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  1. Should be a great seminar! Anything from winning tournament strategies to boat rigging questions will be answered.
  2. I will take it. I will send you a PM.
  3. I sent you a PM Hondo
  4. It is certainly not a replacement for copper. It is just another application. I am certain it will have a different signature and applied action on the lure. Just like leadcore is different then copper. All it means is more rods on the boat.
  5. My wife has had 3 Rotor cuff surgeries she still shoots her bow. She cant do as many practice shots as she wants but she still hunts with it. Take a very serious look at Elite bows. They have the best draw cycle for anybody with shoulder problems. She also owns a crossbow but she much prefers to hunt with her bow. You'll be looking at reducing your draw weight, but 50lbs will kill anything in NY. Good Luck and rehab it just like they tell you to. It is a long process.
  6. Thank you for keeping this tourney going Penny!!
  7. There was no real consideration for wind again. The docks they are proposing for Charter row will get hammered on any west/north wind. I was hoping to see a new break wall somewhere to help with that. Also by moving the launch to the other side of Breitbeck park are they putting in a second cleaning station for that? There concepts need some work. I forwarded all my comments yesterday and a few other guys reached out to me yesterday and are responding accordingly. There are some good concepts but no improvements to helping with surge and wave action. It is what the south shore of the lake needs however.
  8. Exactly the same problem for me. I like the lead ones but the coppers were awful. I lost to many deer before I got smart.
  9. Take those powerbelts and throw them in the trash. TC Shockwaves or the Barnes. Powerbelts have horrible performance when they hit the deer as well as not flying well. I use triple seven powder as well. Good Luck
  10. I was thinking about this on the way home. They use the 2yr olds for this. In mother natures world those fish typically would lose the battle and don't get to fertilize eggs. In the manipulated world they are being used. Makes you wonder if it affects size or running as a Jack.
  11. We had our club meeting there last night and Tom gave us the up to the minute numbers. 3,045,000 Chinook eggs to date, day off today and back at it tomorrow as Jerry said for there "late" eggs. They used the squeeze bottle technique for the first 1.5 million or so eggs then went back to the traditional 2 to 1 mix in a bowl technique. With the way the females were coming to the hatchery this was the technique of choice for this yr. They will use a Vinegar test in a few weeks to try and gauge how well eye up will happen. If you soak the eggs in Vinegar it magnifies the embryo under a microscope and gives them an idea of viability. They were ready to take Black River Chinooks if needed but it was not necessary. 260,000 Coho eggs have been taken so far. As Jerry stated the Coho's just are not ready. The uptick in water was perfect to get the remaining fish to the hatchery. This was a very good move on the DEC's part. They also attribute the low initial female count to the River snipers picking off the larger female fish in the river. "Snipers" is my word...
  12. It is not a Put and Take Fishery anymore.
  13. He is a Hillary supporter that's all it takes.
  14. ELOSTA meeting is tomorrow night at 7 pm at the Salmon River Hatchery. Region 7 Biologists will be on hand for various topic discussions. We also will be having our yearly elections. See you all then.
  15. for sale : can

    Bobby needs one! Nice boat surprised it is still for sale