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  1. Lots of boats on Lake Ontario in the 10k hour range. I even know of one that went 16k... 5500 is nothing..
  2. I would recommend B and W customs in Sodus Point. Bill and Billy Jr are the best around at glass and the only guys I let touch my boat. They are straight shooters. If it can be fixed they will tell you if not they will tell you. And don't ever let anyone tell you 5500 is the end of a life on a motor... That is in-experience with motors. Plenty of life left if it is well maintained. Plenty of boats reach 10k plus hours on the troll. Good Luck with whatever decision you make.
  3. One other item to keep in mind with salt boats. North of Jersey the boats are hauled for winter for the most part. South of Jersey they are in the water 24/7 365 days. It does make a difference.
  4. Come on out Wednesday to the VFW in Mexico!
  5. Thank you to all that responded! I am all set. I am sure there are other teams who are or will be looking.
  6. Team Tall Tails is looking for an observer for the Sodus Pro Am and or the A-TOM-MIK invitational. The dates for the Sodus Pro Am are July 17 and 18th, you must be available both days. The Invitational in Oswego is on August 7th with a scheduled blow day of the 8th, again you must be available both days. Please feel free to text me at 607 423 4415 if you are interested or a PM here. We will pay you a daily rate of $100.00. This is a great opportunity to learn from some of the best teams around and we run a 36ft boat so you should get paired on a similar sized vessel so it should be comfortable. Brian
  7. That also might be to good a picture in some cases. Fish on bait can be more difficult to entice. Try sliding out 15 or 20 feet north of them on the next pass and see if you can bit by fish moving in or out off that picture. Sometimes that can help entice the bites.
  8. Chowder i will take these. Will you be in Olcott this week? I can get them from you then.
  9. You didnt by chance install something new near the heading sensor or store something metal near it?
  10. Is it that it just responds to slow? there are settings for reactionary speed. Also at least on mine (not a 44) the speed input is critical so it knows how fast to respond.
  11. Did you just install it or was it working and now its failing? I have had several brands of Autopilots over the years and SIMRAD is far and away the best.
  12. Launch is open, Have at it.
  13. If you want to spice up your Coho program try a Big Jon rattle board 15ft in front of the thin fish. These boards have sand in them and make noise going thru the water. Coho can not resist them. Also Steelhead will pound these if they are in there surface mood. My Coho program has two of these out on each side of the boat on straight mono and 2 more rods with short cores on small boards usually with the small dodgers and coho flies.
  14. 15 inches behind the little red dodgers is the standard. I run the same leader length behind the 6in spinnies as well. 30lb test Fluro carbon will give you the stiffness you need.
  15. That would add a whole new level to our license... you would need food prep as well. that is a thing if you look at the applications and renewals. also for me that would grease up the cabin where the tackle is stored... NOPE!!
  16. We have had more meetings then you can imagine....
  17. Call the Town of Newfane Marina (Olcott) and find out if they have slips available.
  18. Probably should look into commercial shipping. That is the only way goods are crossing.
  19. This boat is as clean as they can be. The Owner was meticulous. This boat is Mint!
  20. Can you provide a source for the 250k harvest for the cormorants? They are under federal control. The states literally have no say other then to apply for a limited harvest permit which ends up in 1200 range... I am not doubting you but would like to see where the feds authorized a 250k harvest on the cormorants. Our DEC hands are completely tied when it comes to those birds. They beg us in meetings to reach out to our officials and apply pressure.
  21. They stocked Rome fish in more central and western basin area's. However the eastern basin has been getting Rome Browns for many many years. That is not the issue. We have a HUGE class of 2yr old alewives. Perfect size for the BT to enjoy and very unstable weather in April. I think it is a combination of the two. Lets not sound alarm bells till we aren't catching them in June and July.
  22. The money is berried in the word "Sustainability"... You tell everyone you bring on the lake what they want to do.. Customers, friends, and family. After they have had fun trolling in 150 fow tell them this would be off limits once the windmills were installed. That was the past plan for Mexico Bay.. It would essentially stop the fishery in the bay.... No access within a 1000ft of any windmills...
  23. The Trout One out of Mexico Bay is for sale. Capt. Bryan Kopala 30' Penn Yan His contact info is on his website. Home (troutonecharters.com)
  24. B&W Customs in Sodus Pt can take care of that for you. Bill and Billy jr are the best around at Glass repair.
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