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  1. On a boat of this age I wouldn't try a local bank or even a Credit Union. All is not lost though there are lending institutions that specialize in boat loans especially for older boats. https://www.boatbanker.com/ if Sterling wont do it, it cant be done. They will require a survey to determine a true market value and work from there.
  2. I wish mine was 90 min....
  3. You towed the wrong direction Scott....
  4. Agreed. Youll be using waders.
  5. One of a very few marina's you would want your boat in during this mess. Has one of the best floating dock systems on the lake. Marina's that will be rebuilding should look hard at this one.
  6. Lure Cards I have 7 lure cards available. All in good shape. One has a broken snap that can be replaced. 3 are blue and pink, 4 are green and black. $75.00 plus shipping or I can meet you in Syracuse this week or Olcott/Wilson next week.
  7. Glad to see it is coming together for you and the family!
  8. The new items were the last two items posted with pictures. I believe you are looking at my signature.
  9. Tall Tails Cleanout Here are some items for sale. I will be adding to this over the next week or so as well. Buyer pays shipping on all items. I also can meet in Syr/Cortland areas. 3 Penn 320's One is the newer model. Drags work well, Clickers function. 1 has 50ft of Blood run Copper 1 is a 3 color core 1 has 25lb Trilene $70.00 for all 3 SOLD Fingerlakes Spoons 6 of the hottest paint jobs in the medium size with the plano box. $35.00 I only used the AK 47 and that had taken some fish. Just doesn't fit in my proggy as I only have one of each. Sold Yeck Spoon lot in custom colors $35.00 SOLD 2 Summit 750cfm Carburetors. These were on my boat when I bought it. I am an edelbrock guy so I took them off. These look brand new and the former owner told me they were only on the boat for a year. They look brand new. I couldn't find where they were a marine carb however. $400.00 for the pair. 2 Pressure Gauges. If you are thinking about putting trolling valves on your boat these are the gauges to install. $30.00. $15.00 Brand new condition short model Never used Tite Loc track adapter Brand new never used $20.00 for the pair
  10. What I am getting at is it should have been a public invitation say post the meeting here on LOU for instance. Then nobody feels slighted. I am done with this conversation.
  11. Dave, I sit on the international stake holder committee with you... I have your personal contact information. As the President of the Eastern Lake Ontario Salmon and Trout Association I can assure you many Lake folks were very upset not being included in that meeting. I had two of my board members try and obtain access and were denied because they are just lake guys. Just trying to keep the playing field level. Look we all want the same thing (I hope)... Brian Garrett Tall Tails Sportfishing
  12. Interesting as I have seen minutes from that meeting saying you personally organized it. From the lake side we tried to have someone attend and were told "NO". So yea you either want everybody at the table or you don't. I am all for a good productive conversation and have been part of organizations that routinely host public meetings. We have never excluded anyone. Maybe next time you should speak up and make sure the meeting is a "Public" meeting. It may go along way showing that all groups and organizations want to work together and have an intelligent discussion on the future of the fishery.
  13. So if you want everybody at the same table does that mean you wont be having any more closed door invitation only meetings like the one you hosted last month? Pretty shady move.
  14. PAP your right you cant please everyone. Sorry to hear about your tackle box loss! I got a few things I am always keeping my eye out for. A few spoon blanks you cant get anymore, a couple old fish attractors, and some of the right glow bottom divers. Thanks again to everyone who came out and contributed to a very successful event. The kids also appreciate it.