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  1. Other good baits to try this time of year that are proven. Green glow #4 J plug with a black ladder back in clouds and waning light. Silver Bloody nose J #4 in the sun. Make the bloody nose a little bigger with red nail polish. Or if all you can find is a silver j plug you can make the red nose. 30 to 40 back off the rigger or on a copper is a good start.
  2. Great Story with you and your Dad! That is what it is all about.
  3. Again?? It does not stop. KISS... Also I am trying to help him with east end combos. Stop throwing your Niagara water color combos in this conversation... Yes it is different!!
  4. Yes there is 4 variations but only one says pig pen on the package. It doesnt say pig pen UV...
  5. Oswego and the Bay fishing have been heavy on Flasher Flys. Hammers behind White Green dots. 41s behind white green dots and green trees. In the sun Pig Pen with the Big Fin behind it. These combos have been the go to's the last couple weeks.
  6. All those big Canadian Kings! You catch them before they leave. I guess there wont be any "west end" whining about no stagers this year. Heaven forbid they get 3 weeks of "tough" fishing. LOL!
  7. The largest Offshore wind farm in the world is coming off of Virginia...
  8. It is more about the time of the year and the unstable weather patterns of late.
  9. Right in the river plume is not a bad spot to start. Depending on the wind direction that will dictate the plume direction.
  10. Hatchery space in the State..............................
  11. Prior to Cell phones were private channel marine scrambled radios... I miss those days!!
  12. I can answer the Black River question. There is a fish weir at Black River that the DEC can use on low return years at the Salmon River to get enough fish for eggs. It is a back up plan so to speak. Granted 50k in Kings is not many but could provide enough eggs in a pinch. There have been years in the past where the DEC needed to do this in order to have enough eggs for the quota.
  13. PM sent Ill take em.
  14. Those big Canadian 4yr old naturals!! We dont get those on the south shore. Those are a special breed.
  15. Shipwrecked lets make sure we provide the public with accurate information. It would not allow windmills as foundations being built inside the sanctuary designation area would not be allowed. I know several of the folks on the local committee that have had substantial input into the process. The process has been very open to this point. Why do you have an axe to grind with NOAA?
  16. Well if you do the math on 150 turbines and the circumference on those that is about 50 square miles... I was referencing one windmill...
  17. We have been told no restrictions on recreational fishing. Those fishing restrictions are for the net boats and long liners in the ocean. No concern of ours. We desperately need this to keep the windmills out of the lake. With the sanctuary in place they cant build the windmills. You want to talk restrictions if the windmills come there will be no fishing within 1500 feet of any of them.
  18. Lots of boats on Lake Ontario in the 10k hour range. I even know of one that went 16k... 5500 is nothing..
  19. I would recommend B and W customs in Sodus Point. Bill and Billy Jr are the best around at glass and the only guys I let touch my boat. They are straight shooters. If it can be fixed they will tell you if not they will tell you. And don't ever let anyone tell you 5500 is the end of a life on a motor... That is in-experience with motors. Plenty of life left if it is well maintained. Plenty of boats reach 10k plus hours on the troll. Good Luck with whatever decision you make.
  20. One other item to keep in mind with salt boats. North of Jersey the boats are hauled for winter for the most part. South of Jersey they are in the water 24/7 365 days. It does make a difference.
  21. Come on out Wednesday to the VFW in Mexico!
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