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  1. We're your marks east or west gonna be that way tomorrow but haven't been on the lake In a couple weeks nice to have a starting point last time I fished there was 3 years ago and I blew my engine haven had a chance with the new boat yet
  2. Haven't been there in two weeks back than best screens were 30 50 fow west of pultneyvill tried all the way out to 150 with nothing went shallow and went 1 for 2 I the last hour with a big drop back steely. It's old info but weather has been relatively stable I would Starr shallow and slowly work out till I saw marks that area has always been feast or famine for me but we did hit some 2 year old kings out of sodus already this year so good sign for an early set up
  3. ive been starting to really miss that lake but every time i plan to go there either something comes up or in my head i hear the screaming drag of a king on a dipsey in my head.
  4. Better get it this year if the schedule works out next year I'm claiming it in a triumphet return
  5. These discussions can be fun there are a lot of knowledgeable experienced people on this site with varied backgrounds Yankee and gambler are two that know there fishing deserve to be listened to and considered thoughtfully even if you don't agree and consider who starred this thread love seeing comments from the biologist we rely on To keep the lake healthy
  6. You can get stock biminis online for less but if you go custom and are willing to pay I recommend a wrap around of some sort stock Biminis come in many heights and lengths so can get whatever size you need that way sport tops or enclosures are a lot harder to find so if paying for custom worth getting the full set up
  7. The derby itself can be a lot of fun and the lake is accessible to boats of all sizes this derby was part of me getting back into trout and salmon trolling on my first boat (14 footer) I fished it 8 straight years and unfortunately in 2018 ad a rough experience (life issues not the derby fault) that combined with a tough fishing year pushed me away I am now looking to get back in just unfortunately busy this weekend this year I always used to think I was only an ok fisherman based on internet reports but I have 3 of those plaques on the wall and mostly good memory's from seneca
  8. The bloater experiment is relatively small stocking primarily on the east half of the lake I wouldn't expect to them be common on the west end in fish that primarily move west to east through the season if the do establish it might create a situation where more kings winter to the east and we more often have good spring king fishing to get valid data it has to go at least a couple full life cycles I would much rather see money spent o. This than on Atlantics which will never be more than a minor bonus fishery
  9. Very well said I agree that experimenting to see if an additional preyfish can be reestablished could prove beneficial both directly and indirectly to the fishery
  10. Out of the sun when not in use goes a long way but I'm curious to see what other feedback comes for this always good to know ways to take care of the gear
  11. this year i have been experimenting with the offshore board with a walker bullet release on the front. I took the snaps off and used the wire eye to attach it to the board. easy to set easy to release and so far is working better than the sams pro did for me. thinking about trying it on the mag boards for the heavier lines.
  12. Dec does a ton of walleye stocking around the state typically they try to manage lakes as either warm water or cold water so either trout or walleye and its not because some lakes can't handle both its because resources like hatchery space people and money are not unlimited and government is not efficient with funds realistically there are trout and walleye fishery available within a reasonable drive for everyone in the state including some world class options. They do an excellent job using actual science to make decisions and not just politics and complaining fisherman. The dec gets a lot of crap that isn't justified and the legal system of new york does not take conservation law seriously enough and despite that the state has multiple destination waters for salmon. Bass trout walleye and muskie for those who like other fish the state has some of the biggest sheepshead and carp on the planet
  13. Maybe not invasive but there are still disease issues and I know of no known captive population to breed or raise them from would just take to much space that said an aggressive harvest plan to reduce lake trout for a few years might do that lake a lot of Good another option might be to capture quarantine and than release some large Lakers from elsewhere they will happily turn cannabilist which could limit the overpopulation and make a trophy fishery
  14. ifishy

    May 1st opener

    I don't need any more incentive to retire just 25 years more savings
  15. ifishy

    May 1st opener

    It also makes the regs easier to understand for so.e people making it always may first means a slightly earlier start no reason you can't still have an opening weekend trip might even be less boat traffic as locals got out during the week and can avoide the opening weekend rush
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