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  1. Boat sold! Thanks to all that looked and for the ones that helped along the way!
  2. New price $7800 it's gotta go!
  3. Here are some more updated photos let me know if anyone wants any specific areas and I will get them to you thanks!!
  4. Sure can sent you a pm dustily
  5. Thanks ready to roll just needs a crew
  6. Ha! Thanks for the feedback keep thinking I'm doing something wrong. What's really crazy is there has only been one guy to come and look at it I'll try it on that other sight thanks pap just posted on cl the other night too will add pictures this weekend and keep my fingers crossed thanks again guys!
  7. It's a great boat it's ready to fish just needs someone to run it I would be happy to show it anytime
  8. Boat is out of storage both engines are up and running she wants to fish she's ready to go!
  9. Priority sent you pm with #
  10. Boat still available Sent PM to you
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