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  1. for sale : usa

    Bump for a sexy Ride!
  2. I may have one. Give me this weekend to look in my storage unit. PM me your phone number and I can text you one way or another. Brian
  3. Otisco Public Boat launch meeting Did anyone attend the meeting last night? Just curious how it went. This Launch is long overdue.
  4. What he said ^^ Also use a toothpick to pin the treble at the back of the meat strip. You can put the tooth pick in the rear hole that the line runs thru before the hook to hold it in place.
  5. I bought a 36 Tiara that was in the salt environment for 4 years. It showed little salt influence. My experience boat shopping and looking and various boats up and down the coast was regional. If the boat is north of Jersey it probably gets pulled between October and April much like our season. South of Jersey they are used all year. My boat was in Falmouth Mass and on the hard from Oct to April. So Over 4 years the salt exposure was minimal. It is very easy to look at a boat and know its exposure. I would budget exhaust manifolds. They are exposed to salt even with closed cooling because it handles your exhaust. Also raw water pumps and housings are exposed as well as oil coolers. Not all are very expensive but good maintenance items to change. I would interview the owner and try and get a feel for his use and time frames. Good Luck with the decision and Tiara is a QUALITY boat!
  6. Order from here and it is delivered to your house. http://atommik.com/
  7. That did not happen at the marina. It happened at a local business. Yes it is the best public marina on the Lake Period... Every municipality should model there marina after this one. Scott and crew are top notch.
  8. What he said. Just make sure you clip one hook off the rig or you will be over the allowable hook points.
  9. That is one sexy looking vessel!!
  10. Are you running that new Twin outboard abelmarle?
  11. Sounds like a good discussion to have with your captain. You have done your research picked out the best guy, now let him help you with your decision. Good Luck and have fun!
  12. What do the fish want? I want what the fish want.
  13. This is where the previous owner of my boat got the long blocks for my boat. http://www.1800runsnew.com/ I went down the road of a local rebuild on one of my previous Baha's... Never AGAIN!!
  14. Michigan motorz.com Stay as far away from Jaspers as possible. Numerous boats in the Oswego fleet went thru jaspers inside 100 hours. I would look for a crusader replacement. Good Luck
  15. On a boat of this age I wouldn't try a local bank or even a Credit Union. All is not lost though there are lending institutions that specialize in boat loans especially for older boats. https://www.boatbanker.com/ if Sterling wont do it, it cant be done. They will require a survey to determine a true market value and work from there.