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  1. Kempie: I'm running an 1850 Super Hawk w the 150 Merc on back plus 9.9 Honda kicker and 24v Ulterra up front. It fishes quite well for its size and handles Lake O and Erie fairly well. Had a buddy with a 17' side console and that boat fished very well with the wide beam. I normally run 2 riggers and 4 divers but have also run up to 10 lines on slow days using trees to pull 4 additional lines via inline boards with 4 persons aboard. We are limited to trolling downhill, downwind on windier days, but the portability of the Crestliner has enabled me to fish more often and more ports than I would have ever imagined. I could do without the carpet in the bow and on the rear deck but bought it used and took the best, lowest houred boat I could find at the time. It can be a bit of a wet boat as we battled some building seas this past Friday & Saturday.
  2. Fished 120’ today went 4/7 all 4 kings. Took our first fish on the setup 90 down on rigger 11” Oki paddle Howie fly with blue silver green. Ran a mag diver down about 90’ w 11” wonderbread paddle and that got bit pretty quick took wife out 450+’ on the wire. Took her a while on that fish so 90 rigger w Oki paddle goes again and I bring that fish to the net. Her Wonderbread finally came to the net. Also took the biggest and last fish of the day on the wonderbread paddle and it took another shot earlier that we missed. All in all a good day in some semi sporty conditions. White paddles and Howie flies ruled the day. Ran a couple mag spoons on other rigger but no bites. High divers got no bites on spin doctor & Atomiks. Didn’t get a lotta action shots was a lil bumpy in the Crestliner but she continues to catch kings! The wifey, too. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Fished from 11-4pm til it got too sporty for wifey. We averaged about 8mph on the return trip. Solid 2-4s. Went 1/2. Fish landed high teener came on green echip flasher Atomik fly about 70 down in 165fow. Also took a rip on a glow Jplug run down about 110’ on rigger but couldn’t stay hooked up. Lotsa warm water inside. Started in 75fow and gradually worked deeper til got first bite in 165. 72F all way down til about 90 feet. Colder water 48F was about 100 down and that fluctuated plus or minus 4 degrees. Try it again Sat wind permitting. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Let me know if anyone wants to network. I’ll be out mid morning Fri then again first thing Sat. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Managed 1 decent coho this morning outta Oswego just before getting drenched. Fished 70-140 in n out from the bluffs west back to front of Oz. Got the coho out front 138fow on FF wire dipsey. Didnt mark much. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Thanks Rookie. We decided to launch at Mexico anyways. Went 0/0. Not a bite. Had 42F water 60 down over anywhere from 75-150fow. 54F at 35 down Actually it started warming a bit as we got deeper when we decided to pull the plug and have our Humble Pie for dinner. Didnt speak to many other fishermen but radio chatter was also saying more of same. Heard someone had boxed 3. I don’t think we marked 3. We started around 60 fow, worked the 80s and 90s west twd the plant then out with the wind. Pulled lines and ran back inside to 60 again tried another more easterly slide out but still nothing doin. Hope others did better. Prob give Oswego a try on Sun since its closer. Good luck if you go.
  7. Wrights Landing Launch Closed Saturday Aug 28th Just arrived in Oswego and checked out the lake. Lakes a rollin good. But more importantly saw orange signs posted at the launch saying Launch Closed Sat Aug 28 Drone Show Just in case anyone else is watching this thread. Guess we’ll try Mexico instead? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. LOU: I'm visiting my in-laws in Scriba for the weekend, dragging my boat from Ohio. Looking at the USGS for the Oswego River it's pumping out 79F water, 6 feet higher than 'normal,' at almost 20,000 cfs!!! (which doesn't look right, but there's some actual measurement on the graph, so...) I was thinking of fishing for stagers somewhere downwind of that river water but man, that's some warm water. I know staging fish aren't as temperature sensitive but geez that harbor is literally bathwater and downwind of there must be too? I'm newer to the salmon game and haven't really chased fall/staging fish. If the weather cooperates I'll try it since I'll be there. Maybe I'll try the nearshore waters upwind of that warm bath water? Maybe the fish will stage close but on the opposite side of the warm water? Or further downwind. Guess I'll find out. I'll post what I learn here. PM me if anyone wants to network this weekend. Good luck if you go.
