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  1. I'm off of Rochester fishing for Browns. Any info on depth and spoon colors. Thanks
  2. I'm off of Rochester fishing for Browns. Any info on depth and spoon colors. Thanks
  3. Thinking about fishing for Browns tomorrow off of Rochester. Never been there. We are staying in Point Breeze for the week, wind looks a little iffy. Hear that you can fish Rochester in a stronger west winds. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  4. Thank You. I fish on Lake Erie, on the edge of the western/central basin. The lake is higher than last year. It's not hurting the walleye fishing, it's been a phenomenal spring. Lol weather permitting
  5. What is the lake level this year on Lake Ontario. Is it is high as it was last year, or relatively back to normal. Thanks
  6. 2 questions who does good quaity mounts around the Oak. And 2 if you catch a trophy in the summer, do you have it painted summer or fall colors. Just need some opinions. Thanks Mike
  7. Thanks for the info. I settled on #8 spro 50lb Thanks Mike
  8. looking for the best swivel and size to connect copper to the leader, and the Power Pro to the copper. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  9. Thinking about purchasing the HDS-12.I fish a lot on Lake Erie's western end Huron to Lorain area. Probably the best unit for here. I fish Ontario once a year just wondering how that unit works in the deep water in Lake Ontario. Does the 50/200 (50) track the DR balls and how deep. Any information is appreciated. We fish out of Point Breeze. Thanks Mike
  10. Cranberry Creek Marina we are dropping our boat and motor sales. We have 1 new 200 hp. Evinrude model # E200DPXAAB asking $16000. With factory Warranty. Any Reasonable offers will be considered. Call 419/433/3932 Ask for Bob,Susan, or mike. Shipping could be made available. We are located 40 miles west of Cleveland right on Lake Erie. Website cranberrycreekmarina.com or our fishing site fishcranberrycreekmarina.com Thanks Mike
  11. Chaff


    A spray with a high % of DEET works the best. Off only has 25 to 49 % there are other brands that have 98% . A little pricey 7 to 9 dollars for a small spray bottle. The more DEET higher price.
  12. Does the NE affect Olcott the same way as it does at the Oak?
  13. Chaff


    Anything with a high % of DEET in it works the best. We have the same thing on Lake Erie
  14. My sons and I pull our boat to the Oak to fish for a week. The last 2 years a strong NE blew in cold water making it hard for us to find mature fish. I was just wondering if the NE affects Olcott the same way? Does the cold water move out faster? Any info wood be appreciated. Thanks Mike
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