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  1. It is a slippery slope allowing politicians to be involved in game management decisions..... It doesn't really matter which side of the isle you are on with the Holiday hunt.
  2. Tall Tails


    RMEF tried real hard to bring elk back about ten years ago. Started a fenced program in two spots in the state. Surprise Surprise DEC killed it off said NO. (I guess they didn't throw trout unlimited money at them) As far as wolves go it is a master plan to end Hunting and eventually firearm ownership by introducing wolves. BIG NON STARTER WITH ME... Wolves have killed more huntable elk populations out west then you can shake a stick at... Ask Idaho..
  3. There is a serious killer in that bunch!!
  4. Russell, Vince, and I have been working hard on this one. You wont want to miss it!
  5. Any chance your still working on the impact of the CISCO/Whitefish reintroduction and its impact on the food pyramid for recovering Alewife's population? I still believe the reintroduction of the species has had a negative impact on alewife production and survivability.
  6. I couldnt be happier with my Tactacam Reveals. Running 10 of them and they are fantastic.
  7. The word "Sustainable" means cash grab... trust me when I tell you this. I work for a company who is very much capitalizing on this non sense... I hate to even say this but I agree with Rolmops our future is Micro Nuclear Fusion. They also have a big push to end the rural way of life.. they want us living in suburbia where they have more control.
  8. My wife connected on one of our shooters during her Rut cation on Nov 5. Shot him at 18 yards with her Vertical bow. He started visiting one of our kill plots to tend a scrape. After 2 days he daylighted a visit in the am (Thank you Tactacam Cell Cam for the info) and she slipped in there in the afternoon. She saw him that afternoon but couldn't get a shot. Next day she sat the kill plot all day, he didn't show up but he was on an every other day pattern to this scrape. On the third day she sat the plot, she put an arrow thru him at 10am as he came in to check the scrape. He went a 120 yards and tipped over. I couldnt be more proud of her. She puts a ton of time in.
  9. As a trade off for the extra 30 minutes on each end of the day this is a no brainer. Hunting for mature animals this 30 minutes is critical. Orange is no biggie anyway I always wore it when walking during a gun season.
  10. I have not talked to one 15 to 20 yr experienced guide who has said the rivers were loaded. Pretty good Coho run but certainly not Kings. There are a few internet hero fish cutters over stating there business but I think that is where it ends.... Oswego never got a run.
  11. Even better...if you see his clients in the videos you have the President of the Wild Sheep Foundation onboard... certainly has federal friends in high places.... just saying...
  12. Shady Shores but he told me the numbers. They don't make any sense for the local economy.
  13. A Coworker of mine bought a camper in there a year ago... Terrible what they did to all of you. I dont see the market they expect... And the marina cost for a slip now... GOOD FREAKING LUCK!!! Outrageous.
  14. Other good baits to try this time of year that are proven. Green glow #4 J plug with a black ladder back in clouds and waning light. Silver Bloody nose J #4 in the sun. Make the bloody nose a little bigger with red nail polish. Or if all you can find is a silver j plug you can make the red nose. 30 to 40 back off the rigger or on a copper is a good start.
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