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  1. landingzone

    Tie down those boats!

    Yesterday at Lincoln Rd & 104.
  2. landingzone


    Had 'em today out of Pultneyville. Not bad yet.
  3. I have a 14 ft. Blue Fin with a 10 hp Honda. I plan to use it on small lakes and ponds. I think I would like to bow mount an electric trolling motor for maneuvering around. What would be the least thrust I should consider?
  4. landingzone

    Boat fish cleaning station ideas

    Great Lakes Planers made these custom mounts for me a few years ago. Fits in standard track. Easily lifts off leaving only bottom portion of mount. Used standard Magma table.
  5. landingzone

    Hunting Cabin Boarding State Land (Prattsburgh)

    Please call my friend at the number listed in the Craigslist ad for any info.
  6. I'm posting this for a friend. This is a nice secluded cabin on 5 acres bordering state land in Prattsburgh. NY. Contact him via the information on Craigslist. https://rochester.craigslist.org/reo/d/hunting-cabin/6565875842.html
  7. landingzone

    Blue Deer Pee?

    Saw this Friday (3/23) while putting out trail cams. An internet search suggests that sometimes it is caused by deer eating buckthorn berries in late winter. There are many buckthorn on this property. I tried eating one once. The taste was so bad I couldn't spit it out fast enough.
  8. landingzone

    Wanted Power pro 200lb

    Do the releases slide down it (Scotty rigger wire) nicely?
  9. What mfr. model number is it? Probably E7020..(something). Does it have WiFi?
  10. landingzone


  11. landingzone

    window replacement

    I once had a similar situation. I cut a piece of plexiglass of the approximate same thickness and sealed it in with silicone.
  12. Hunting Cabin, 5 acres, bordering state land, Prattsburgh I'm posting this for a friend. Please contact him if interested. https://rochester.craigslist.org/reo/d/hunting-cabin/6322884862.html
  13. What depth are you working? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. How deep are you? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. landingzone


    Bassin Bob, just a reminder. Be careful not to equate where you see the weights on the fishfinder with their actual depth. The fishfinder is measuring from the transducer to the weight ie. at the angle of the blowback. The only time the depth of the ball and the fishfinder reading are the same is with no blowback.. For example, it would not be unusual for the fishfinder to show 120 ft and the weight only be down 100 ft., at trolling speed. Of course the difference varies with boat speed, depth being fished, and size of the weight.