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  1. Fished the Fraiser river. Ocean is to unpredictable
  2. Yes it was a lot of fun and very different. Hired a guide.
  3. A lot has been said about the DEC not having the "State of Lake Meeting" anymore. There new approach is to be out in public trying to do more interactive meetings to keep people informed on the Fishery. This is one of those meetings and attendance is important. You don't have to be a member to attend. Thank you Brian
  4. Atlantic marine probably has one in stock.
  5. 2nd vote for BW customs. He is the only guy I let touch my boat when it comes to glass work. Bill and Billy are the best.
  6. Simrad really needs to have the speed input so it knows how fast you are going. Do you have it tied in to a GPS? If not I would start there.
  7. With the North wind tomorrow you are better off running north up by the pond. same depth of water. It will be a lot more comfortable.
  8. LOL!! Just to get you caught up on Great Lakes History that decision on stripers vs salmonids was made in the 1960's.. And rightly so. As someone who has guided for both and caught plenty of both species the striper cant hold the KINGS beer! A striper makes no blistering initial run like a king and a striper is a quiter...
  9. We asked for years for more domestic rainbows and less steelhead. Were always told no even though domestics live more like a Brown trout and are more accessible to all anglers.
  10. But are they reducing the chinook stockings because of it? Instead of 50k this last year would they have given us 134k instead?
  11. This is to continually satisfy a few from Trout Unlimited.. There distain for Chinooks never ceases to amaze me.
  12. This is a lot of money to satisfy a few.... Please write and make public comments heard. Anyone want to venture what the economic impact is? I guarantee more dollars would be spent chasing an additional 84k in Chinooks then 200k Atlantics....
  13. Looks like an easy one to make. The dot color is sold in spray paint at Lowe's. That is on an original chip too. Larger fin and the chip holder gives that away.
  14. True Story. Capt. Jeff Wallace Co Captain of High Adventure Sportfishing had a client boat a 35. Weighed on certified meat scale.
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