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  1. Laker - jigging sonar

    do a youtube search on garmin panoptix. the price is up there but it looks like it could be a real game changer.
  2. i spool my light rigger reels with 15lb I keep them stored out of the sun but check the line regularly and change if any signs of deterioration. during flea season I splice in 120ft of so of fresh 30lb someone on this site once mentioned a theory that fresh line is smooth and sheds fleas better older line has microscopic nics and burs and the coating is more roughed up so it tends to give fleas more chance to catch and build up. My experience seems to support this theory so i go with it. i like lighter line when i can get away with it easier to work with so i take the 30lb back off in the late fall (after kings and fleas are done)
  3. This applies to all fishing the two most over used phrases "always" and "never". Also the two biggest lies Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Setting out a dipsy rod

    i do this I used to set it out the side by tossing the lure out while holding the rod and between catching the rigger or having the spoon or fly flip back on itself and wrap I got sick of it so tried different methods. running it out the shoot turned out to be the easiest to do and to teach. this method is also a lot easier in rough weather.
  5. Stick Baits on Seth Green rigs

    the boats not uncovered yet so the mind wanders. as for the regs when 3 rods was first introduced it actually had a provision for ice fishing you could do 5 tip ups and 3 hand lines. that was only for that one (maybe two) years. than they changed it to the 7 period. the ambiguity in tip ups stemmed from the definition that was used that stated any line with a signaling device could be considered a tip up so by definition if you had a spring bobber on your jig rod and put your jig rod down it became a tip up for that time because you could see a hit. that used to be the source of all sorts of "fun" conversations and thought experiments on various chat rooms. the new rule is very clear 7 and you have to attend them. there are still hypothetical's out there but mostly they are just the result of ridiculousness or boredom and not very practical as for seth green rigs I have run them a couple times i don't see any reason you couldn't run a stick bait. i would think a shallow diver would run much better than a deep diver but that is just speculation. i have limited experience with rigs they work and i did catch fish they just are not the top of my personal preference list
  6. Stick Baits on Seth Green rigs

    its one of the changes in recent years that i have been really happy to see and a sign that the DEC at least wants to try and work with fisherman.
  7. Stick Baits on Seth Green rigs

    I'll have to go back and look the change was to get rid of the ambiguity around what is a tip up so instead of 5 tipups (traps) and two hand lines it's now just 7 total lines in combination Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Stick Baits on Seth Green rigs

    Ice fishing is 7 lines any combo of tipup tipdown or hand line Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Modifying boards

    On my set the eye bolt is about centerline but it is about 6 inches long and bent up at about the half way point this puts the attachment point up high without putting to much leverage on the board so it can still ride mostly level. they are cedar and over 30 years old at this point and still work fairly well sit nice and low and dig nicely through waves
  10. Modifying boards

    on an inline the pull of the lure/copper/leadcore is directly on the back of the board so you weight it forward to keep it balanced instead of noseing up. on a big board the pull is on the tow line and thus the inside of the board and forward of center this would tend to pull the nose in towards the boat so you weight the back outside edge to counter balance and get the outside board to dig deeper creating more outward force
  11. Planer board reels

    Stoneam where are u located? I just bought a spool at South Bay on empire in Rochester as for planner line 150 lbs power pro works real well I have never tried Spectra though Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Fishing trip

    are you specifically looking for walleye or just a different trip? late May hudson river striped bass fishing is a trip everyone should do at least once check out stripers247.com for some info
  13. I used to say the same thing about golf balls
  14. Baitfish

    small bluegill also make great bowfin bait. takes paitence but results in some monsters
  15. Headache from propane

    Stay hydrated I get migraines if I don't so always have Gatorade g 2 with me also a couple ibuprofen at the first sign of pain low risk high reward cold dry air sucks moisture like crazy especially as it warms like in your lungs and around your eyes when behind sunglasses Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app