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  1. best great lakes boat What is the best great lakes fishing boat with the emphasis being on stability? Currently I have a 22ft islander. It handles better than some bigger boats in high waves when trolling but not great when running. With the motor box, seat configuration etc you can easily brace yourself and there is lot to bounce off of. My thought is I would want at least a 30 footer. I have heard that a Tierra or Carolina classic would be a great option. Not ready to pull the trigger but trying to decide what I ultimately want in my Dreamboat.
  2. Thanks guys. Have spoke with him and he said he has not had a treble bend or break this year. I have bent them with pliers before and take care not to ruin the hook. Many fish this year have bent the hook for sure. Have lost several this season where I brought it in and the hook was bent. Also had at least one break last season and several this season. Sucks when you pay 7.99 for a fly and the hook breaks and you lose a fish. I shouldn't have to put better hooks on my flys and retie everyone I buy!
  3. Atomic hooks Myself and at least 4 other boats that I talk with and fish with have had the hooks bend or break on the atomic flies. I would like others experience and suggestions with this issue. There is no way we are the only ones experiencing this. Last evening I landed a king in low 20's and we had to tie on another hook because it bent. I took my time with this fish. I love Toms stuff and believe its the best for lake O. I am thinking there has to be a better way to go for the hooks.
  4. Shimano Triton GT 100 I'm selling three Shimano Triton GT reels. They are old probably mid 90s. Most of the writing has worn off. These will be a good start for someone on a budget . They work well one problem is you cannot get parts. The end cap that covers the nut as pictured on the middle reel handle has broken off on two of the reels. The nut can be locked tited with a couple of lock washers and will work. These reals have served me well for many years but it's time for an upgrade. 3 for $40.
  5. are they still available
  6. is it just foam they stick in?
  7. for sale : usa

    pictures what spoons?
  8. these are good reels had 4 since 1995, still going strong!
  9. Was definitely different on Firiday. We started in 150 and zig zagged between there and 250. Most hits on north troll on the wire. Meat took a couple but mostly FF. Ended 9 for 13. 7 kings, 1 laker, and a bow. Fished outta Hughes from 530 to noon.
  10. thanks to everyone for the comments. i will be sure they are not to tight.
  11. The body of the downrigger is guaranteed forever. So they pay to have it fixed. Problem is am I going to have to do this every season. It is unacceptable. For the price of downriggers I should not have to take them to get fixed every season.
  12. here it is.
  13. mine are. they have the holders at the back of the rigger. they screw in. alternative is to buy the aluminium ones that make but they are 250 each! I thought i bought high quality.
  14. ok thanks I do the same.
  15. cannon downrigger I have 3 cannon riggers last year was my first year running them and I purchased them new. On all 3 where the rod holder screws in cracked. On one almost lost a rod when the holder fell down. I got them all fixed over the off season and figured I had been cranking them down to tight so ok my bad. This season I have been careful not to over tighten them. Yesterday while fishing the center rigger rod falls down as the rod holder collapsed first thought was monster fish. Nope dam thing cracked again!! Upon checking the other 2 riggers I found small hairline crack in them. [email protected]$^@$!!! I can't be the only one experiencing this. Makes me want new riggers.