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  1. I have literally sat in the middle of a cut field with the ghost blind with nothing around and had jr hunters kill deer during the youth season. Tucked in anywhere they are deadly. They are a great tool in the arsenal. In fact the wife will be behind it this weekend in a apple orchard. Just don't leave it out overnight as the dew will cover the mirror and it wont work.
  2. We use Coverts on our lease. No complaints they have been solid. You better be prepared however.... At work when your shooter walks by will happen Or in our case my wife was ten minutes from putting the turkey on the table at Thanksgiving! And it was the buck she was chasing.. LOL It was only the second daylight picture we got of him all year....
  3. Circles in the harbor! Iced out with the blow. Hopefully some correcting winds will happen and at least get you back outside the break wall. I am sure if its good weather the offshore bite is still holding for 2yr olds and stragglers.
  4. Just had friends get back yesterday from the same area. They did ok. It was awesome prior to the hurricane of course.
  5. They certainly have made room for the Atlantic program at the hatchery by moving and cutting....
  6. Michigan has 4yr old kings because of a lack of bait and there fish need the extra year to sexually mature. We have 95% of our Kings maturing at 3 years of age because we have plenty of food and our net pens are giving them a fantastic start on life. No complaints here.
  7. Its not often that you have nothing to add!
  8. The Lack of skippers is the cuts showing up. No one should act surprised by this. The only thing that saves us is a great year class of naturals. We need to start talking about protecting vital spawning habit in our creeks and rivers.
  9. They set up the stupid midway in the parking lot of the marina..... Lets have a "Harbor Fest" but not let trucks and trailers park....typical of Oswego of late..
  10. They do give them a call. It is called Oswego Marina. Last I talked to them they were booked solid but it is always worth a phone call.
  11. Great I will be around between trips Fri thru Sun.
  12. 3 Shark Attractors for sale. All the same "Money Shot" $30.00 for all 3. Buyer pays shipping.
  13. Quite a few guys paint there probe black. They feel it makes a difference. I think the opposite. Something about that red blinking light some days they like a lot! I don't see it as a negative. Could just be the way your fishing that particular rigger.
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