked well with high sun.
  3. Fished Sun 7/11 from 7am to 1030 am, ran NE, worked 350fow, went 4/6 from with a small king, teener king, average steelie, and a real nice coho. Bigger king took spin doctor/aqua/blue fly off the wire diver while the coho came 86 down on Mag Dreamweaver, blue alewife color. Steelie and small king came on blue-ish spoons off the high divers, 170 and 225 back on 3 setting/braid. For anyone going off Olcott, fleas have gotten pretty bad. If you havent moved a rod in 20 mins, it'd be a good idea to check it and clean it. Also, colder water was further offshore, our shallowest good/big fish (22lbs) this weekend came in 261 fow. Everything was deeper than that, up to 403 fow? (Edit-big fish of the weekend was 26lbs on Friday evening in 289 feet. Sat we had both a 24 and a 22.)
  4. Had an OK morning at the Oak today. Started in 90fow but worked our way out to 150 for our first bites. Dream Weaver Mag Roy’s Salmon Seeker took first couple 2 yr old kings 60 down on rigger. Riggers at 60/70 had a couple swings n misses then high braid divers running around 50 down with similar DW mag spoons started getting bit. Wire about 70 down took big steelie on Atomik Crazy Glow B fly behind Spin Doctor then Stud fly on Spin Doctor on other wire took a solid 15lb king. Nothing real big just some steady action. Finished 5/5 kings and 2/2 steelies. 150-175 was our best depth. Went out looking to about 250 but didnt see much so turned back inside. Had 54 degrees at 55 down and 42 degrees at 95 down. Ran riggers 75/85 when sun came up but didn’t get any bites down there. All bites came from 55-70 down. Bite slowed to a stop around 1030am when sun finally cleared the clouds. Good luck if you go. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. My net is tucked away in boat but I think its got a 33” diameter hoop? It’s big. Wanna say it’s originally a big catfish net but works well for big salmon too and the price was right (free)! I bought the XLarge Promar and it’s XLarge alright. It’s as deep as it is wide. My only complaint really. Too deep. Might double it up in the middle and zip tie it smaller. When you get a big fish in it you gotta lift the whole net that much higher just to get it in the boat. Other than that I’m happy it. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. We fished around Wilson and back to Olcott in 90-180 from 630am-2pm today got our few bites in 140-165 on a 2 degree temp break. Managed 3 nice steelies before wind picked up and moved the break and the fish. A friend picked up a couple immatures off the bar in deeper water 200+ I think. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Hundreds and hundreds of boats down west twd the bar is what a dude in Olcott told me today. I plan to fish west of Olcott and keep away from the traffic. Fill up on coho and hope for a couple kings. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. I’m planning to fish the river on Saturday and possibly Sun am. I’m willing to network with anyone else out there that’s wanting to network. PM for phone. Staying in my truck at 4 Mile if anyone else is too? Staying at 4 Mile that is. Sleeping in the bed of your truck is optional. PS I may be looking for a fishing partner Sunday morning if anyone’s interested? Must be in the Spring LOC and must not be a doofus. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. resurrecting this discussion as I was just about to paint my torpedoes (from Troutman87) chrome. I know the downrigger ball can be considered a 'secondary' attractor. I guess I'm thinking of those early morning bites when running F/F close to the ball. Later in the day I'll be running longer leads, stealth rigs below the weight, etc. I've been reading a lot of books, and there's been some references to some color on downrigger weights, but not a lot. I was thinking mine would be a poor man's shark, basically. Thoughts?
  10. Thanks for the feedback, I should have mentioned I'm planning to mount at rear of boat, since the x2 slipducer cable is only 10' and I've got my iTroll for my kicker back there anyway, so that's where I'll adjust my speed. And, well, I spend all my time looking back at my rods anyways. Based on what's available, and the fact they're a local company to me, and they have it in stock, and I have Cisco holders and trees, I'm going to splurge and get this Cisco mount. I like that it's adjustable so I can turn it like 45 degrees twd the helm and see it from up there if I want: https://www.ciscofishingsystemsltd.com/shop/adjustable-fish-hawk-mount-114252
  11. Thanks guys, I see Cisco offers a nice track mount option which is swivel-able for about $50. Les: do you have good experience using a RAM suction cup mount? This X2 head is smaller than x4 etc but fairly heavy. My Crestliner has a lot of carpet on the inside and I can only see maybe suctioning it to the gunnel. Boat is up at the lake but will take a closer look beginning this weekend...
  12. Just splurged on a Fish Hawk x2. Just realized I need to mount it somewhere so am looking for a track mount that will mate up to the x2. Anyone got one they don't need? Thx.
  13. Update to my post. Bought Promar replacement bag for my current net. Flat bottom, hook resistant. About $30 on Amazon. Finer mesh, deep bag.
  14. I’ve been running a Honda 9.9 since 2014. Just did water pump this offseason. Was surprised how easy it was to replace. 5 bolts and backoff the nut connecting the shift shaft and it’s off. Honda gets my vote for easy maintenance and 1-2 pull starts every time. No experience with the other brand. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. For you guys running Shimano TDR, which action and length do you prefer for kings? I saw some TDR in person today. There were a couple different actions. I guess I’d go heavier since my focus is handling big kings on flasher fly combos? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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