  9. Ill take em. Ill pm you. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. We fished Olcott also on Sat July 10. I guess I would say we had more quality than quantity. I think we were 8 or 9 for 13/14 bites. We were working further east near the power plant, from 260 fow out 400 fow mostly by ourselves. Our best bites and biggest fish came off large white paddle w/aqua Atomik fly parked either 76 or 86 down. That paddle pulled our largest fish at 26, 24, and 22 lbs. Interesting that we did not take a fish on a diver until late in the day with a token steelhead. All fish came on the downrigger on a fly or on a spoon off a board with a torpedo diver. We had slow periods but when we caught we had multiple double hookups. One double took us 37 mins to land (my buddy Go Pro'ed it) with my wife's teener causing lots of problems near the boat while my buddy's 24lber waited patiently for the net. That took us out into 400 feet of water and we never really got back 'on' the fish going back the opposite direction. Besides the bigger kings we also boated a couple nice cohos and a couple steel. Bite really died for us around 1130am. Fleas got bad, lots of checking/cleaning. Spoon wise DW Mag Roy's Salmon Seeker continues to work well for me mid-morning, and the UV Sea Sick Waddler worked well with high sun.
  11. Fished Sun 7/11 from 7am to 1030 am, ran NE, worked 350fow, went 4/6 from with a small king, teener king, average steelie, and a real nice coho. Bigger king took spin doctor/aqua/blue fly off the wire diver while the coho came 86 down on Mag Dreamweaver, blue alewife color. Steelie and small king came on blue-ish spoons off the high divers, 170 and 225 back on 3 setting/braid. For anyone going off Olcott, fleas have gotten pretty bad. If you havent moved a rod in 20 mins, it'd be a good idea to check it and clean it. Also, colder water was further offshore, our shallowest good/big fish (22lbs) this weekend came in 261 fow. Everything was deeper than that, up to 403 fow? (Edit-big fish of the weekend was 26lbs on Friday evening in 289 feet. Sat we had both a 24 and a 22.)
  12. Had an OK morning at the Oak today. Started in 90fow but worked our way out to 150 for our first bites. Dream Weaver Mag Roy’s Salmon Seeker took first couple 2 yr old kings 60 down on rigger. Riggers at 60/70 had a couple swings n misses then high braid divers running around 50 down with similar DW mag spoons started getting bit. Wire about 70 down took big steelie on Atomik Crazy Glow B fly behind Spin Doctor then Stud fly on Spin Doctor on other wire took a solid 15lb king. Nothing real big just some steady action. Finished 5/5 kings and 2/2 steelies. 150-175 was our best depth. Went out looking to about 250 but didnt see much so turned back inside. Had 54 degrees at 55 down and 42 degrees at 95 down. Ran riggers 75/85 when sun came up but didn’t get any bites down there. All bites came from 55-70 down. Bite slowed to a stop around 1030am when sun finally cleared the clouds. Good luck if you go. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. My net is tucked away in boat but I think its got a 33” diameter hoop? It’s big. Wanna say it’s originally a big catfish net but works well for big salmon too and the price was right (free)! I bought the XLarge Promar and it’s XLarge alright. It’s as deep as it is wide. My only complaint really. Too deep. Might double it up in the middle and zip tie it smaller. When you get a big fish in it you gotta lift the whole net that much higher just to get it in the boat. Other than that I’m happy it. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. We fished around Wilson and back to Olcott in 90-180 from 630am-2pm today got our few bites in 140-165 on a 2 degree temp break. Managed 3 nice steelies before wind picked up and moved the break and the fish. A friend picked up a couple immatures off the bar in deeper water 200+ I think. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Hundreds and hundreds of boats down west twd the bar is what a dude in Olcott told me today. I plan to fish west of Olcott and keep away from the traffic. Fill up on coho and hope for a couple kings. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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