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  1. Ill take em Glen. I will send a PM.
  2. I think it really depends on the boat. Make sure if you add to them do it even. If you go 3 inches horizontal, you do the same vertical. I don't need them on my 36 Tiara. The factory rudders more than suffice. However, it can also be autopilot related. The Simrad in my opinion is the best autopilot on the market. Reaction time of the pilot is everything.
  3. Phil, you are right on the money here... It is going to get interesting..
  4. I second the Boga grip with a rope. Unless its a long copper fish they will swim away 98% of the time.
  5. I hope someone from that area is attending and can report back to us. I don't get warm fuzzy's from this one.
  6. Check out the Sea School website. They usually schedule classes in upstate NY for the winter time. They may not have the schools posted yet.
  7. Thank you to everyone who came out last night. It was a good turnout. Lots of great information shared.
  8. Meeting is open to the public Wednesday, June 21 at 7pm. Mexico VFW. DEC will be present to answer questions and give us current information on Lake Ontario. This is your chance to voice your opinion. See you all there! Brian
  9. This is a complicated question. Is it in saltwater year round? (Basically anything south of Jersey). The northern climate salt vessels have the same layup period that our boats do. Does the boat run into brackish or freshwater after its use? Is it flushed, washed and lift kept? Salt air will penetrate everything. You may chase wiring issues forever. Corrosion on all finishes. That being said you can find good boats in salt environments. My Tiara was in Cape Cod for 3 years. You can't tell it was in salt. It was well cared for and was only exposed for 3 years. The best advice I can give is have a thorough survey done by a qualified Marine Surveyor and be present when he does it. Hope this helps.
  10. Definitely check your pulley on the rigger. Run a cotton swab on it and see if there is any burrs.
  11. Dowie Dale in Mexico NY. Not sure if they have slips available and you better have a big set to get in and out of there cut when its rough but its doable. I know quite a few guys who run out of there.
  12. I wanted to let the LOU community know that I have started a new business to service the South shore of Lake Ontario and the 81/Thruway corridors. Captains Choice Surveying and Services LLC. I recently Graduated from Chapmans School of Yachts and Small Craft Surveying and am applying to SAM's in short order. I am available for all your Condition and Value Surveys as well as Insurance needs. I understand our fishing boats and the investment we have in them. As many of you know I have run Tall Tails Sportfishing for nearly 20 years on the south shore and have been around boats near my entire life. I have owned great boats and bad ones, so I have seen them all. The area has a need for quality surveyors, and I hope I can provide that. I can be reached anytime text or call at 607 423 4415. My website will be up and running shortly and I will provide that as well. I am already booking quickly for when the weather breaks but if you need a survey done give us a call and we can take care of you. Thank you, Capt. Brian Garrett
  13. I don't see where this is a problem.... What is not included and should be is a moratorium on windmills... notice it won't stop them, now that is the real issue here. This will not affect sportfishing. Below is the specific language. Significance of Economic Effects on Small Entities Substantial Number Criterion The proposed regulations do not regulate fishing but do prohibit damage to sanctuary resources. A similar provision prohibiting injury to cultural resources is already in existing state law, and therefore, the proposed regulations are not expected to have an effect on businesses. In 2018 and 2019, there were two active fishing licenses within eastern Lake Ontario. Although it is assumed that both fishers are small businesses, it is also assumed that the fishers actively avoid using their gillnets on or close to shipwrecks to avoid entangling or damaging their gear and to comply with existing state law. Therefore, the proposed rule will not affect a substantial number of small businesses.
  14. We lost "Big" Dave Marks yesterday. He finally succumbed to the cancer he had been fighting. "Big" Dave was just that, his heart was bigger than he was. He was always there with a smile and even a good story to tell. He loved fishing almost more than his family. Whether it be Lake Ontario or Cayuga Lake he was always eager to wet a line. He was also a Board member of ELOSTA for the last 10 years and was always involved with our events in one way or another. On a personal note, for me he was a part of Team Tall Tails, as our observer for the last nearly 10 years. He would always tell me he loved doing it as it was "Lunch and Show". I would laugh every time he told me that. He would also do whatever he could for us whenever we asked whether it was helping move the boat down the lake or run to a tackle shop for a last minute item, we could count on him. And he would always show up with some tackle saying hey I heard this is hot right now. Dave was just a fantastic individual and the world will miss him. If you would keep Donna his wife and his whole family in your prayers right now, I know it would mean a lot to them. Thank you, Brian Garrett
  15. Fished the Fraiser river. Ocean is to unpredictable
  16. Yes it was a lot of fun and very different. Hired a guide.
  17. A lot has been said about the DEC not having the "State of Lake Meeting" anymore. There new approach is to be out in public trying to do more interactive meetings to keep people informed on the Fishery. This is one of those meetings and attendance is important. You don't have to be a member to attend. Thank you Brian
  18. Atlantic marine probably has one in stock.
  19. 2nd vote for BW customs. He is the only guy I let touch my boat when it comes to glass work. Bill and Billy are the best.
  20. Simrad really needs to have the speed input so it knows how fast you are going. Do you have it tied in to a GPS? If not I would start there.
  21. With the North wind tomorrow you are better off running north up by the pond. same depth of water. It will be a lot more comfortable.
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