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  1. It infuriates me that yet again our DEC officers will be tasked with enforcement of the plastic bag ban.... I think these officers have enough on there on there plate now they have to deal with this ridiculous oversight.... Yet another reason NY is un attractive....
  2. Last year was the first WHI we missed since its inception. We chose to pass on it for various reasons. None of which were the format or the weigh in for that matter. The core group of tourney anglers understands why participation has declined over the years. Lake Trout? really? If you plan on participating in this one, you better get 2 big ones. Kings wont do it for you ever..... Sounds like a tweak to benefit a few. No Observers?? After what has taken place the last few years around the lake without a doubt this is a step backwards unless and maybe I missed it, a mandatory lie detector test of not only the captain but the team.is a must. Observers not only protect the integrity of the team they represent, they protect the assigned boat as well. It was predictable that the observer would go away and then the border would open back up. The border discussion has always been there. Again tweaked for a few. These new changes will keep us out indefinitely. I usually keep my mouth shut for the most part on social media platforms when it comes to these tourneys but this one is very disappointing. Granted we have not had a lot of success in the WHI but it was always a yearly favorite. Its first 3 years it was the best the south shore had to offer, now who knows. Regardless of tough fishing or a smash fest, that's what makes for a great tourney. I would take a real hard look at what made this tourney successful in its early years and return too it.
  3. Still working on that. As soon as it is finalized I will post here.
  4. Yes Brian we are well aware. You have already been recruited even before this thread and you didn't know it. Your ears were probably burning on Saturday!
  5. Pro troll makes the echip Attractors, they aren't going anywhere. What is being affected is Michigan Stinger would custom paint those echips from Pro Troll for the great lakes, that is stopping. Rigs like Pretty Girl, and Green jeans will be no more. They are easy enough to do on your own but Michigan Stinger wont be painting them anymore. Word is the spoons will continue for now but that's not how this stuff usually ends.
  6. Yup be sure and destroy all licking branches and don't let the deer touch nose to nose! We need to protect the deer from themselves...
  7. Rob, Has this outfitter shown you day light current pics in the places they are setting hunters? I am closely watching this place and look forward to your experience. Thanks
  8. So don't feed the deer....but we will to help with Ticks?? You just cant help but laugh at the joke the DEC has become...
  9. The standard shark track much better then the extreme. At least with the famous Oswego area currents. I don't think they make the standard anymore however which is a real bummer.
  10. LOL Bob... So we had volunteers. It got really difficult dealing with the Marina, so we had folks that live on the river volunteer to host the pens at there personal docks. This group was all set to raise the steelhead when it came up at the State of Lake that there is no public fishing access to the little salmon river for the steelhead. After a bit of back and forth and I will leave it at that Steve Hurst DEC Director of Fisheries pulled the steelhead from the group. We tried to ask for Kings and got told NO... And let me throw this in one more time because I am tired of talking about it... THERE IS NO PEN REARING FOR BROWN TROUT!!! We could hold them for 24 hours to allow them acclimate and that would be the extent of it. We were then approached about the Atlantic Salmon and that makes no sense at all from any angle while we are in the middle of King Salmon cuts... That is very much the short version if you would like more detail please feel free to PM me.
  11. We will take what we can get. 5.2 million in this construction market right now in CNY wont go very far but it is def better then nothing. Labor rates on Capital Improvement projects will eat that up quick (IE rate job). Many Many of our large commercial jobs right now are coming at 30 to 40% over initial estimates. Limited labor force to meet demand and cost of goods have driven huge price increases. I know a lot of people are going to find it hard to believe but commercial construction in Central NY is off the Chart right now. It is good news however and we should not look a gift horse in the mouth.
  12. Not a rumor. ELOSTA was approached by the DEC to start Pen Raising Atlantics to try and increase survival. Long story short we rejected the proposal based on a number of factors but the main one being the Atlantic is not a Viable Economic species to be stocked in the lake. Especially at a time where the DEC is cutting stocking on Pacific Salmon based on alewife data that may or may not be correct. Why would we encourage increased stocking survival of another species?? My question is if the DEC likes to throw a Michigan scenario in our face at all these meetings why have they not proposed cutting any other species stocking? It is widely known that Steelhead and Lake Trout consume massive amounts of Alewives. It might be time to spread the wealth of the cuts....
  13. Never asked the room is accurate however the closed door meeting that took place at the hatchery where lake fisherman were banned from entering the room was probably a good place to start. Oh and the money TU threw at the DEC I am sure helped as well. I used to throw Steelhead back even if I was fun fishing. Not anymore they are going to get the bat between the eyes just like the legal sized useless Atlantic... Keep the negative letters going to the public response folks. The DEC lawyers in Albany don't like negativity at all. The next thing these trib guys will want is the Brown trout lake limit reduced.... Mark my words..
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