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  1. Meeting at the Salmon River Fish Hatchery

    This will be the last ELOSTA meeting of the year. I hope you all can attend.
  2. Diesel Vs Gasoline Engines [Boats]

    I went around and around for almost 8 months when choosing my last boat. It came down to a 35 Viking express with new common rail diesels or the 36 Tiara open with gas 502's. I had a list a mile long for each boat pluses and minus's. Those Carolina flare style hulls are the best there is for running and trolling into anything Lake O throws at you but you DO NOT want to be in the trough. The Tiara on the other hand there is no other hull that makes a trough troll in 3 to 5 ft and bigger seas as comfortable as it gets. If I was to look at another diesel I would make sure it has side exhaust ports vs transom exhaust ports along with the common rail design. Virtually zero exhaust into the cockpit area. I have a good friend that has twin Series B Cummins in his 28 Carolina. That boat has side exhausts and there is almost no diesel smell. You can change motors on a down wind troll so the exhaust is flushed away from the boat. It was brought up that trolling valves can be used to slow down, this is nearly a must for every diesel boat including that 28 Carolina. Or very large bags, like the 48 and 60in version for large vessels. There are only a couple marine transmissions that can accept a trolling valve. Diesel is very economical but there is trade offs. Typically when they break it is expensive. Just my .02$ after wrestling with it for some time. By the way the 36 Tiara (gas) was the right choice for me and I am very happy with my decision.
  3. 2018 Stocking levels

    We are downstream of Lake Erie, can we stop the comparisons to Lake Huron and in most cases Lake Michigan. Our bio loading is completely different then either one of those lakes. And this past years flood scenario as much as it was horrible for residents and property owners was an absolute blessing to our baitfish population. It top loaded the pyramid for years to come. One of the primary goals of GLFC is to return the great lakes to native species, primarily lake trout and atlantic salmon. Don't worry Lucky 13 I understand the "science". My primary education is Fisheries Science... just didn't get to that "ph d" level.....
  4. 2018 Stocking levels

    The fish that would be stocked next spring, will start consuming Alewives from the record year class of this last year. Somebody want to tell me where the short fall is? The numbers don't add up.... Call it what ever you want this "reduction" is not warranted. The fish that are currently in the system are the ones praying on the current year classes of Alewives. I am happy to see that organizations like GCBA, LOTSA, Fair Haven Fisherman's Association and very soon ELOSTA, are all against the purposed "reduction". On a side note it scares me that GLFC wants to be so involved in "OUR" management decision's. Right down to moderating our own stakeholder meetings.....Perhaps to help control the discussion?? A completely false statement was made by a GLFC moderator at our last meeting. "Lake Michigan anglers are coming around to the idea of a mixed bag fishery" i.e. less kings in the system. This is completely false. Take one look at the decisions made by the Wisconsin fisheries managers last year.
  5. Tiara 3500 - anyone have one?

    Check out the 30 Pursuit for sale in the Classifieds. It is on our dock and in Great shape. Solid low hour boat.
  6. Tiara 3500 - anyone have one?

    Here is a real nice low hour freshwater boat. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2004/Tiara-3200-Open-3121517/Northern-Michigan/MI/United-States#.Waas-8KWweE
  7. Tiara 3500 - anyone have one?

    Thanks for the compliments guys. There are two 3600's at Wrights one is an 84 and mine is a 94. My take on the 3500 Tiara Open the molded in swim platform is HUGE problem for our kind of fishing. I looked and researched every model from 33 to 38. The slanted transom and molded in swim platform makes the 3500 almost unfishable. I would take a look at the 32. It has a slanted transom but you can remove the swim platform. There are two on our dock in Oswego. Great machines and LOA is 35' on them. With the newer fuel injected motors plan on installing trolling valves as you will not be able to slow down enough without them. I have carbureted motors so I can tune it down and still use bags to slow down. Bags are not quite enough for BT's and Lakers in the newer boats. The older 36' 81 to 96 are the flat back transoms and the widest version you can get. The 2001 to present Tiara's are a ft narrower and it makes a difference. The 33 makes a good family boat. Hard to charter on with the seating arrangement but makes a great weekend salmon machine. The one on our dock is in amazing shape and Rob keeps it that way. HIs is the B plan so it is open with lots of room. Good luck in your search! Feel free to PM with any questions.
  8. for sale : usa 2002 Pursuit Express

    Bump for a sexy Ride!
  9. I may have one. Give me this weekend to look in my storage unit. PM me your phone number and I can text you one way or another. Brian
  10. Otisco Public Boat launch meeting Did anyone attend the meeting last night? Just curious how it went. This Launch is long overdue.
  11. A-Tom-Mic Meat Rigs question

    What he said ^^ Also use a toothpick to pin the treble at the back of the meat strip. You can put the tooth pick in the rear hole that the line runs thru before the hook to hold it in place.
  12. Saltwater versus Freshwater Boats

    I bought a 36 Tiara that was in the salt environment for 4 years. It showed little salt influence. My experience boat shopping and looking and various boats up and down the coast was regional. If the boat is north of Jersey it probably gets pulled between October and April much like our season. South of Jersey they are used all year. My boat was in Falmouth Mass and on the hard from Oct to April. So Over 4 years the salt exposure was minimal. It is very easy to look at a boat and know its exposure. I would budget exhaust manifolds. They are exposed to salt even with closed cooling because it handles your exhaust. Also raw water pumps and housings are exposed as well as oil coolers. Not all are very expensive but good maintenance items to change. I would interview the owner and try and get a feel for his use and time frames. Good Luck with the decision and Tiara is a QUALITY boat!
  13. Sodus 6-17

    Order from here and it is delivered to your house. http://atommik.com/
  14. Olcott, Newfane Marina Rocks!!

    That did not happen at the marina. It happened at a local business. Yes it is the best public marina on the Lake Period... Every municipality should model there marina after this one. Scott and crew are top notch.
  15. Alewife harvesting for bait

    What he said. Just make sure you clip one hook off the rig or you will be over the allowable hook points.