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  1. the chamber gets a seal before the cap is screwed all the way in espcially if you have lube on the threads so the last turn or so of the cap actually compresses the air in the chamber creating a slight positive pressure inside. the smaller the chamber the greater the effect. it is similar to a syringe in principle. this may not have much effect over the course of a day buf if left as is over an entire season it could it could have an effect. changes in temperature will also cause changes in pressure in both directions. hotter than the day it was sealed will increase pressure. colder than the day it was sealed creates a vaccum. the constant push pull can wear on materials
  2. man i wish i could fish mid week still nice seeing open water season warm up
  3. I bay Sunday the lot was half full might have to go that way next trip if there is that many fewer people Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. we went out in the afternoon and struggled we found a couple but could find any real pockets of good water. was the first trip of the year so was good to get the boat running and tested and all the gear wet
  5. What do you want to fish for? And what time of year the fingers closest to you are great for pike bass and panfish with either conesus or honeyoye Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. those are some pretty significant limitations. The fact that the distribution almost exactly matches the receiver coverage suggests the study itself was not yet ready to be presented. Were the same tracking methods used or lake trout? as a bottom dwelling fish the range of the receivers may be even more limited. would love to see the network expand and get some long term movement data. could be great management tools
  7. I'm with Dawg one or two colors of core can be deadly with spoons in shallow and double nicely for stealth off a rigger later in the year
  8. Gill T your and ska8 are taking me back i did a research paper on "environmental estrogen" once upon a time back than it was a pretty newly discovered thing but it defiantly was having notable effects. Aquatic environments were especially susceptible. a lot of plastics and common pharmaceutical products break down into things with very similar chemical structures to estrogen. in one stream they found significant reduction in trout reproduction and it was due to the waste products breaking down into estrogen like compounds were causing a high percentage of fish to change gender (yes thats a real thing for some species) and or become sterile. the result was a population with not enough males to sustain reproduction. i remember an article a couple years back that even on the west coast the oldest and largest kings were becoming very scarce to the point where we may never see a new record. Part of the cause is defiantly attributed to fishing pressure and the tendency to target and keep the largest fish. These giant had some specific tendency's and timings that allowed them to be targeted even within the larger salmon runs. increased catch and release has shown promise but the genetics of 90lb kings may be gone i also believe that some of the staging behavior we have lost is more directly related to warmer water temps later in the year than we used to have but I have no temp data to back that up.
  9. The theory is called punctuated equallibrium and has been part of the genetics curriculum since my college days it basically states that evolution happens in short rapid bursts separated by long stable intervals. It stems from the thought that major environmental pressures often change rapidly and the species whose genetics are most diverse to start have the best chance of individuals who are better adapted and there genes than become more prominent. For this case it's important to note that hatchery survivability is probably a major driving influence to the population genetics and any genes linked even partially to that will also increase over time. Fresh stock from the West coast would likely not do as well in the hatchery to start and be quickly bread out as a result. The lake o fish currently are the best evolved to survive in lake o the Dec should strongly consider experimenting with selective breeding of the biggest and oldest fish tagging the offspring to see if they are larger on average at return there is a very good chance the science would end up showing the benefit Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Damn I was secretly hoping it wouldn't sell for a while and I would have a chance at it for next season buyer is gonna be happy Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. in similar water to HB2 deep slow estuary i've had luck i with a small jig but with a 4 inch or bigger gulp bait and dancing it along the bottom. The browns will hit it like a freight train and make you rethink how aggressive trout can be have had some success off piers and seawalls with this as well but have not tried t from the boat yet.
  12. its also important to think about the type and timing of fishing as well as location. if you are mostly sport or fun fishing the longer coppers though productive may detract from the fun. If you are doing more tournament or derby fishing than the productivity is more important. also do you fish year round or early season or late season and where in the lake. these questions will set what kind of depth your more likely to target. If you dont already have it a good option might be one copper and one leadcore. lots of versatility there as well. personally i will typically only run long weighted lines during a derby. That is purely my preference for what i want from my fishing experience. i would rather do fewer rods and if i want deep stealth do a short core off a down rigger or some such. the other part has to do with boat traffic if you fish a lot in heavy traffic such as the Niagara bar than longer coppers are less conducive to maneuverability. I've not been there but if your on the east end fishing the trench area it sounds like a similar scenario
  13. I run a Honda 7.5 hp tiller as my kicker on my 19 ft sea nymph prior to that it was the kicker on my dad's 24ft trophy it pushed both boats no issue and same top end speed on both the motor is 30 year's old and still runs like a top my vote is Honda 9.9 with the 12 amp is nice piece of mind for electrical and a couple extra mph when it's an emergency and you need to get in but the smaller one will work nicely Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. A very fisherman friendly launch during the season couldn't say if it's ice free right at the moment if it's not sodus and Bear Creek are both pretty close bear Creek you need a permit but you can get those at the park on Knickerbocker rd Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. had a chance to find the link https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=o&ext=sfcur&type=N&hr=39 interesting to see it as it is in the winter noticeably different than in the summer but could be due to wind or ice or other.still an excellent example of how there can be strong currents throughout the entire lake
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