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  1. I lease two pieces that border each other. One thru a leasing company with insurance is 18.50 an acre and the other where we purchase the insurance our self is 12.00 an acre. I don't like the fact that the leasing company raises the rate 3% every year. At some point it wont be worth leasing or I will have to add another person to offset the difference.
  2. We purchased one about 4 years ago for my wife to use to help with access. It is a great tool! I use it heavy to check cameras completely quietly. I can check 6 to 8 cameras on our lease in 20 minutes on our mowed access trails and not bust a deer or leave scent behind (Pre Cell Cameras of course). We have a Quiet Kat. Negotiated a great Price at the Harrisburg show. I used to hunt a lot of large public tract lands and you are allowed to use them as long as it is below 1000CC electric. Ours is a 750CC size. We used it to get deep on big closed logging roads. It is just another tool in the arsenal as far as we are concerned.
  3. The Hatchery is closed to the public due to COVID restrictions. What were you doing there?? You were adamite in our meetings that Steelhead were for the Trib anglers and Steve Hurst is quoted as saying the Chinook Salmon are for Lake fishing specifically. I guess were trying to figure out what the truth is here...
  4. Hard to pin Oswego down. One day is decent the next is very slow. One trip the harbor mouth has some fish the next you should run to the plant. The weather has not been kind to consistency here. I wish I had more but who knows what it will look like after the NW blow today. Probably wont be in the harbor as temps will come back after the ice out that occurred on Saturday. Good Luck
  5. This is a Hilarious question... They have already said October 2021 before completion... Complete Disaster and South Shore Embarrassment.
  6. I run the FH/DR pair. DR gets the top of the temp break and FH gets the bottom. Always a bracket.
  7. The paint can be found at Lowes Greg. The one in the picture the yellow is actually to bright.
  8. This can be a long answer but lets see if I can simplify it. A "Flip" that you are asking about is when the lake has been stable with a thermocline and then we get a Hard south wind. That rushes the cold water in and replaces the warm top with the cold. We call this "ice out" or a flip. What you are describing at least to me and the way I have learned it is the west wind simply fills the bay with warm water and you need to get offshore to find the correction. In some cases typically later in August the fish wont leave once they are "Staging" they just get finicky and wont bite much. The Bay is a different animal when it comes to Warm water. West wind probably effects the bay more then any other place on the lake. You need an East or a South wind to make the correction to the bay and bring the cold water back in. The trick in the bay is to run deep and keep stopping and checking with your probe until you find the temp you are looking for unless you are marking them. In that case the temp wont matter if they are hungry. I hope this helps.
  9. This comment right here shows you know zero about Construction and Grants..... The Mayor and the City are Misguided as it gets.
  10. Get 12 clips to Dave I will leave him the cash in case we don't cross paths. Thanks Greg.
  11. Thanks for agreeing with me. Good luck on the water.
  12. No arm chair here. I run major construction for a living when I am not fishing... Build schedules for projects ten times the size of Wrights Landing that allows municipalities to continue income and complete there projects on time and under budget. If my projects looked or ran anything like this one I would have been out of a job a long time ago.
  13. This is called Kool Aid! I would encourage you to FOIA the city of Oswego for the plans for the Marina.... See if you think you'll be able to turn a 25ft boat trailer around in the parking lot when they are done... Again there are many things happening down there that they aren't talking about. I really wish I could say more.... Keep in mind they fired the original MARINA engineer and decided they could design it better themselves.....
  14. Not a HOBBIE for quite a few who are affected on an already tough year... The mayor is clueless and short sided. The end result is not an improvement it is lipstick on a pig... There will not be new docks but they are going to spend a MILLION dollars on a fountain... I hope you enjoy the fountain... There are a few other major items but I have already said to much... Anyone want to ask the city why they fired the original design engineering company and decided they could do it better themselves?? Anyone? How about returning deposits to all the dockers who paid thinking they were going to have a dock this year??
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