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  1. Have not been there since the renovations but sk8man is it really worse than than the Geneva chamber of commerce launch? That would be impessive Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. If you only run two rigger no need for longer booms they run off the sides fine Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I ran a 19ft and trolled with a kicker no charger i ran the riggers and all the electronics off a seperate battery than the starter because i was always afraid of killing the starter. i rarely used the electric motor but i used to keep a battery in the boat for it it also acted as a back up for the starter battery or the electronics battery. all 3 were marnie dual purpose batteries i like the extra redundency when on the water
  4. I have seen where late in the year steelies still kicking around the tribs get chased by smallies making beds they would work over the tail as well and with fins if there's an infection they rot away quick Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Don't know much about tohatsu but i have a 7.5 Honda 4 stroke from the 80s it saved my dad's butt a few times In the 90s and mine as recently as this year the thing has more hours than I care to know and still runs all day on a gallon of gas as far as kickers if I ever need another one and Honda's an option thats what I'd get it's 35 years old and still more reliable than most cars Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. with the nymph my rule of thumb was if any water comes over the bow its time to go it defiantly only takes one to ruin a day.
  7. looking for some opinions. i currently run a Sea Nymph GLS 195 it has served me well for several years but on my shakedown trip this year the motor decided to not run right make some knocking noises stall out and start smoking. got home (gotta love a kicker) took the cover off and it is cooked one whole side is black and charred the coils are melted and any wire touching that set of cylinders is melted. The motor itself is a 1988 Johnson so at this point i am not looking to put any money into that. I have been looking at a new to me boat or a rebuilt motor. I had been leaning towards a larger boat in the 21-24 foot range glass and getting a slip. even had some prospect boats for it. I am only luke warm on this though. I do some fishing outside of lake ontario and that would end. I have the budget to dock but the first couple places i tried did not have availability and i want to be in the sandy creek (hamlin) area. So while going through all of this I came across a 1997 Lund Pro V SE 1900 with a new E-TEC on it for its age it is in great condition and i had a chance to sea trial it and i have a lot of good to say about this boat. I want to pull the trigger on it but i have one concern. it has a much lower free board and transom than i am used to with the sea nymph. I am worried that for lake Ontario this will limit my days even more than they already are. There was a slight chop on the lake when we took it out and it and it handled that like nothing. For those who have run similar boats i'm wondering if there is much of a difference in what they can fish in comfortably. with the sea nymph i do not fish in anything bigger than 1-3's and even then only if stable or falling. building seas are just not fun for me. the lund is an inch longer and has a wider beam i just have always fished out of high sided boats and deep V's so dont have enough experience in this type of hull though its reputation suggests that I would be good. my previous boat was a 14ft star craft and there are days where i miss it which also makes me think bigger may not be right for me
  8. What kind of shape is the 175 hp in? What year? The 90 might limit your buyer pool but those left would like have a similar mindset and be more likely to buy faster. Also would you make a difference in the price? Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Check out the webcam on the maps tab it's at sandy creek Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Made up info and bs claims are a tactic used by all sides skateman made a great point about the sewage discharges those in combination with hot water are truly dangerous getting that situation fixed should be a top priority regardless of the rest of it. As for the plant running it is still a complicated mix of pros and cons Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. That's low this group collectively should change their name to PITA for pain in the a**. They have some good intentions but to many overly idealistic people with not enough science background or verified fact checking. also tend to make no attempt at local understanding. this is a group that would push all lake trout and 100% protection of cormorants Roys Boys I hear you on the why bit coin but the answer is simply thats what can pay the bills right now. they only way to get any local benefit is really to have the plant running. if they were to set up the bit coin part without the plant the extra draw of power might be to much for the local infrastructure and the utility company's are likely to take any upgrade costs and translate it directly to the locals so better to avoid that. like anything else there should be requirements to minimize any environmental damage that includes protected intakes and max temps for outflows. In an ideal world we could rely on our elected officials and our DEC to have our best interest in mind and make decisions accordingly unfortunately we all know that politicians can be unduly influenced by parties that are not part of the group that elected them and often conveniently forget about the best interest of those they are supposed to represent.
  12. no one ever said hundreds of jobs. Also there seems to be focus on the bitcoin aspect. that part is more or less irrelevant bitcoing mining put simply is a program that is running on a series of servers. that part is not the key here what is key is those computers require power and that is what the plant would be used to provide the plant itself would require a staff of some sort to keep it running. maybe its a dozen people but that is not exactly a populous area so a dozen jobs is significant. yes there would contractors in and out at times as well but contractors make a living doing short jobs large and small so anything that produces those contracts is important to there economy if every job that took a week or less disappeared than a large percentage of contractors would go out of business. As far as pollution the big concern is thermal pollution. the water would be used primarily for cooling in one form or another as long as the temperature is not to high it can benefit the fishery overall even with large swings as the lake itself still provides a fairly stable fall back as well as the stream above the discharge. algae blooms happen and are not by default bad in fact they can be an important source of food at the bottom of the food chain. That said abnormal nutrient loads can lead to "harmful" algae blooms or blooms of organisms that produce toxins most notably botulism. to some extent even these blooms can be a normal and natural occurrence. A lake like Seneca is typically low in nutrients and in that scenario a warm water discharge cannot cause a bloom as there is no food for the algae. Nutrient loading is by far the bigger cause of blooms that are abnormal in size or frequency. In many cases the photo period is also more important for good algae growth which is why you dont see them in the winter months even in warm water discharges. Running the power plant is very unlikely to cause any change the algae grown unless some additional form of pollution is added to the runoff. i do however think that air pollution could be a concern as a turbine that is that inefficient will require a lot more fuel to generate the desired electricity. Though natural gas is a fairly clean burning source it is not perfect and there are some emissions.
  13. i used to love wading out in the outlet in a pair of shorts in the summer the warm water attracts a lot of bait and fish. not sure how much trout reproduction happens there but the discharge is very near the mouth so the spawning areas and natal areas would be relatively un-affected. Algae blooms are more dependent on nutrients like phosphorous than just temp. I would say a turbine upgrade is in order it just makes sense for the economics. One piece no one has mentioned is that running the plant will create some jobs.
  14. You need a bill of sale the signed title and a form you fill out from the DMV and a whole lot of paitence to deal with the lines and general apathy from the dmv Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Go for it could be lots of fun out of a yak Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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