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  1. More thrust means less throttle to move and lower battery draw I had a transom mount 30# on my 14 foot it did the job but had to use full throttle to move in the wind had I had the money I would have gone a size up at the time Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Is it just me or is you're steering wheel on the wrong side? Either way cool vid always good to see happy kids on the boat Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. ifishy

    Guides Boats

    the trouble with center consoles is limited seating and weather protection and for trolling lake O those are important things. Walk around's on the other hand are a nice compromise on that and for my next upgrade they will definitely get some consideration. i like the option to trailer so i prefer a boat in the 19-20 foot range and fall firmly on the outboard side of the engine question. there are some really nice models out there for that type crestliner has a model called the authority that i would very much like to get my hands on there are some comprable versions from alumaweld though i have not seen any around here and Hewescraft makes some very nice pilot house models most of those. most of those also have a versions in the 22-24 foot range they could be good for a more multi species guiding service but for pure trolling the big glass inboards mentioned above are tough to beat comfort is important for customers that may not be hardcore fisherman that would prefer fishability
  4. Thank you I have a broken handle one I need to replace I don't like this style attachment for just this reason Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Do you have a pic of the handle side? Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. The most you can get with your budget Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. ifishy

    Evening bite?

    fishing is just as good the only difference is you launch in the light and retrieve in the dark
  8. ifishy

    Oswego or Irondequoit

    i bay launch is a headache when the weather is nice (googans) i would avoid it. in between those two places you can also launch from sodus or fairhaven or hughes. personally hughes is one of my favorites nice place to launch for fisherman. you can also get a pass for bear creek but you either have to go later or get it the day before plus if there is any wave action coming in from the north there is no protection there. if you want to stay west the genny is a decent launch but you get some pleasure boaters there as well
  9. So this was our tenth year fishing the derby (maybe ninth). We started out Saturday in front of the Keuka outlet. I know the registration numbers were down but it seemed way more crowded than the last couple years. we had good screens and good temps to start so we set up in the top 30 feet and fished on the drop. We did this for a couple hours before we finally got our first hit. it turned out to be our only hit of the day. We boated what turned out to be a 4.2 lb LL which at the time of weigh in at Sampson was top of the board. It all went downhill from there. Saturday my daughter was not feeling well and wasn't eating or drinking by Sunday AM i told my brother who was on the way to go back home as my girl was dehydrated and getting worse. by 9 am we were in the ER with her which led to her being admitted to strong. Monday the wife felt bad so she sent us fishing but my heart just wasn't in it we made two quick passes at the north end one top water one dragging cowbells and grease traps. not a single hit despite seeing some good marks. As i said i just wasn't into it so after 2 hours we called it and i was back to strong where i ended up staying until late Tuesday. She is home now but still not recovered. i finally looked at the results not expecting a 4lb fish to mean anything and low and behold I'm in 5th. I look a little closer and they posted the fish as 4.02 instead of 4.2 which would have been 2nd instead of 5th. I sent an email inquiring if someone could look at the sheet but I am not expecting anything because i didn't bring it up before the derby ended. I have no qualms with the derby committee i think they are doing an excellent job with trying to grow and improve the event. I just wish I had been paying more attention. the important thing is my girl is showing signs of recovery though its still a little up in the air. so even though I placed i'm kind of jaded on the derby partially because of the fishing but mostly because it was a rough weekend for me personally i was surprised to see the small size of silver fish that placed i think it points towards a possible die off of older fish? I dont have the answers but I hope the lake recovers at this point i dont know if i will fish this next year. that is something i never questioned in the past. congrats to all those who managed to find fish and thanks to the derby committee for running another good event. sorry no pics i really didnt think the fish had any chance PS it had at least 5 sawbelly's in its stomach all different sizes from 2 inch to 6 inch
  10. I do the same works well Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. ifishy


    another option might be warm water fish in sodus bay this time of year there should be rock bass in there looking to spawn may well also find perch smallmouth crappie (might be late) even some walleye around. that way you can shelter around islands if needed. as for trout and salmon hughes is where i launch out of the most for lake O. fishing can be good all through that area its really the weather that dictates. seneca will be crowded its derby weekend its a fun derby to fish but if your not in it I would recomend avoiding seneca. Cayuga is nice because as long as the wind isnt due south or north at least one side of the lake should be calm.
  12. ifishy

    Seneca Seneca south end

    hey now the brown comment was tongue in cheek I have spent many hours chasing them there and have a grand total of 2 in and one lost for it. I am snake bit on that lake for browns. as far as the rest of the lake I have only been fishing it for 10 years or so and recently started doing more on ontario when i got a bigger boat. I have actully met nick (very nice guy) i did a couple of the box derbys last year and enjoyed it as a first foray into derby fishing. last year was tough every time so its good to see the reports i have seen so far and all the pics show healthy well fed fish which may in fact be why the fishing was so tough last year.
  13. ifishy

    3rd down rigger????

    straight out the back is fine in the old days thats how a lot of boats ran 4 thats what we did off my dads 24 foot trophy bayliner. try to run the same style weight on each that way they will all be affected similarly you can get seperation with depth as well as side to side. i only run a sea nymph 195 and rigger tangle is not a big problem with 3 down and my side riggers are only 48 inches
  14. ifishy

    Seneca Seneca south end

    must have been a mirage there are no browns in seneca good deal on the silvers nice to see the reports are better than last year so far. hopeing for a better derby this year
  15. ifishy

    3rd down rigger????

    depends on your preferences for running as well 3 riggers is nice when running in tighter groups of boats because you can turn a little quicker but its more stuff at the back of the boat and in the way. also if its not a rigger bite day than its better not to run it at all. I have a third on mine and the biggest use it gets is as a probe rigger. its a manuall so i drop it to where i want it but than dont have to crank it up till end of day. i didnt purpose buy it for that but it is how things ended up. when fish are up high i tend to run three rigger lines but when running deep i only run two. I find fewer lines overall can be more effective sometimes especially if it means you can more easily keep them running right in less than ideal conditions.