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  1. You can launch at Wrights Landing but there are no services and you are on your own. Kind of like if you were duck hunting and using the launch in December. Mexico pt is also open for business. Going west, Olcott is also open and probably has the best fishing right now. Pack boots no matter where you are going.
  2. Yup if you twist them pulling them out they will. Gotta back them straight out. I had a few do the same till I figured it out. Still the sharpest hook out there. Have a good season!
  3. Thank you for your effort on this Phil. It is good news that certain folks within the DEC want to sit down with you to discuss some of the points raised in your paper. After looking at the SOFTL data presented the other night I have no doubt that the 2 yr old class of fish is down in size 1.6lbs on average as recruitment from that class is mostly wild fish. The stellar fishing last year was in large part because of that 2 yr old class. We know it takes a wild fish extra time to get to maturity vs a pen raised fish. With the success of the pen raised fish we have artificially sped up the maturity of the lake salmon. They run at 3yrs old for the most part now. Very Very few 4 yr olds which would be 30 plus pound fish. I would expect pretty good fishing for that yr class this yr as 3yr olds and a very big trib run this fall.
  4. Details in this thread guys. Sorry I cant post it everywhere.
  5. Ok guys and Gals thank you for bearing with us! Here is the seminar line up for the March 16th tackle swap at Brewerton Fire department. 1045 to 1145- Brian Gamble from Gambler Rigs will be giving us an in-depth presentation into catching Lake Trout. This should be fantastic as many of you know Brian is at the top of the game when it comes to catching these old big dinosaurs! And he has developed and markets the rigs to get it done. 1145 to 1245- Capt. Werner Stenger, from Popeye Charters out of Fairhaven will be talking about Spring fishing out of Fairhaven. Werner has been in the game for well over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge on fishing the East end of Lake Ontario. We very much look forward to what Werner will share with us. As far as the show goes it is a complete sell out at this point. Over 25 tables filled with new and used tackle. Doors will open at 9am Sharp! The fire department will be selling food all day as well. All of the money raised by ELOSTA at this event goes to sending kids to DEC camp so please come out and see what it is all about! I will be at the door so please stop and say hello Capt. Brian Garrett Tall Tails Sportfishing
  6. Clorox is hard on glass and will strip wax. A good non skid cleaner with Teflon once or twice a week followed by Johns boat brite crud cutter or similar for the daily cleaning.
  7. Tuesday March 19th at 630pm at Pulaski High School. 4624 Salina St. Pulaski NY. See you all there!
  8. Unfortunately the way all State agency's operate since Andrew Cuomo came into office is all material released to the public must come thru his office. This includes anything and everything the DEC sends out including even the state of the lake date announcements. I have heard it called a gag order by DEC employees before. It was not this way prior to Cuomo taking office... you make your own assumptions.. I will make mine..
  9. Every once in awhile in your career you come across a true professional. I did not know Kevin on a personal level however on a professional level he set the bar. I was privileged to have talked fishing and the industry with him on a couple occasions and his passion always shined thru. This a fantastic tribute. Two day 12 and 12 tourneys will always let the cream rise to the top. Looking forward to see what is in store for the future of this tournament.
  10. Gambler are you shooting the rages with the crossbow cam? There is a difference. We shoot the hypodermics(crossbow version) thru my wifes crossbow. lethal!! As far as a fixed, for her bow we use NAP Hellraisers. Unlike the G5 Montecs these will not rust over time. I will always shoot Hypodermics with my bow. No reason to change and super accurate to 55 plus yards. I have tried the Hellraisers thru my bow and they were good to 35 yards after that they didn't hit with good accuracy. I imagine thru the crossbow with the increased kinetic energy they should fly true to 50 yards.
  11. As per the Press release yesterday the south shore of Lake Ontario is going to receive another 20% reduction in Chinook salmon for 2019... The reasoning behind this is certainly debatable. The DEC says there is still a lack of bait in the lake. I think those of us who spend large amounts of time on the lake can look at this reason and disagree. Look in the stomachs of these kings and you see large bait for the most part. They certainly are having no trouble seeking out the larger bait class. The fantastic fishing we had this year is directly related to a very large class of natural 2 yr olds. The 3yr old class is weak. This is showing in the tribs as I type. I thought it would be just an ok trib run and it is looking that way. Next year however it will be off the chart. After next years mature class I am not sure what the expectation will be. Other reasons they are giving that is total B.S. is the fishing was fantastic because the fish are starving...yea ok... It was fantastic because for a change we had competition. Kings are competitive. They want to eat the bait so there buddies cant. FACT As was stated by a senior Capt in our meeting last night the Steelhead is our number one predator on young of the year Alewife. DEC is considering more regs to protect the steelhead at the request of our Trib anglers. These regs will effect lake harvest. It is imperative you attend these meetings!!!! I can not stress it enough. It is time we tell the DEC enough is enough. Here are a list of public meetings that are mandatory if you own a boat on the south shore. Thursday, Oct. 4: 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Building, 4487 Lake Ave., Lockport, Niagara County. Tuesday, Oct. 9: 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Donald Schleiter Lodge and Pavillion, 199 East Manitou Rd. in Braddock Bay Park, Rochester, Monroe County. Wednesday, Oct. 10: 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Pulaski High School auditorium, 4624 Salina St., Pulaski, Oswego County. Please feel free to read what I wrote and if you have other opinions please feel free to discuss and keep it professional. Thank you for listening and I hope to see you at the upcoming meetings.
  12. You sure about that? I hear the Black North can be touch and go on a Saturday night..
  13. Just so you know the system is not set up on the Great Lakes for this to work yet. I keep reading that lack of funds in the fed system have kept it from happening for us.
  14. Spot On Brian! More Steel killed in tribs then the lake. What the tribe guys wont ever understand is Steelhead is a by-catch in the lake. As long as there are Kings to catch the Steelhead will always be around for the tribs unless they kill it for themselves.
  15. Town Marina has cameras in place. Are you at that particular marina?
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