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  1. In reality with that budget get a pair of used electrics and save up till you can upgrade Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Start with manuals that way when you switch to electrics you'll appreciate it more. Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. that reaction is no joke especially to those flys because they typically dont cause any reaction beyond the initial hurt. I have a similar alergy to a deer fly like bug. it looks like a deer fly on growth hormone big and black and mean last time I got bit on my toe my whole foot swelled up to the point where I couldnt walk and it got red half way up my lower leg. i ended up with a patch of sking dying at the bite. good luck with the bugg spray mine just arrived today this will be my first time trying it last year my brother was convinced he just needed more off so he kept spraying and they were all over him and leaving me mostly alone. this year he has learned his lesson
  4. that sounds almost like commercial outriggers. look up commercial salmon fishing on youtube. could also be what many longliners call birds actually used to help stabilize the boat when pulling gear. most standard outriggers do not have motors and there just is not need. you can usually run the line out with one hand. as far as using standard outriggers I was given a pair of 12 footers a couple years ago and here is what i find. they are nice in a crowd because you are much more maneuverable they also make you look bigger so it tends to buy you more room. in rougher weather they don't bounce around like boards. you can run anything off of them including dipseys which is nice for more spread. downside is they don't get as far out as boards. for my set up storage is easy but initial set up and put away is a pain in the but. still they have there time and place. if i got a new boat I would consider getting a new set but I would go longer with a different type of mount ideally something that I could leave attached to the boat in storage.
  5. talk to your doctor and get an epi pen. allergies like that get worse with more exposures. If you go into full out anaphylaxis benadryl is not gonna do it and you're a long way from that kind of help
  6. i had to do a double take is that a flying laker in that pic? almost fell off the couch laughing
  7. 16 is the hailing channel it is also the emergency channel you call on 16 than switch to talk. If you have a radio law states you have to monitor 16 but in reality it's good practice because that's where a call for help will come from and if you need to make one in a hurry you don't have to think about changing channels that's why most radios have a button to go right to 16 Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. this
  9. Thanks for the reply I have need of ramp but the dimensions aren't right might be moving but won't be soon so don't know what future need would be Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. would you sell just the top section? whats the total rise of the ramp?
  11. good to see that some people caught fish we struggled to say the least caught 2 in the first pass on saturday thought we had something going than that was it never moved a rod the rest of the weekend. was so fed up we took monday off with the rain. hopefully things turn around for us soon its been a grind for my boat everywhere the last season and a half.
  12. Sometimes current matters as catfish follow a scent from the bait they come to the downstream bait first and thus that one gets more hits Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. thanks guys i've spent so much time targeting certain species or methods but I end up with so many good memories from random bonus fish like this or things that happened when just fishing simple in order to enjoy the outdorrs
  14. score one for the little guy So we finally got up to camp last weekend to check things out and open everything up. We had our grandson with us and he was paitent with us getting the trailer opened and ready so while up there we got out the bobber rods and had some fun. He got a pile of perch up to 8 inches and this happened. he hooked it and fought it all on his own all i did was talk him through it and get the fish out of the water and take pics. This fish was all of 30lbs probably more (no scale handy). caught it on a snoopy pole and zebco took about 25 mins to land. The picture does not do it justice. Thank god the water was cold and most of the runs were slow i think if the fish had decided to go out to the lake there was no stopping him. He talked about this fish for the rest of the trip but in fairness so did I. This quite possibly tops my PB Carp but i dont target them (may have to start)
  15. pvc is your friend you can also hang a couple of rake handles from the celing about 3 feet apart and parallel to the ground just at the top of your reach. you can fit a lot of rods on that