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  1. B&W Customs in Sodus Pt can take care of that for you. Bill and Billy jr are the best around at Glass repair.
  2. I would look at the fun ones. A-TOM-MIK Challenge, Fair Haven Challenge and the Little Salmon River Challenge. They are low buy in, low pressure fun events. Good Way to see how you stack up with some of the best yet not have a lot on the line. You can fish them all from Oswego/Little Salmon river area's.
  3. Angling Addict summed it up perfect. We also have been running both for years. We do the exact same thing. I wouldnt think of BT fishing in June, July, August without my DR.
  4. My suggestion is you call Dealers in obscure places that may have a distributor who has them in stock. Get creative in the places you look up and call. Venture out away from large bodies of fresh water.
  5. Call around a few distributors still have a few on the shelf. I was able to get one last week delivered in 2 days. And yes get the rebate that will save you some coin.
  6. What information can you provide about the impact of the reintroduction of the "native" species of Cisco/whitefish by the federal government that it has had on the food web/pyramid for the Alewife? They compete for the same source's correct? is there a correlation in your data that shows a drop in Alewife biomass with an increase in your Cisco/whitefish biomass over the last 8 to 10 years? Also is there another similar correlation with the smelt that you have found?
  7. I wouldnt worry... There is going to be plenty of openings... With the disaster that is about to unfold at that marina after they rebuild the international on the west side of the pier and jam that side up... It will be one of the most unsafe marina's to launch and operate out of in the Great Lakes...
  8. Sorry no the show will not happen this year. COVID restrictions remain in place in NYS that do not allow us to have this event. We are planning on 2022. Thank you Brian
  9. Its important to remind folks yes the projects were ended but the fish were reallocated. They did not cut the fish from being stocked. Thank you for that reminder. I did also leave out that direct stockings were eliminated in a few places as well. Those fish were put into the net pen # and re allocated to other direct stock locations.
  10. Fair Haven and Sandy Creek but those fish got allocated to Oswego and the Oak accordingly. All based on fishing pressure and the survey. No less fish being stocked due to less pens. Yes an overall reduction in stocking but as a percentage the net pens are receiving actually more and less direct stocking in ports are taking place. Offering for higher survival.
  11. Again more disnformation... The only way Lake Ontario Kings stay abundant is thru stocking... There is zero protections in place for natural reproduction. Nat production is simply a gift from Mother nature and adds to the fishery where it can. Please don't spread disinformation...
  12. Huh?? Stoppage of net pen fish?? Where? Not sure where you are getting your info but that is simply not the case in anyway shape or form. Pen rearing is as strong as it ever has. Is there new guidance as to locations and numbers? Yes but certainly in no way has it stopped.
  13. DEC is moving away from Spring meetings. State of the Lakes are no more. I believe they want to do more outreach in the fall time frames as it allows them to discuss collected date.
  14. Just wait till the first big west wind... it can get as big as 4 foot waves there at least... I certainly wouldnt want my boat parked there.
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