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  1. Tall Tails

    oak vs sodus vs oswego?

    You sure about that? I hear the Black North can be touch and go on a Saturday night..
  2. Just so you know the system is not set up on the Great Lakes for this to work yet. I keep reading that lack of funds in the fed system have kept it from happening for us.
  3. Tall Tails

    Where are all the 20lb Steelhead we used to see

    Spot On Brian! More Steel killed in tribs then the lake. What the tribe guys wont ever understand is Steelhead is a by-catch in the lake. As long as there are Kings to catch the Steelhead will always be around for the tribs unless they kill it for themselves.
  4. Town Marina has cameras in place. Are you at that particular marina?
  5. Tall Tails

    7/29/18 Owasco

    Was that before or after you ripped the hook out of 4 bts mouths or going 2 for 12 on your salmon bites?
  6. Tall Tails

    7/29/18 Owasco

    From reading this thread I can see that one of you has been paying attention the other... you should book a couple extra trips..
  7. The guy repairing and making parts for the sub troll is making them. They are a little smaller but look good and function from what I hear. I don't have contact info but maybe someone else has it.
  8. Tall Tails

    What wire to run for dipseys

    Another vote for Blood Run. I have fished it with Kinks to get thru a trip and have not been let down. Best wire on the market period.
  9. Usually for the blow boaters... They can also be green and I have seen some in red.
  10. Dave, Donna would love this boat!! It would fit in your Barn too!
  11. Tall Tails

    Installing Hydraulic Steering

    http://www.discountmarinesupplies.com/Thru_Hulls_Adapters-Johnson_7503500_90_Degree_Plastic_Thru_Hull.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwlcXXBRBhEiwApfHGTSyRkcUeuKKqewzxs4ynCXv0ErZsKIQDzwaZF2gKNdQa3MTdOoppURoC_e8QAvD_BwE There are also some stainless versions.
  12. Good Stuff! When I bought my boat on the Cape, my surveyor was also a local fishing capt Mostly Tuna. He had some great stories about the fleet and how the show came about. Said most of the guys are down to earth folk. He filled me in on what is real and what is not. That whole price for the fish at the dock hasn't been real in 20 years. Strictly for Drama. They don't know how much they made per fish for a few weeks and it hasn't been 20 dollars a pound in recent memory. He also told me some of the capts that quit the show got tired of reeling in concrete blocks for production B roll... LOL Either way it is entertaining like any other made for tv drama. And they do a great job at portraying Harbor Drama!!! Almost scary how well it matches other fishing communities!!
  13. Yes they have the pin in them just like the red OR's. They look and feel identical to me.
  14. Amish outfitters has there own version of the red offshore's. Half the price and identical. check them out.
  15. NO... We have this Nutrient producing lake above us called Lake Erie... We will be just fine.