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  1. Hunting Cabin, 5 acres, bordering state land, Prattsburgh I'm posting this for a friend. Please contact him if interested.
  2. What depth are you working? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. How deep are you? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Blowback

    Bassin Bob, just a reminder. Be careful not to equate where you see the weights on the fishfinder with their actual depth. The fishfinder is measuring from the transducer to the weight ie. at the angle of the blowback. The only time the depth of the ball and the fishfinder reading are the same is with no blowback.. For example, it would not be unusual for the fishfinder to show 120 ft and the weight only be down 100 ft., at trolling speed. Of course the difference varies with boat speed, depth being fished, and size of the weight.
  5. Niagara pro am 2016 big king

    Nice video!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. You have a PM. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. 600' spool of copper New 600' spool of 45# copper. $35 shipped, PM me if interested.
  8. What is best waterproofing treatment for Sunbrella top?

    called John and he said 303 Fabric Guard,
  9. What is best waterproofing treatment for Sunbrella top? The fabric of my Sunbrella top appears to be in good condition, but it leaks. What has product anyone used with success to solve this problem? Thanks, Dick
  10. QDM Good vs Bad

    Our Legislative VP says that neither yearling buck protection/antler restrictions nor any new crossbow provisions made it through in the budget that was just passed. The above is the response to a question I asked the NYSCC. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Big Boat

    In NY, with a permit, there is a special provision (SHN 09-03) which allows weekend travel for boats up 10' width.
  12. Wanted Atlas Spawnee sac jig

    You have a PM.
  13. Cuddy porthole

    What kind of boat is it from?
  14. ISO auto pilot

    Not cheap! A quick check of my records showed EV200 AP was about $2500 and the Sea Star hydraulic steering system was about $1000, then install costs. That was in 2015. Hank (L&M) did the install for me (nice job). He probably could give you specifics for you application.
  15. ISO auto pilot

    Something to consider.... Under most circumstances, you will be trolling with one engine. If your boat is like mine, there is power steering assist on only one engine. To keep engine hrs. similar on both engines, you will likely troll about half of the time on each engine. This means that when using the non power assist engine to troll, you won't have power assist (unless you leave the other engine running). Without power assist, steering is possible but stiff. If using an AP in this application, it could be a heavy load for the AP. Converting to hydraulic steering eliminates these issues.